Friday, October 8, 2010

What is everyone saying!??

And it goes like this.

Jack: (today) Why did he say "it's time to pay the bill" if they're not talking about a bill?
me: They mean, it's time to pay the price for something, not actually a bill, or money, but, oh...
Jack: Sigh.
me: It's another figure of speech is all. There are lots of them.

Jack: What does "silver lining" mean then?
me: It just means that there's something good about a bad situation.
Jack: Then why don't you just SAY that. Sometimes I don't know what things mean.
me: You learn. We all learn.

me: (after we finished Jack's homework the other night) And that's all she wrote!
Jack: WHO is SHE?!
me: Um, you? Or... I mean, it's just another...
Jack: Yeah, yeah, a figure of your speech.
me: Well... actually it's a figure OF speech, but you'll learn...
Jack: No I won't.

me: (when we woke up super early for school) Time to make the donuts! (wow I'm old)
Jack: What? We're making real donuts!??? (he couldn't be happier)
me: No, that's just an old saying that means we're up early.
Jack: (basically gave me a WTF look) I want a donut.
me: Sorry. Not happening.

Jack: (a few months ago) Why does my umbrella have cats and dogs on it?
me: That's another saying..."It's raining cats and dogs" means it's raining really hard.
Jack: That's funny! What if cats AND dogs really rained from the sky.
me: I heard that it rained frogs once.
Jack: (stops dead) What.
me: Well it's probably just a made-up story.
Jack: (looking up, worried) Is it gonna keep raining?

me: (next day) Wow it is really raining hard.
Jack: (shakes his head in an all-knowing way) Yeah, it's really gonna rain frogs out there.

He'll learn. Or he'll invent some new ones all on his own.

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