Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Comedy Routine - Halloween Style

First let me say that this "sick day" of mine didn't really pan out. I was out of bed by 9am and doing my usual 50 things at once. We carved the pumpkin, roasted the seeds, made cookies, cleaned the house, and had a bunch of people over for pizza and tricks/treats and then had them all back over AFTER tricks/treats to compare the candy stashes. There were 3 teenagers, 2 kids, and an infant, plus a small group of adults. It was cold and windy out so I'm sure that I'll have some bronchial flareup tomorrow right on cue. Cough.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I am not in any way embellishing Jack's comments. He received many "talking to's" about his wise cracks. Sigh.

1st house...
Jack: This way to the candy! Mom, this mask hurts. Here take it.

2nd house...
Jack: Hey guys, the candy at this house stinks! (said as he walked away...and the door was still open!) Mom, take my blaster, it's not working out for me.

3rd house...
Jack: Here's the 3-step rule...1) Ring Doorbell, 2) Get Candy, 3) Goodnight!

4th house...
Jack: I am NOT wearing these flashers. (hands me the red flashing blinky things that I had clipped to his costume) Hey, let's just cut through their bushes. I'm not walking all the way back down there!

5th house...
Jack: Bing-Bong, yeah yeah gimme the candy. Let's go in there. (He's quoting the Jerry Seinfeld Halloween book that he loves. Unfortunately it sounds so rude!)

6th house...
Jack: Mom I'm so thirsty!!! Can you ask this house for water!??
Gavin: Jack wait up!
Jack: No Gavin I can't wait for you, I'm thirsty. (Jack luckily scored a bottle of water and then took a rest on this poor guy's front step)

7th house...
Jack: Gavin wait UP!
Gavin: No, you didn't wait for me so I'm not waiting for you. (he tags Jack with his light saber)
Jack: Stop tazing me!

8th house...
Jack: My legs are tired Mom. (Jack flops down right in the middle of the road)
me: Let's go Jack, we're almost done.
Jack: (much whining)

9th house...
Jack: Are we done?
me: We're going to this last house over here.
Jack: Noooooo...sob... I'm tired and freezing.

Back at our house:
Jack: Can I have some candy?
me: You can have 1 piece. Just 1.
Jack: Okay! Kit Kat please! (then in hoarse whisper to Gavin) Gavin, you grab a few and then I'll have some of yours.
me: Jack, do you think I can't hear you?
Jack: Awwwww.... (stomps away)

By the end of the night I was wearing my wig, Jack's transformer mask, his blaster arm...I was holding his vest and his water bottle that leaked in my coat pocket, and I had pilfered two of his reese's peanut butter cups. All in a night's work. Hope everyone had a fun halloween! I have a mini sugar buzz and boot camp is about 7 hours from now. Sob.

Mommy Sick Day

I get to have one once in awhile! This should have been last night's post, but we watched Hot Tub Time Machine (very funny btw) and then I crashed. I have a small cold, but it's the annoying stuffy nose kind that makes all food seem gross and leaves you with a perpetual dry mouth. I would like to sit here in bed all day with a book and tea. Can I? Please? We'll see how long it lasts. There are rumblings coming from the kitchen,..Dennis is getting Jack's we'll see.

Yesterday Jack and I went up to visit my family. We saw my Dad for a bit, then my brother John and my Mom. Jack had a lot of fun because there were some other kids around that were friends of John's girlfriend's 7-year-old daughter. So he had an audience of older girls to show off for. I think he really liked that.

Jack: Come on guys we have to share! (they are playing some old video games on my brother's TV) First I go then you, then YOU, THEN you!

Girl 1: It's my turn next.

Jack: I already said that! (uh oh, he thinks he's the boss of 3 girls?)

Girl 2: Okay, we'll wait.

They play for awhile and then it gets a little ugly.

Jack: (comes running into the kitchen to find me) Mommmm! They're not sharing!

me: Jack, it's their turn. That's how sharing goes.

Jack: But I want them to watch ME!

me: They all get turns. If you want to play something else with me while you wait, let me know. (I was currently very comfortable with my brother's new kitten on my lap!)

Jack: (roll of eyes) Noooo. Uncle John! They're not sharing! (they go off together to figure it out in the other room.)

I can hear Jack's voice... "Ooooohhh I told Uncle John and you're all in TROUBLE!!" In a minute John comes back, and Jack runs by him all upset and goes into one of the bedrooms.

me: What was that all about?

John: Jack didn't want to share. It's someone else's turn now.

me: Oh. I guess he thought you would take his side. haha.

Jack: (reappearing) Well I don't like playing with stupid girls anyway sorry!!!!

me: Mhmm...

Girls: Let's go play upstairs!!!

Jack: (runs after them) Yayyyyy!!!

All is well again for the moment. Jack really does want to play with them. And then they all lock him out of the bedroom because he's a boy. And 5. Sigh.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What are you?

That's what Jack said when I picked him up at the bus stop. I was supposed to be a vampire. Well I was a vampire. At 9am. I had the press-on-your-incisor vamp teeth, I had the dried blood. I had the makeup and the wig and the cape and the black outfit. I had fake eyelashes for god's sake! Bright lights hurt. It was all there. But by 3:45pm the makeup had smudged/caked around my eyes, the dried blood had fallen off like an old scab, the wig was hot and itchy, and the teeth were forgotten in a desk drawer.

So then I sort of looked like an old hag version of Elvira. It wasn't working. The bus driver wasn't quite sure if she should release Jack to me. But then she recognized me.

Jack: So what are you??

me: I was a vampire.

Jack: You're not now?

me: Well, yes, but it's wearing off.

Jack: How did you do all that makeup?

me: Very carefully and it took forever.

Jack: It doesn't look very careful.

me: Sigh.

Instead of trying to keep the costume going I went for the fresh face scrub, hair spray and clean clothes in order to take Jack to his tae kwon do class. There may have been some eyelash glue stuck to my forehead and some residual dark circle makeup that I couldn't scrub off, but I was passable. Of course Jack had to try on the wig. He would have made a cute daughter!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OMG I really said that??

We were driving to Jack's tae kwon do lesson. We were talking about general school stuff and we got on the topic of his school bus.

me: Jack, so who did you sleep with on the bus today?

Jack: Whaatttt???

me: OMG (much lol-ing) I can't believe I said that...I mean, who did you SIT with on the bus today.

Jack: Hahahhahahaaaa, Mommy I don't sleep with anyone on the bus. We don't sleep at all!

Dennis: I guess we know what Mommy's thinking about.

me: Anywaaayyyy, who did you sit with? (this wasn't going to die down quickly enough for my taste)

Jack: Mommy said "who did you sleep with" bahahahahaaaa, that's so funny. I'm going to tell Lia that.

me: No you're not... Den stop laughing, just let it go...

