Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mommy Sick Day

I get to have one once in awhile! This should have been last night's post, but we watched Hot Tub Time Machine (very funny btw) and then I crashed. I have a small cold, but it's the annoying stuffy nose kind that makes all food seem gross and leaves you with a perpetual dry mouth. I would like to sit here in bed all day with a book and tea. Can I? Please? We'll see how long it lasts. There are rumblings coming from the kitchen,..Dennis is getting Jack's we'll see.

Yesterday Jack and I went up to visit my family. We saw my Dad for a bit, then my brother John and my Mom. Jack had a lot of fun because there were some other kids around that were friends of John's girlfriend's 7-year-old daughter. So he had an audience of older girls to show off for. I think he really liked that.

Jack: Come on guys we have to share! (they are playing some old video games on my brother's TV) First I go then you, then YOU, THEN you!

Girl 1: It's my turn next.

Jack: I already said that! (uh oh, he thinks he's the boss of 3 girls?)

Girl 2: Okay, we'll wait.

They play for awhile and then it gets a little ugly.

Jack: (comes running into the kitchen to find me) Mommmm! They're not sharing!

me: Jack, it's their turn. That's how sharing goes.

Jack: But I want them to watch ME!

me: They all get turns. If you want to play something else with me while you wait, let me know. (I was currently very comfortable with my brother's new kitten on my lap!)

Jack: (roll of eyes) Noooo. Uncle John! They're not sharing! (they go off together to figure it out in the other room.)

I can hear Jack's voice... "Ooooohhh I told Uncle John and you're all in TROUBLE!!" In a minute John comes back, and Jack runs by him all upset and goes into one of the bedrooms.

me: What was that all about?

John: Jack didn't want to share. It's someone else's turn now.

me: Oh. I guess he thought you would take his side. haha.

Jack: (reappearing) Well I don't like playing with stupid girls anyway sorry!!!!

me: Mhmm...

Girls: Let's go play upstairs!!!

Jack: (runs after them) Yayyyyy!!!

All is well again for the moment. Jack really does want to play with them. And then they all lock him out of the bedroom because he's a boy. And 5. Sigh.

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