Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stay at home day

That's just what it was for me. Even though it was a really nice Fall day, perfect for pumpkin picking or apple picking or whatever, I just wanted to stay home. Jack and I have really tiny mini-colds, nothing but some sniffles, but it felt good to do nothing.

I went for a small 4-mile run, just because, and then came home. We watched Monsters, Inc., played in the house and around the yard, and that's about it.

(Whoops hold on, the timer just dinged. Roasted chicken and root veggies! Again, this is not a food blog, but I sometimes wish it was. If you could only smell my kitchen as that chicken comes out of the oven!)

Anyway, where was I? We just had a good day at home. Jack climbed some trees in the yard, a new fascination of his. And he's gearing up to watch some football with Dad after we eat.  A nice fire in the fireplace would complete the Fall feeling!

Jack: Daddy said we could eat in front of the fire tonight.
me: He did?
Jack: Yeah, because it's cold out and I'm freezing.
me: You need to put some clothes on. A t-shirt isn't enough when it's less than 60 degrees out. It was chilly on the trail this morning.
Jack: But you were running, and I just want to sit here and not move. (he climbed up on my lap and curled into a ball)
me: That sounds like a plan...the fire that is. I don't think we have any wood.
Jack: We have a Duraflame right over there! I can even light it if you want!
me: Uh, no I don't think so.
Jack: It's just fire. What can happen?

Yeah, like I even want to imagine that. Jack thinks he can do just about anything. And the truth is, he really can. But even at 5, the judgement is a long way off. Remember yesterday as he careened around the parking lot without looking? That's the judgement  I'm talking about. Or lack of. Anyway, time to go eat that chicken!

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