I don't want this repeated in first grade for God's sake!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buffets and Homeless People

Or my alternate title "You had to be there".

Jack: Can we go in and watch one of the homeless shows?

me and Dennis: (?)

Dennis: What are you talking about?

Jack: You know, the shows that have the homeless people?

me: What show is that?

Dennis: Do you mean the shows about home improvement? Building?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, the show that they rebuild a house and fix stuff.

me: (stifling a laugh) It's not for homeless people...

Jack: They didn't have a home before it was built.


Jack: Mom, can we have one of those buffets for a snack?

me: A what? I don't know what you mean.

Jack: The buffet thing you were telling me about that goes in a glass?

me: Umm...any more details?

Jack: You stack different things in a glass. Remember?

me: Ohhhh, you mean a PARFAIT.

Jack: Isn't that what I said?

me: A buffet is the big piece of furniture in the dining room.

Jack: Well I wouldn't eat one of those. So yeah, let's go get that parfait going.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Growth Spurt

OMG, I just figured this out as I started typing the headline. Growth spurt = lots of eating + lots of sleeping + (get this) SUPER cranky mood swings! I'm talking about Jack, heh heh. But seriously. I never put it all together. Jack gets WICKED moody at certain times of the month. And he's a boy. It comes and goes just like the weather around here. I never matched it up to coincide with a ginormous growth spurt until just now.

We had a biggie tonight. Meltdown that is. Everything was fiiiinnnnnneee. We went to Tae Kwon Do after school, and Jack was very proud to show off his new white belt. Then we came home to play while Dennis made dinner. Then the attitude started.

Jack: I'm not eating dinner.

me: You don't even know what it is yet.

Jack: It doesn't matter, I'm not eating it.

me: Well then you won't be able to have a snack later. I'll save your dinner for snack time.

Jack: No you won't. I'll have a snack if I want to.

me: If you talk back again, you'll go have a seat for 5 minutes.

Jack: (grumpy silence, but he couldn't hold out for long) I'm not eating any crap!

me: Go sit.

After 5 minutes, Jack reluctantly came to the table. Proceeded to get another warning for being rude, and then promptly ate everything on his plate.

Jack: Mmmmm, hey that was pretty good! (now he's all sunshine and lollipops)

me: Not worth all the drama was it?

Jack: What does that mean?

me: Drama is all the acting up and fussing around that really didn't need to happen.

Jack: No, I meant what does "worth it" mean?

me: Oh. It's sort of like "did you get what you wanted out of that whole argument"? You didn't really win anything since you still came in here and ate dinner.

Jack: Well, sometimes it is worth it.

So this was the tame part that led up to the giant meltdown. We played for a bit. Jack didn't even want a snack after all that fuss. Sigh. We went up and started getting ready for bed. Jack was being a minotaur at the time. All was well until I asked him to do his inhaler. He said he needed to pee first. Since I was using the toilet as a seat, I told him to wait a sec. Cue meltdown. Complete with tears, thrashing and much hitting of my arms. Dennis stepped in. Jack ramped up. Much snot ended up on the rug. It was a whole scene. Then, as soon as it began, it was over.

Jack: I'm sorrrrryyyyyyyy (pathetic red watery face looking up at me)

me: We do NOT hit in this house Jack! You got 3 warnings and lost all 3 bedtime stories.

Jack: Noooooooo!

me: Let's get in bed.

Jack: I'm soooo tired! You don't love me!

me: Daddy and I both love you very much, but you can't hit. It's okay to be angry. Everyone gets angry, but we don't use our hands on anyone. Leave the room if you're that angry.

Jack: But I had to go to the bathroom and you wouldn't let me!

me: You also have to learn patience. All you had to do was puff on your inhaler. It would have taken 2 seconds. But you carried on and got all upset and still didn't pee for like 10 minutes. I guess it wasn't that much of an emergency huh?

Jack: Sniff. Well I'll do it again if I want to.

me: Here's another chance for you. Say instead "Sorry Mom, I won't do it again." That's what I'd rather hear.

Jack: (sort of mumbly and soft) Sorry. I won't do it again.

me: Much better. Like I said before, hardly worth all the fuss was it.

Jack: But I don't know how to stop.

And that there folks is the truth. Kids sometimes don't know how to control themselves, and we know when Jack gets ramped up, he needs to cool down. I will now be on the lookout for the new growth spurt combo. Add it to the list of things we "look out" for, when trying to avoid tantrums. Is Jack too tired, hungry, had enough free time to play, been given enough notice to switch activities, sick, having sensory overload. Etc. We need a database to cross reference all the things that can set a kid off. But hey, after 5 years, I learned a new combo! Growth spurt = potential meltdown! Alert the media!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bento Box Lunch!

Both Jack and I have been loving this new bento-box-style lunch box that we ordered from Planet Box. Totally cute! Jack has wanted to eat every meal in this box since we got it.

Jack: Mom, can I eat breakfast in my planet box?
me: That depends. What do you feel like eating?
Jack: Oatmeal.
me: Ummm...
Jack: No, it's okay, see? It can go in the big compartment.
me: It's kinda shallow, so I don't think that will really work. It's not meant for hot food really.
Jack: Oh pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee???
me: I think we'll stick with a bowl for oatmeal. But if you want toast and fruit, we can use the box.
Jack: (ponders for half a second) Ehhhhh, skip it. (dismissive hand wave)

I didn't take a photo of the first bento box lunch, but here is a shot of the second lunch. Pretty standard. Nothing too super cute ala Another Lunch, but I'm just beginning ova heah.

For some reason, Jack eats every bite of his lunch when it's compartmentalized! Tonight I decided to go with the Halloween-themed lunch to keep Jack in the spooky mood. See, see! I'm ramping up the creativity. Here it is:

I'm adding a little menu to go with it. Ham N Cheese Jack-O-Sandwich, Raisin the dead Eyeballs, Mummified Celery, Pretzel Broomsticks and a Bat Candy.

Hm, I thought I had something else to say, but now that I'm at the bottom of the post, I've forgotten. Did it have something to do with leaves? Oh yeah! We jumped in some, we stuffed some in a giant pumpkin bag. We made leaf bouquets. It was all fall-like today. Couldn't ask for better.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Up a little early?

Jack woke up at 5am. He had to use the bathroom and I helped him. It was still pitch black out. I put him back to bed and staggered back to my own bed and dropped off to sleep. A few minutes later...

