Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dirty Undies

(Sorry Lucia, you've already heard this story!)

I just told this story today and realized that it was blog-worthy. This happened last night. Jack was changing out of his Tae Kwon Do uniform and getting ready for bed.

Jack: Do you know how to tell the difference between clean undies and dirty undies?

me: Ummmm, not really. How?

Jack: The dirty undies are all hot.

me: Ohhh, because you just took them off! That's a good one.

Jack: (crumples up the "hot undies" into a ball and throws it at me) Hot ball in your face!!!

Sigh. This is soooo Dennis' child!

And, that could possibly be taken the wrong way, so I'm going to stop typing now.

Oh, and never google "hot undies" to try and find a cute pic to go with your blog. Especially at work. Not that I'm typing this at work.

(Me dropping smoke bomb and running...)

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