Sunday, August 1, 2010

Almost School Time

I know, it's like a month away, literally, to the day. August 31st will be Jack's official first day of first grade. But, I know how quickly it will be here. It will still be warm, of that I am sure, but there will be that "fall-ish" feeling in the air. Soon it will be apple-picking time, the Big E will be in town, I'll turn another year older, then Dennis will, and before you know it Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Okay let's not get too far ahead.

We have this sort of Advent calendar thing, but it's for counting down to school. 14 days before school starts, Jack can begin opening one little window per day. He has been waiting for this since May, when I first picked up the item from work. Remember those years of being crazily excited for school to begin? Remember the smell of the department stores, and the flurry of back-to-school clothes shopping, with your crazed Mom or Dad in tow? Our big store was Sears...and I still get nostalgic when I go in one and smell that ... smell! I'm right back to being 9 again and trying to pick out cool clothes with my totally un-cool Mom. Ahhhh.

As far as Jack's concerned, school will be just another place for him to see his friends and have some more play time. Learning is so fun at this age, because it's all new and fresh. Wait til high school...ugh. But for now, we'll enjoy his excitement. His independence. His sponge-like ability to pick up new information and store it perfectly away in his uncluttered brain.

Jack: There's my new school!! (as we drive by)
me: Are you excited?
Jack: Yessss! I think I want to walk to school.
me: It's about 2 miles away, so that's not really possible.
Jack: I think I can do it!
me: It's not an option. Don't you want to ride the bus?
Jack: (not listening to me) Orrrr, I can ride my bike. 2 miles is not far on a bike.
me: Maybe when you're older.
Jack: I AM older, I'm going into first grade!
me: Well, you're still not walking or riding a bike.
Jack: I guess I will just have to take the bus. (said like he's in charge)
me: Sounds good. Are you nervous?
Jack: You just get on and get off. It's fiiiine. Some kids cry on the bus but I''ll be ok.
me: I'm glad. You're going to be such a big boy!
Jack: It's only 31 days away. I'm not going to be much bigger by then Mom.

Never mind Jack being ready for school...I really hope that his new school is ready for him!  :)

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