Jack: (via the monitor) La la la, do do doooooo.

me: (is that singing? what is going on?) Den, I think Jack is up... (silence from him)

Jack: (large crash and stuff moving) You guys watch out! Brrrrmmmm!!!

me: (heading upstairs) Jack what's going on? Why is your light on? Wha...?

Jack: I'm not tired. I'm playing!

me: (turning the light off) No. It's the middle of the night. You're going back to bed.

Jack: It is? But I'm not tired.

me: That happens sometimes when you wake up to go to the bathroom. There are still hours left for you to sleep.

Jack: Hours? (yawwwnnn)

me: Yep. Come on bison. Get back into your fur.

Jack: Oh, yeah I am tired now I think. But I'm cold.

me: (wrapping him up in 2 blankets) Now you're a big tired dirty fluffy bison.

Jack: When you leave I'm going to get up and turn the light back on.

me: No you're not.

He never moved after that. Out cold. Slept until 8am. That NEVER happens. Boy did I need that extra sleep. Now tonight, of course, Jack fell asleep in the car at 6:45pm. We carried him up to bed and there he sleeps. I can only guess how early he'll be up tomorrow!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Foto Friday - Tae Kwon Do Edition (White Belt Style)

Of course Jack earned his first belt (white) in Tae Kwon Do today. He did a great job and we're so proud of him! I'll let the photos speak for themselves. :)

me: So, now that you have your white belt, do you want to keep going and earn more belts?
Jack: I want to get all the way to black belt!
me: Good! You'll have a lot of fun learning. But it's hard work.
Jack: When you're a black belt you can kill people.
me: Who told you that?
Jack: I ... don't remember.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The zero-th time

Follow up to last night's post. Jack actually followed through! I wasn't sure if he'd even remember his new idea from last night, of doing things before I even asked, the "zero-th" time instead of the first time I ask. Here's how it went this morning.

me: Jack, time to get up.

Jack: I'm a gorilla today. (much chest pounding)

me: Okay, let's go gorilla.

Jack: (gets up and grabs his clothes from the floor) Don't forget these. I have to get dressed first.

me: (Hmm...) If you want you can get dressed after you eat, how's that?

Jack: Okay, thanks Mom. (he eats and then gets right down and runs into the other room)

me: What are you doing?

Jack: (hollering from down the hall) I'm getting dressed! (then he runs back into the kitchen) Mom, is it okay if I brush my teeth at the same time??

me: Uh, yeahhh? That would be great!

Jack: I hope I don't have to wait for you. You're still all a mess and not dressed. (he runs back to the bathroom)

Okay, so it's a contest he's looking for. :) It's day 1. We'll see how long the zero-th time works. I did like how our morning went though!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Listening skills

Whether at home, in school, or at tae kwon do, Jack hears the same thing: Listen the first time. Kids must be so sick of hearing this. Like they're little slaves that MUST do what every grown up tells them to do. Immediately. How annoyed would you be if that were your every waking moment? Well, guess what? We all went through it in one fashion or another. We either got grounded, time-outed or smacked if we didn't listen. I really wish my parents had heard of time outs. Man.

Getting Jack to listen the first time is hard. He has good weeks and bad weeks. Hell, he has good hours and bad hours all in the same day. But deep down, he really really wants to make us, the parents, and his teachers, proud. This I know. I see him try his hardest. I see him do the right thing time and time again. Then I see him get distracted by a friend, or something he's doing, and he can't be bothered to "get dressed, brush your teeth, pick that up, put your milk in the fridge, don't leave your shoes there, feed the cats, put your clothes in the hamper right now, I said pause that video, turn off the light, wash your face, put that toy down immediately."

Then, once Jack realizes that he didn't listen the first time, and that there are consequences, he freaks and really wants a second chance. Too late. "You'll have to try better next time." I say "Listen the first time, please." Tears follow, and usually the next time is a little better. I believe this cycle goes on until they leave the house for good, but I'm not sure.

Jack: Mom, mom I just thought of something SO cool that I'm gonna do.

me: Now what could that be?

Jack: I'm going to listen the zero-th time. Is that a word?

me: No. What do you mean?

Jack: I mean I'm not even gonna listen to you the first time you ask me to do something. I'll do that thing BEFORE you even ask me. So it's zero.

me: How will you know what I'm going to ask you?

Jack: Ha, of course I'll know! It's always the same stuff! (dramatic eye roll)

me: I'll be holding my breath for that one.

Jack: Huh? Don't do that. It won't last long.

Now does he mean the "me holding my breath" or the "him listening to everything I say" part? Only time will tell!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ohhh, whatever. (Art anyone?)

Now I know where Jack gets that phrase from. I'm in a "whatever" mood. Don't have anything exciting to say. The day was a blur as always. I have bootcamp in t-minus 8 hrs 45 min. Really. That is depressing. It's soooo cold out! Ugh. So, any thoughts on what I should write about today? I was just on this cute blog "a simple love for art" and was stalking my new follower, poking around, and I realized that I should talk about art.

Helloooo, 5 years of art school! Not that anyone's counting. Ahem. And not like I DO art at work anymore. I do do art with Jack. And I just wanted to say doodoo. Okay, let's stay focused here. Now, being that my whole life has been dedicated to the fine arts (by "whole life" I mean thousands upon thousands of college dollars, plus my 23-year career in graphic design. Please use that term loosely.), I naturally thought that Jack would possibly be of the same ilk. He's going to magically come out of the womb with a piece of cold pressed paper and a set of Koi! Not so.

Jack never really had a desire to draw, or even color for that matter. He'd pick up the occasional crayon and scratch a few lines out on a coloring book and then devise a way to make said coloring book into a live-action credit card crusher machine that will save the earth! His crayons are all still pointy. :(  Now, insert the little fact of his being red/green color blind and now we're on to something. I think he was frustrated at his lack of color knowledge, though it certainly wasn't his fault. He just hated being stumped and therefore avoided colors altogether.

Fast forward to oh about 4 months ago, maybe longer, when I introduced Jack to my love of geometric design books. They fulfill my secret sense of order, my love of black and white, and my desire to use primary colors in a nice orderly hopefully symmetrical way! I never thought Jack would give a sh*t.

OH was I wrong.

Jack: Mom, what IS this?

me: It's a design book. You can color the designs in with these small pointy markers.

Jack: Can I try?

me: Go right ahead.

Jack: (2 hours later) Yawwwn, I just have to finish this one design and then it will be good!

me: You don't have to do it all at once. Your eyes are crossing. Maybe we should go watch TV.

Jack: I'll take a break but I want to finish this tomorrow. Do NOT close the book.

(he organized everything the way he likes it and gave it a minor OCD once over)

me: It will be there tomorrow Jack.

Jack: I really like doing designs.

me: How come? You never really liked coloring.

