Monday, August 16, 2010


Not me...him! Jack that is. I made cheeseburgers for dinner. And a salad with lots of stuff in it like grapes, cheese, red peppers, cherry tomatoes. We also had some fresh peaches on the side. Jack took one look at all the food, pushed the burger aside and dug into the salad. Like really, with gusto!

me: Jack, aren't you going to eat any of that burger? Take a few bites at least.
Jack: (said through giant mouthful of lettuce) How am I supposed to look at a cheeseburger when I'm concentrating on this salad!
me: Hm. Dunno.
Jack: I'm not gonna eat that. I don't like how burgers and meat taste sometimes.
me: No problem.
Jack: Can I have more New York extra sharp cheddar cheese? (he really asks for it by it's full name)
me: (laughing) Yeah, you can finish it off.
Jack: You know, if you chew it long enough, you get cheese juice!
me: Oh no (gag) stop!
Jack: What? That's how you have to chew it Mom. You don't want me to choke. (Turns on innocent angel face)

I didn't eat any of the burgers either. Just wasn't in the mood. A big salad was all I needed, so I guess Jack and I had that in common. Couldn't possibly be because I ate about a pound of pasta for lunch, now could it?

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