Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New love interest

This all came to my attention yesterday. Apparently an older girl has joined Jack's camp class and will be there for a week or so. I guess Jack was instantly smitten. He got in the car after school and could only talk about one subject: A.J.

Jack: Mom, A.J. is so cool. We played a make believe game and it was so much fun!
me: Who's A.J.?
Jack: She's a new girl in class. She's eleven. (dreamy look)
me: Oh, I thought it was a boy's name. Sorry.
Jack: How could SHE ever be a boy. Heh Heh.
me: Dunno, anyway what else did you do?
Jack: Well, A.J. said she really thought I was nice. (big smile, thumb goes in)
me: Anything else?
Jack: (grunts)

I thought that was it until later that night. We put Jack to bed, grabbed the monitor and sat down to watch a movie. Really funny actually, "Outsourced". After a little while I heard Jack moving around.

Jack: (mumbling) Whazzat A.J.? Whadjasay? HeHeh.
Dennis: What the heck is he saying?
me: I think he's talking about a girl in his class.
Dennis: Oh geez.

We laughed it off and then Jack was quiet for the rest of the night. Except for the brief but exciting wake up call he gave me at 4:30 a.m. when he had a nightmare about our cats. Anyway... So today I went to pick Jack up at camp. I checked the first classroom that he might be in, because they've been moving kids around this last week or so. The teacher popped her head up and motioned for me to come in the room.

T: Jack's not in here but let me tell you this. He followed Lauren around today like a lovesick little puppy.
me: Who's Lauren now? Jack's been talking in his sleep about A.J. who's eleven. Is this who you're talking about?
T: I think so, but her names not A.J. Weird. She just left, so you just missed her.
me: Well that's what Jack calls her for some reason. I can't believe he's acting like this. It's so funny.
T: Yeah, he told her that he loved her and she was like "We can be friends, but I don't like you like THAT!"
me: Haha! Too funny! Poor kid's got a crush pretty bad. Better keep an eye on him.

I walked down to the other class and got Jack. We then had to walk by the first classroom to get out of the building. 

Jack: Mommmmmm! (starts pulling on my arm)
me: What! Ow!
Jack: (whispers) I want to say bye to A.J.
me: She left already.
Jack: (eyes well up with tears) But, but...
me: It's okay, you'll see her tomorrow
Jack: (trying to be brave) Ohhhkayyyy...
me: You know her name's Lauren, right? Why do you keep calling her A.J.?
Jack: Because. She's A.J., I'm M.J. and Olivia's T.J.
me: Hm. What for?
Jack: Just because. Do NOT tell Daddy about this. Okay?
me: Um, why not.
Jack: (hits my arm) Just because.
me: Okay. Ow!

And that's why I blog. Perhaps Dennis will read this tonight and get all the info. Meanwhile I have kept my promise to Jack! I gotta check this eleven-year-old out tomorrow.

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