Jack: The lines are thicker so it's easier to stay in the lines. And the pictures don't mean anything.

me: What do you mean?

Jack: Coloring books make you color animals or pumpkins, but designs can be anything you want them to be.

me: Well, what are you making with this design?

Jack: Stained glass.

me: Oh! That's cool!

Jack: What does stained glass mean?

me: Glass that's been stained a color, like in church windows.

Jack: I want to make a church window.

me: Well you're doing a great job. It's beautiful.

I've never seen Jack more proud of anything he's created. Our neighbor came over for a quick visit and Jack had to show him his design. He talked about it with his friend and explained all about how "hard" and "complicated" it is. How you have to really "concentrate". He actually likes that! I thought he would be bored. Even after 5+ years, we're still figuring out how his little brain works. Now if only I can get him to hand me the red marker when I ask, instead of him reaching for the green one! I'm afraid he's going to have to learn to live with that issue. Thanks Grandpa and Daddy!

Monday, October 18, 2010


And the noises they make. EEEEEAAAWWWWW! Yes that is the new sound in my house. Jack can make a better donkey noise than a donkey. The donkeys at the local farm look up in shock and disbelief ... how can this two-legged creature sound just like one of us??

Jack of course learned this from Daddy. Who, despite having a plethora of obnoxious noises of his own, has come to loathe the "Oot-Oot!" noise that my family sometimes makes for the heck of it. His protest noise is EEEEEAAAWWWWWW! And he thinks it's funny. Now Jack thinks it's funny.

We were at the PACKED Oyster Fest yesterday, and a lady cut right in front of us, almost knocking us over.

me: Heeyyyyyy!
Dennis: Well, he does have impeccable timing.

And last weekend we were at my goddaughter's 3rd birthday. We noticed that they had a pinata outside. Of a donkey. Uh oh.

Jack: Mom look! A donkey pinata! EEEAAAWWWW!
me: Oh, that is too funny. I can't believe it. Sigh.
Dennis: Hahahah, Jack do it again.
Jack: EEEAAWWWW! Can I hit it with the bat?
me: No! The party is inside right now. We have to wait until later. Can you put the bat down please.

Jack: When will it be my turn to hit the donkey?

me: In a minute. They're letting the little girls go first, and you'll be one of the last hitters because you're stronger.

Jack: Okaaayyyy. (he's pouting a little)

me: I know! Make your donkey noise and everyone will crack up! They're all video taping it so it will be on their videos forever!


Dennis: Wow that was loud.

Annie (mom of my goddaughter): You know that's not a donkey, it's a unicorn!!

me: GASP! Oh sh*t. I thought it was a donkey. I'm so not used to little girl things.

Dennis: Bahahahahahaaaaa!

Jack: You know this is on everyone's video recordings forEVER mom, just like you said.

me: Oh, now I see the horn. Sorry. Heh heh... (all the moms were staring at me in disgust.)

Have any of you other "moms of boys only" out there lost touch with girlie things? There is not one single pink or purple item of clothing in my house. I don't even wear it. We only have toys for boys. We only have videos that boys like to watch. (Don't worry Jack, I won't tell about your love for "Madeline", but I think everyone knows). Therefore, I'm the queen of camo, dirty prairie animals, swords/guns/things that hurt or maim, and jumping off the highest thing within reach. And donkeys. Unicorn just never even occured to me. I guess I need to spend more time with my goddaughter, and get back to my female roots! I'm going to make that happen, and soon!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The makings of a horror movie

Picture a small gray cape house. Steps from the beach. It is almost midnight. The wind is howling through the scrub pines and the soft carpet of pine needles muffles the car's approach. We bounce down a rutted dirt road and the high beams finally hit on #80. Is this it? Are we here? There are no houses this far down the road, and anyway, we can't see anything that isn't illuminated in the circle of our headlights. We shut the car off and can only hear the pounding ocean and furious wind. If there were ever EVER a scene for a horror movie, I thought, this is it. What if we can't get in? What was that!? A shadow moved into the backyard. Coyotes are common down here.

Jack: (sleepily from the back seat) Okay. Are we here?

me: We made it!

Jack: I'm cold.

Dennis: Wait til you get outside.

Jack: (perking up) We're here! Yay! Let's go Mom!

me: We'll take a quick tour of the house and then you are going right back to bed.

Jack: Yawwwwnnnn! I think I'm not tired.

me: (opening the back door) Let's see what we have here. Okay there's one bedroom and bathroom. And here's another bedroom. Which one do you want to sleep in?

Jack: Whichever one you and Daddy are in.

me: You don't want your own room?

Jack: (glances outside at the pitch black darkness and shrieking wind) Really? No.

me: (thinking his delivery is impeccable) Okay let's get you set up on the blow up bed.

Jack: I'm not very tired. Yaaaawwwwnnnn!

me: Okay, you're all set. Climb in and let me get you all cozy.

Dennis: Goodnight!

me: I'll leave the door open a crack okay? We'll be right out here unpacking and we'll come in in a few minutes.


me: Jack?


(5:15 a.m.)
Jack: Mommm! I need to go to the bathroom! And I'm not tired! Is it morning???

He stayed awake from that point on. No matter how I tried to trick, threaten, cajole, or bribe. I went to bed after 1am. Dennis came in soon after. Now here I am up at 5:15? Sigh. Why does being out here always turn Jack into an early bird?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Singing on the potty and other randomness

That could be a good name for a band.

Jack is currently singing while he poops. He's not very good. At either. Really it takes forever.
(oh, oops, hold on he's done...I've been summoned to the throne)

Ah, false alarm. ANYway...where was I. Oh thanks to the 2 new followers! I'm really racking em up! My other family members followers must be so proud to be part of a crowd now!

Bella just slid off my desk and onto the floor bringing with her an entire month's worth of Jack's school papers. Really, I will file those.

Jack: Mom, why weren't you at the busstop!

me: (after thanking our neighbor profusely for watching Jack for a few minutes) Oh I'm so sorry! The bus was early and I tried to do one more thing before I ran down the driveway.

Jack: You always have to do one more thing. That's what Daddy says.

me: Well...sorry. How was your day?

Jack: Great! I got Ready-To-Learn and I told the teacher that I won't be in school on Monday. (we're going to the Cape for a long weekend!)

me: You know, I won't ever miss the bus again. Sorry.

Jack: Yeah, I know, stop saying sorry. I didn't mind.

me: Hm. I hope you would mind.

Jack: Nah, if you're not there I can decide what to do and not have to listen to anyone.

me: uh. no.

He really thinks I'm going to just leave him to get off the bus and then let him go...where? Hang out at the neighbors? Maybe watch a little TV and eat dinner? He really forgets he's only 5.

