Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emotions running high

This week was a great week. It started out a little rough, with Dennis being gone, and Jack acting up at school. Perhaps the two are related. Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were pretty good! Thursday night however, Jack had a pretty bad nightmare, and both of his feet/legs had fallen asleep. He was miserable and had a hard time going back to sleep. It was probably around 2:30 a.m. On Friday I was very tired because of that. Then last night Jack had another nightmare. He ended up sleeping late today and then the emotions ran high all day. He's also coming down with a little cold. So again, this may all be related?

Jack: (2:30 a.m.) MOOMMMMMMM! (sobbing)
me: (tripping up the stairs two at a time) Hey are you okay?
Jack: (crying) I had a bad dream!!!
me: (soothing him until he could talk) What happened?
Jack: You were a city bus driver and you were supposed to stop at my stop and then you didn't and I tried to grab on but you kept going and you DIDN'T PICK ME UP!!! (more sobbing)
me: Okay, okay, I'm here now. Let's get you all furry again. (I had to calm him down for quite awhile)
Jack: (sniffing) Okay, can I be a bison?
me: The most disgusting bison ever!
Jack: Okayyy... (starts to go back to sleep)
me: Goodnight. Call me if you need me okay?
Jack: I love you.
me: I love you too. Goodnight Stripey.
Jack: (in falsetto) Meow.

I crawled back into bed and after about 20 minutes started to doze off. I heard Jack yell "MOMMMY!" just once, but it was in a voice thick with sleep and I was sure he wasn't awake. I was right. There were no more sounds. He was just calling out for me in his sleep, or as he dozed off finally. Poor little guy.

Today we dealt with some sniffles from a possible cold, and lots of crying and crankiness. There was a lot of "You're mad at meeeeeee!" sobbing, and all the drama that goes with it. There was also "I'm a baaaddd booyyyyy!" and more sobbing. He felt totally bad about it but couldn't seem to control himself. I could only hold him and tell him it was okay, and then use time outs when he was really acting up. Like when he broke away from us in the parking lot of Target and ran crazy around all the cars. Lucky he didn't get killed. Man. What a day. I'm tired. And he's not even pre-teen yet!!!

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  1. phew I tired just reading this. Hope the both of you sleep better tonight.