Monday, October 18, 2010


And the noises they make. EEEEEAAAWWWWW! Yes that is the new sound in my house. Jack can make a better donkey noise than a donkey. The donkeys at the local farm look up in shock and disbelief ... how can this two-legged creature sound just like one of us??

Jack of course learned this from Daddy. Who, despite having a plethora of obnoxious noises of his own, has come to loathe the "Oot-Oot!" noise that my family sometimes makes for the heck of it. His protest noise is EEEEEAAAWWWWWW! And he thinks it's funny. Now Jack thinks it's funny.

We were at the PACKED Oyster Fest yesterday, and a lady cut right in front of us, almost knocking us over.

me: Heeyyyyyy!
Dennis: Well, he does have impeccable timing.

And last weekend we were at my goddaughter's 3rd birthday. We noticed that they had a pinata outside. Of a donkey. Uh oh.

Jack: Mom look! A donkey pinata! EEEAAAWWWW!
me: Oh, that is too funny. I can't believe it. Sigh.
Dennis: Hahahah, Jack do it again.
Jack: EEEAAWWWW! Can I hit it with the bat?
me: No! The party is inside right now. We have to wait until later. Can you put the bat down please.

Jack: When will it be my turn to hit the donkey?

me: In a minute. They're letting the little girls go first, and you'll be one of the last hitters because you're stronger.

Jack: Okaaayyyy. (he's pouting a little)

me: I know! Make your donkey noise and everyone will crack up! They're all video taping it so it will be on their videos forever!


Dennis: Wow that was loud.

Annie (mom of my goddaughter): You know that's not a donkey, it's a unicorn!!

me: GASP! Oh sh*t. I thought it was a donkey. I'm so not used to little girl things.

Dennis: Bahahahahahaaaaa!

Jack: You know this is on everyone's video recordings forEVER mom, just like you said.

me: Oh, now I see the horn. Sorry. Heh heh... (all the moms were staring at me in disgust.)

Have any of you other "moms of boys only" out there lost touch with girlie things? There is not one single pink or purple item of clothing in my house. I don't even wear it. We only have toys for boys. We only have videos that boys like to watch. (Don't worry Jack, I won't tell about your love for "Madeline", but I think everyone knows). Therefore, I'm the queen of camo, dirty prairie animals, swords/guns/things that hurt or maim, and jumping off the highest thing within reach. And donkeys. Unicorn just never even occured to me. I guess I need to spend more time with my goddaughter, and get back to my female roots! I'm going to make that happen, and soon!

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