Oh, the master is done on the throne now. Soon I won't have to check everything for him when he's done, like toothbrushing and bum wiping. Some day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dirty Undies

(Sorry Lucia, you've already heard this story!)

I just told this story today and realized that it was blog-worthy. This happened last night. Jack was changing out of his Tae Kwon Do uniform and getting ready for bed.

Jack: Do you know how to tell the difference between clean undies and dirty undies?

me: Ummmm, not really. How?

Jack: The dirty undies are all hot.

me: Ohhh, because you just took them off! That's a good one.

Jack: (crumples up the "hot undies" into a ball and throws it at me) Hot ball in your face!!!

Sigh. This is soooo Dennis' child!

And, that could possibly be taken the wrong way, so I'm going to stop typing now.

Oh, and never google "hot undies" to try and find a cute pic to go with your blog. Especially at work. Not that I'm typing this at work.

(Me dropping smoke bomb and running...)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jury Duty

me: Jack, Daddy is going to take you to the bus tomorrow because I have jury duty.

Jack: What's a jury? (brief pause) Why does it doodie?


me: There's no doodie-ing... A jury is a group of people that get picked to decide if a bad guy goes to jail or not. (oh what the hell would you say?)

Jack: Do you get to see the bad guy?

me: Yeah, if you're on the jury.

Jack: How can you be on it if it's people? Is it a stage?

me: No it's people. It's a group so you're "on" the group. Like you're "on" the baseball or whatever?

Jack: Oh. Does the bad guy try to get you?

me: Nah, they have police officers and stuff to protect us.

Jack: (pondering) But what if the bad guy has super powers?

I'll leave this up to Dad the Lawyer. Please explain to your son in 50 words or less. Have fun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your son in 15 years

And this is what Dennis just emailed me:

Time well spent

Sunset near the library

Could we possibly cram more into an afternoon. It seems like I'm always saying that, but it's so true! Does anyone else have a day that is completely planned out from morning to night, with the inclusion even of blog time! This my friend is scheduled time you're lookin at right here. I have approximately 10 more minutes until we actually ... get to watch a movie! When normally we would either catch up on bills, make lunches, finish laundry, empty the trash and get clothes ready for tomorrow. Now, we still have to DO all that. But AFTER the movie. Boy am I not getting a lot of sleep tonight.

Today, in a nutshell.

Wake up
Jack: Mom I'm all dressed! (wearing a wrinkled, too small, Alcatraz t-shirt. sigh.)

Breakfast and ready for school stuff
Jack: I want a special breakfast! Like homemade waffles (uh, no? how about frozen?)

Go to bus stop
Jack: Now when I get off the bus, have a prize waiting for me if I have a good day. And not M&M's because that's what you always get me. How about a toy of some kind? (uh, no again? sheesh)

Mom and Dad leave for work

Mom comes home and meets the bus
Jack: I had to move my clip down to "think about it" I still get a prize?
me: There was no prize. And if there were a prize it would be for excellent behavior. (cue the crying and antics all up the driveway.)

Jack has snack and does homework
Jack: Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (he loves doing math)

Drive to pickup farm box
Jack: I hate getting that old farm box! Grrrrr!

Go to library and get some books for Jack
Jack: Can I play on the computer?
me: No, we're just getting books
Jack: How about now? Can I go on the computer?
me: (give him a look)
Jack: OH alright, I'll just read. SIGH!

Head home
Jack: Can I have a snack?
me: We're eating dinner in about 20 minutes, so no.
Jack: SIGH!

Grill dinner while Jack works on his fall art drawings
Jack: I LOVE art.
me: You used to hate coloring.
Jack: That's when I was little.

Feed cats
Jack: How about you start a NEW reward system. That involves tickets. If you catch me doing something good, like feeding the cats (he gestures wildly as he puts the cat bowls down), or cleaning something up before you even ask, then I get a ticket.
me: Then what?
Jack: Then at the end of the week you have a drawing for a prize!
me: Your name would be the only one in the drawing, so I'm guessing you'd win?
Jack: Yeah, that's the point! Ha ha!
me: It's not a circus.
Jack: SIGH!
me: I'll think about it. :)

Pick up moldy ears of corn on the deck. Don't ask.

Eat dinner
(cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries tonight! plus fresh corn from the farm. yum.) 

Jack: Mom there's too much meat on this burger.
me: ?
Jack: Can you cut some off? ( I hack away half of the burger and cut my finger in the process)
me: How's that?
Jack: Actually, I'm full now.
me: Sigh.

Clean up dinner and put Daddy's plate away

Draw and color with Jack until Dad comes home
Jack: Let's create an entire fall scene! You do all the drawings and I'll make the sun.
me: Deal. (we color happily for about 20 minutes)

Daddy eats dinner as I finish cleaning up and start to get Jack ready for bed

Get Jack's teeth brushed, face washed, etc

Read stories
Jack: Read the Olivia book. It looks scary! 

Bed for Jack
Jack: Who should I be?
me: Chewbacca?
Jack: No, I need to be a meat eater.
me: A dinosaur?
Jack: A FURRY meat eater.
me: Sigh, a bison?
Jack: They eat grass.
me: Minotaur?
Jack: I know, I'll be Sully from Monsters, Inc.
me: He eats meat?
Jack: Probably.

Blog for Mom
me: Yawn!!

Computer catch up for Dad

Michael Douglas' Solitary Man. Any good? 

And then all that other stuff I mentioned above.
me: Yawnnnnn!

Wow that's a lot. Tomorrow 5:30 wake up for boot camp. Really? I signed up and paid for this shit?

Monday, October 11, 2010

When to stop sucking your thumb

Of course I mean Jack. So, when should he stop sucking HIS thumb? Well, since it hasn't stopped yet, we are of course sticking with the threat "you have to stop sucking your thumb when you lose your first baby teeth". Which will be any DAY now! His two bottom teeth are very loose, and it's exacerbated by the fact that his thumb pushes on them when he sucks. He usually only sucks his thumb when he's tired or very comfy with Stripey (his sleep pet) or his blanket. But he has substituted another stuffed animal when Stripey has gone missing.

We've already made some new rules:

1) You cannot take Stripey on the school bus. This has cut down on the thumb sucking to and from school, when I used to drive him both ways. Plus he's a big boy now. And we don't want him to lose her on the bus.

2) She MUST stay on your bed, or on your desk in the kitchen. (this after almost losing Stripey twice in one week) Now Jack says goodbye at the door, chucks her on his desk and he's gone for the day. When he gets off the bus, I distract him with a snack or playing outside, and extend the "no suck" zone.

