Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bento Box Lunch!

Both Jack and I have been loving this new bento-box-style lunch box that we ordered from Planet Box. Totally cute! Jack has wanted to eat every meal in this box since we got it.

Jack: Mom, can I eat breakfast in my planet box?
me: That depends. What do you feel like eating?
Jack: Oatmeal.
me: Ummm...
Jack: No, it's okay, see? It can go in the big compartment.
me: It's kinda shallow, so I don't think that will really work. It's not meant for hot food really.
Jack: Oh pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee???
me: I think we'll stick with a bowl for oatmeal. But if you want toast and fruit, we can use the box.
Jack: (ponders for half a second) Ehhhhh, skip it. (dismissive hand wave)

I didn't take a photo of the first bento box lunch, but here is a shot of the second lunch. Pretty standard. Nothing too super cute ala Another Lunch, but I'm just beginning ova heah.

For some reason, Jack eats every bite of his lunch when it's compartmentalized! Tonight I decided to go with the Halloween-themed lunch to keep Jack in the spooky mood. See, see! I'm ramping up the creativity. Here it is:

I'm adding a little menu to go with it. Ham N Cheese Jack-O-Sandwich, Raisin the dead Eyeballs, Mummified Celery, Pretzel Broomsticks and a Bat Candy.

Hm, I thought I had something else to say, but now that I'm at the bottom of the post, I've forgotten. Did it have something to do with leaves? Oh yeah! We jumped in some, we stuffed some in a giant pumpkin bag. We made leaf bouquets. It was all fall-like today. Couldn't ask for better.


  1. That's a cool lunchbox. Does the food hold together well when it's closed up?

  2. It actually does! There are dividers that close up tightly from the base to the lid and things keep pretty separate. One tip if you're packing something juicy and you don't want it to accidentally leak is to use that press and seal wrap from Glad. You can cut a little square out and seal in one compartment. I'm loving this box so far!