When he rides in the car with us, we distract with books and drawing, etc. It's tough. He's just so good and so quiet when he sucks his thumb. :)

me: Jack, if you're reading a book back there, please don't suck your thumb. You're going to get the book all wet.

Jack: Mmmphhh.

me: Jaaaaackkkkk? Come on, pop it out.

Jack: (POP!) But I waaaannnnt tooooo. Fiiinnneee. (he starts reading)

me: That's a big boy. You can't suck your thumb when those teeth fall out. We have to practice now.

Jack: I don't think I can dooo thaaaatttt! (he looks very sad)

me: I know you can do it. We'll help you. You will mess up your grown up teeth if you keep putting your thumb in your mouth. That will involve lots of trips to the dentist. Not fun!

Jack: But it's so hard!!

me: I know. You have a very strong habit.

Jack: (suddenly very quiet, flipping pages)

me: (suspicious, I flip down the vanity mirror in the front seat and angle it so I can see him) Jack! I see you! Please take your thumb out while you read. Stop being sneaky.

Jack: (just looks at me) SIGH!!! (he chucks Stripey to the other side of the car)

Now I feel bad. I really don't want him to have to give up this giant source of comfort. I remember the very first night he sucked his thumb. He was about 3 and a half months old. Dennis and I crouched over his bassinet at 3am and wondered why he wasn't waking up. Dennis held the now cooling bottle of formula. We really didn't know what to do.

Dennis: We go back to bed, that's what we do. Let him sleep.

me: But, what if he's hungry?

Dennis: He'll wake up screaming if he's hungry. Look, he's sucking his thumb.

And sure enough, his tiny fingers turned and instead of sucking his whole hand, which is what he was doing initially, he found the tiny thumb and shoved it in up to the wrist.

me: Gross. I hope that doesn't last.

Ah, famous last words. Now, 5+ years later, we want him to stop? Awww. Mr. Thumb will be missed! But, he'll be less chapped and blistery, my son will have nice straight teeth, and he'll probably whine a lot more when he's tired. Is that an even trade? I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The real reason Columbus came to America

Interesting history lesson today. I was putting Jack to bed, and totally forgot that he doesn't have school tomorrow. I'm on auto pilot. Can you blame me? Have you read any of these posts? It's madness I tell you.

me: (tucking Jack in) Jack, I put your pants and shirt right here for tomorrow. (I point to the chair in his room.) You can get dressed when you wake up, you know, before you come downstairs.

Jack: (blank stare)

me: It will save us a trip back up here if you get dressed first... (why is he looking at me like that?)

Jack: I'm not getting dressed tomorrow. (he smiles)

me: What are you talking about? Anyway, at least bring the clothes downstairs if you don't put them on...

Jack: I don't have to get dressed because there's NO SCHOOL tomorrow! Remember? It's Columbus Day!

me: Ohhh geez, I totally forgot! You're right. You don't have to get dressed in school clothes. But, you can sleep late and relax if you want. We don't have to rush around tomorrow. (hopefully he'll take the hint and stay in bed??)

Jack: You  know why Columbus came to America right?

me: Whyyyy...??

Jack: To look for pizza of course!

me: What!? Who told you that?

Jack: Daddy! (He cracks himself up. I turn off his light and go downstairs)

Later in our bedroom:
me: Really? Columbus was looking for pizza?

Dennis: (cracks up laughing) Oh, Jack told you that? He knows I was joking, but he loves saying that.

me: Yeah I can tell. He didn't tell me he was joking.

Dennis: Oh, I didn't mean it to be rude or anything.

me: mhmmm.

I wonder what other history lessons Dennis has been giving our boy! I hope he doesn't say that in school on Tuesday...Yikes.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How mornings have evolved

We used to get up at 4:30 every day. Not by choice mind you. We had a 3-month-old that learned to sleep through the night! His night ended at 4:30 a.m. every day. I would try everything to extend that time. Wake him early from naps, put him to bed earlier, put him to bed later. Still 4:30. Then I started to put him in bed with us, specifically Dennis. I could not sleep with an infant. Dennis could sleep with a dump truck pouring cement on his head. Oxygen deprivation? No matter! With Dennis, Jack would go back to sleep for another 2 hours sometimes! But, we did not want an 8-year-old boy that had to sleep with his father every morning, so we had to stop that nice little ritual.

Then Jack gradually extended his wake time to 5:30, ah blessed relief. Wait a minute, we thought. That's still too early! We got to 6/6:30 and maybe 7:00. And here we stayed. 5 years later. We'll get the occasional "holy shit we've overslept and why didn't Jack wake us oh my God he's still sleeping and it's 8am!!!!!" But we rarely get to enjoy them. Jack will oversleep only when it's inconvenient. Not his fault. Just the luck of the draw. Sigh.

During the winter months, when it's still dark out, we can convince Jack that it's still the middle of the night, even if it's 6am. He'll look around a bit confused, shrug and go back to sleep. Yay! We don't get away with that too often though. (Hold on, my eggs just beeped...)

Not MY eggs, they're for egg salad...okay, where was I...

Now that Jack is closing in on 6 years old, he wakes up and ... get this ... likes to PLAY by himself in the morning! Yipee! It only sucks if it's a school day and we're running late. But if it's a school day and it's really early, well, yawwwwnnn, I'm rolling over and listening to him play on the (yes we still use it) baby monitor. His room is wayyyyy over there, and on the 2nd floor. Ours is down here. Right behind this wall. I like to listen to him do his thing. Our morning started like this:

Jack: (loud crashing noise, and fake deep voice) We're coming in for a landing, over! BRRRMMMMMM!

I can just picture him flying things around his room. He can really trash it in 20 minutes. I start to doze while I listen.

Jack: Oh, what's this? You'd like to attack the enemy? Why yes I can help with that. (CRASH!) (falsetto voice) Oh nooooo, what's happening??

I can only imagine the horrors he's putting his toys through. But suddenly there is silence. Ahhh. I can really go back to sleep.

Jack: MOM! (he's right next to me!)
me: AHHH! How did you get down here??
Jack: I walked. Time to get up!
me: Says who...? (yawn)
Jack: Me. I'm hungry!
me: Don't you want to play? You just got up.
Jack: I've been playing since the big hand was on the 9 and now it's on the 3. It's after 7 you know.
me: Oh, wow you've been up for awhile. I didn't realize. Hey Den, it's 7...
Dennis: (grunting awake) So?
Jack: I knew you were tired still so I played by myself.
me: Thanks Jack, that was sweet. Now, when you wake up, try not to slam things and use noisy toys right next to the monitor. It's really loud down here.
Jack: But playing quietly is boring.

Spoken like a true boy. I can't wait to see what his room looks like. I haven't been up there yet today.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What is everyone saying!??

And it goes like this.

Jack: (today) Why did he say "it's time to pay the bill" if they're not talking about a bill?
me: They mean, it's time to pay the price for something, not actually a bill, or money, but, oh...
Jack: Sigh.
me: It's another figure of speech is all. There are lots of them.

Jack: What does "silver lining" mean then?
me: It just means that there's something good about a bad situation.
Jack: Then why don't you just SAY that. Sometimes I don't know what things mean.
me: You learn. We all learn.

me: (after we finished Jack's homework the other night) And that's all she wrote!
Jack: WHO is SHE?!
me: Um, you? Or... I mean, it's just another...
Jack: Yeah, yeah, a figure of your speech.
me: Well... actually it's a figure OF speech, but you'll learn...
Jack: No I won't.

me: (when we woke up super early for school) Time to make the donuts! (wow I'm old)
Jack: What? We're making real donuts!??? (he couldn't be happier)
me: No, that's just an old saying that means we're up early.
Jack: (basically gave me a WTF look) I want a donut.
me: Sorry. Not happening.

Jack: (a few months ago) Why does my umbrella have cats and dogs on it?
me: That's another saying..."It's raining cats and dogs" means it's raining really hard.
Jack: That's funny! What if cats AND dogs really rained from the sky.
me: I heard that it rained frogs once.
Jack: (stops dead) What.
me: Well it's probably just a made-up story.
Jack: (looking up, worried) Is it gonna keep raining?

me: (next day) Wow it is really raining hard.
Jack: (shakes his head in an all-knowing way) Yeah, it's really gonna rain frogs out there.

He'll learn. Or he'll invent some new ones all on his own.

Thursday, October 7, 2010



Jack: (fresh out of a bath, and wearing a fuzzy robe) Mom, I can remember the machine in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

me: You can? Okay, what is it?

Jack: It's the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator!

me: What the...? How did you remember that?

Jack: You really just have to remember the FLDSMDFR. (he says this
phonetically of course)

me: The Flidsimdiffer?

Jack: Try and say the whole thing!

me: Flint Lockwood Diabolical...

Jack: Noooo, DiaTONIC!

me: Okay, take 2. Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating...uh...
another D word...

Jack: Ha ha, it's "dynamic"!

me: How many times have you watched this movie with Daddy??

Jack: Oh, only about 600 times. Not too many.

me: You have one good memory.

Jack: Don't worry, your memory will get better as you get older Mom.

me: (oh boy) Thanks, but I think I've gone as far as I can in that department.

Jack: That's silly! It's not a department! Ha ha!

I was telling this story at work, and was told "This is a blog entry you know". Yeah it is. And I love the "email-your-blog-entry" feature! Okay, back to work.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Really? Is that the best you can do?

It's scary when you see a mini version of yourself. You think you can control your own behavior and language so your child will not pick up anything that is ... questionable. But, as it turns out, even when you try your hardest, the one time you do slip up, ohhh, it's the time that your sweet little child will remember every word.

We definitely watch our language fiercely in our house. We've slipped up here and there. It mostly involves pain or the most severe case of lost patience on the planet. But sometimes, even our regular speech patterns and quirks are astounding when they're spouted by a 4-foot tall child.

A year ago:
me: Jack wouldya just please put your freaken shoes on! (I cringed and tried to retract it, but it was too late. I moved on.)

Last week:
Jack: If I could just watch a freaken video then everything would be fine! (yeah that one isn't so nice coming back at ya)

A week ago:
Dennis: (tripping in the parking lot) Jesus Christ! (mostly said under his breath. but LOUD and under his breath, ya know?)

Jack: (tripped in the kitchen) Jesus Christ! Sorry! I mean, heh heh~!!
me: (warning look) Grrrr....
Jack: sorry...

Jack: Oh and FYI, I'm not wearing THAT to school.
me: What is FYI?
Jack: I don't know. You always say it before you say something else.
me: You don't even know what it means. But you say it.
Jack: Wellll, FYI, so what?

me: (on the phone) ...yeah and then I had to go to that stupid meeting...
Jack: Mommmm! You said the "S" word! Not good!
me: Sorry!
Jack: (the next day) I don't want to ride the stupid bus, sorry. Wait, yes I DO want to ride the stupid bus SORRY!
me: Sigh...

me: (trying to carry 50 things out to the car) Jack, please can you carry your backpack. I don't have another spare finger to hold it on.
Jack: I know I know, you can do 20 things, but you can't do 21. That's what Daddy always says. I wonder why he can only do 20?

me: (trying to unlock the back door so Jack can climb in my car) What the...? (click, click)
Jack: It's still locked.
me: Hold on. (click!) There.
Jack: Really? Is that the best you can do? Sigh... (Now who does he get THAT from?)

I could literally go on for hours. But dishes need to be put away. The cat litter needs to be cleaned. Ed thought it would be a good idea to poop outSIDE the box today. Really Ed? Is that the best you can do?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The day of the birds

I'm home sick today and probably won't feel like typing. That is why I am posting this video (if it isn't too big!) showing the day of the birds. A ginormous flock of Starlings landed in our yard to kick off their yearly migration this past Sunday. If I feel better later, maybe I'll post something. But at least in this video, Jack says some sh*t. :)

(20 minutes later, no video upload. "Error" it says. Sheesh.)

Okay, a brief tour through iMovie to shorten my clip and let's Take 2.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Jack had a bad day. I could tell by his face when he got off the bus after school. He pretty much whispered "Mom, it was a really bad day...". Okay..."Tell me all about it" I said, as I put my arm around him. We got into my car (which I conveniently parked a few feet away) and drove up the driveway because it was raining and it's just such a freaken steep and long driveway! Jack was sitting in the front seat trying to explain what happened.

Jack: I was just trying to make up a song (again with the singing?) and then I was told to stop singing and when I didn't, then I had to move my clip down to "think about it".

me: I know you even went 2 steps below that, so why didn't you stop when the teacher asked you to?

Jack: Because it was going to be a really good song and I couldn't remember the words so I had to just HAD to keep singing it until I could get it out. (a little OCD thrown in to boot)

me: Okay, well, I think you know the situation here.

Jack: No cookie from the bakery. (big frown) And no video or computer. (looks as though the world just ended)

me: That's right. We'll go in and have a snack.

Jack: But I was bad so how am I allowed to have a snack!??

me: Sweetie, being bad doesn't mean that you can't eat. It just means that there won't be any treats or special privileges.

Jack: Okay. (he goes in to change and I hear the usual loud wail of a cry) I WANNNNT TO STAYYYY ON "READY TO LEARRRNNNNNN"!! Wahhhhhhh!

me: You know what? You can have another chance at that tomorrow.

Jack: But what if it's hard again tomorrow?

me: Just think about how you want to behave, and what things you'll like to do after school when you stay on "ready to learn". I know you can do it. If you don't get any warnings from your teacher, then your clip won't move. See how upset you are right now?

Jack: Yessssss.

me: Do you want to be this upset tomorrow?

Jack: Noooooo.

me: Well?

Jack: I know I know, I'm in charge of my own behavior.

me: When you go to Tae Kwon Do today you can practice. You know when the master is working with some other kids, and you're waiting against the wall for your turn? Well, you can sit up straight and pay attention and don't mess around with the other kids. Then the master will say "Look at Jack acting just like a champion"

Jack: But they never look at me and say that!

me: Because you're always fooling around. If you behave the entire time, even when they're not looking, then the one time they do look, they'll see how good you're sitting.

Jack: That's character.

me: What is.

Jack: The definition of character. In art class it says "Character: How you behave when no one else is looking". That's how I know what it is.

me: Hmmm. Well, see? It's just what I said. If you behave when no one is looking, then that's the good boy behavior that you'll get used to.

Jack: I want to have character!

me: Well you definitely have that, but it just means if you behave when no one is looking, that is the way you are deep inside.

Jack: I can do it. I'm a character!!

Sigh. He sort of got the point. Let's see what tomorrow brings. It's not enough that we do every single little thing for our children, so that they can have a happy, healthy, safe and productive day, while wearing clean underwear...but we also have to teach them about morals, and manners and behavior, and right and wrong, and "do unto others" and discipline and cause and effect along with rules and consequences. If you think stay at home moms have it easy, all I can say is ... try it for yourself. I bet you won't quit your day job.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stay at home day

That's just what it was for me. Even though it was a really nice Fall day, perfect for pumpkin picking or apple picking or whatever, I just wanted to stay home. Jack and I have really tiny mini-colds, nothing but some sniffles, but it felt good to do nothing.

I went for a small 4-mile run, just because, and then came home. We watched Monsters, Inc., played in the house and around the yard, and that's about it.

(Whoops hold on, the timer just dinged. Roasted chicken and root veggies! Again, this is not a food blog, but I sometimes wish it was. If you could only smell my kitchen as that chicken comes out of the oven!)

Anyway, where was I? We just had a good day at home. Jack climbed some trees in the yard, a new fascination of his. And he's gearing up to watch some football with Dad after we eat.  A nice fire in the fireplace would complete the Fall feeling!

Jack: Daddy said we could eat in front of the fire tonight.
me: He did?
Jack: Yeah, because it's cold out and I'm freezing.
me: You need to put some clothes on. A t-shirt isn't enough when it's less than 60 degrees out. It was chilly on the trail this morning.
Jack: But you were running, and I just want to sit here and not move. (he climbed up on my lap and curled into a ball)
me: That sounds like a plan...the fire that is. I don't think we have any wood.
Jack: We have a Duraflame right over there! I can even light it if you want!
me: Uh, no I don't think so.
Jack: It's just fire. What can happen?

Yeah, like I even want to imagine that. Jack thinks he can do just about anything. And the truth is, he really can. But even at 5, the judgement is a long way off. Remember yesterday as he careened around the parking lot without looking? That's the judgement  I'm talking about. Or lack of. Anyway, time to go eat that chicken!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emotions running high

This week was a great week. It started out a little rough, with Dennis being gone, and Jack acting up at school. Perhaps the two are related. Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were pretty good! Thursday night however, Jack had a pretty bad nightmare, and both of his feet/legs had fallen asleep. He was miserable and had a hard time going back to sleep. It was probably around 2:30 a.m. On Friday I was very tired because of that. Then last night Jack had another nightmare. He ended up sleeping late today and then the emotions ran high all day. He's also coming down with a little cold. So again, this may all be related?

Jack: (2:30 a.m.) MOOMMMMMMM! (sobbing)
me: (tripping up the stairs two at a time) Hey are you okay?
Jack: (crying) I had a bad dream!!!
me: (soothing him until he could talk) What happened?
Jack: You were a city bus driver and you were supposed to stop at my stop and then you didn't and I tried to grab on but you kept going and you DIDN'T PICK ME UP!!! (more sobbing)
me: Okay, okay, I'm here now. Let's get you all furry again. (I had to calm him down for quite awhile)
Jack: (sniffing) Okay, can I be a bison?
me: The most disgusting bison ever!
Jack: Okayyy... (starts to go back to sleep)
me: Goodnight. Call me if you need me okay?
Jack: I love you.
me: I love you too. Goodnight Stripey.
Jack: (in falsetto) Meow.

I crawled back into bed and after about 20 minutes started to doze off. I heard Jack yell "MOMMMY!" just once, but it was in a voice thick with sleep and I was sure he wasn't awake. I was right. There were no more sounds. He was just calling out for me in his sleep, or as he dozed off finally. Poor little guy.

Today we dealt with some sniffles from a possible cold, and lots of crying and crankiness. There was a lot of "You're mad at meeeeeee!" sobbing, and all the drama that goes with it. There was also "I'm a baaaddd booyyyyy!" and more sobbing. He felt totally bad about it but couldn't seem to control himself. I could only hold him and tell him it was okay, and then use time outs when he was really acting up. Like when he broke away from us in the parking lot of Target and ran crazy around all the cars. Lucky he didn't get killed. Man. What a day. I'm tired. And he's not even pre-teen yet!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

On this 2005!

We had taken a trip up to Agawam, MA, to watch my nephew's football game. It was an amazing day. Brilliantly sunny, and full of fun. You can see from Jack's 9-month-old expression, that he was having a very good day!

Jack: Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp! (blowing raspberries, that is)

Foto Friday

Because it's just easier this way. Here is a visual summation of this past week. It was colorful. It was loud. It had adventure, and wax dresses, and baby pigs, and NYC and dizziness. Oh yeah. That and more. How was your week?

Jack: This was the best week ever! I behaved for an entire week! Does that mean that I can buy that notebook that I wanted, the one with the spiraly pen?
me: What about Monday and Tuesday when you had warnings from your teacher?
Jack: Oh. Okay then, I behaved for ALMOST an entire week!
me: Celebrate the small victories. :)

Tongue out for balance while drawing.

Windblown during an early morning beach trip.

 NYC! Carriage ride, good food, Promises Promises!

Silly at Tae Kwon Do.

 Waiting for swim class to begin.
"Fish Mouth"
"Mr. Teeth"

My desk at work.


At the end of a long and fun-filled day.

GIANT garden spider!

Trip to the Big E!

That wax dress I was telling you about.