Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy first day of school!

me: So? How was the first day?
Jack: It was haarrrrrddddddd... (Mild whimpering followed. He was soaked through with sweat from the bus ride. No A/C at school either. Ugh.)

me: What was your favorite part of the day?
Jack: Art class! We learned how to make a person out of an H and an A. Mine is going to be awesome!
me: That's great, I'm glad you had fun.
Jack: And I liked recess. (Just like me... art and recess...favorites!)
me: Did you make any new friends?
Jack: Oh yeahhhhh, lots. There's Jude and Patrick and Wesley and then there's Danny, but he told us to call him "Pimp Danny".
me: ???!!!!!

Really? In First Grade??

Monday, August 30, 2010

Could we possibly do more in one day?

It feels like I've been running crazy for the last few weeks, and today it feels like I crammed a week's worth of activities into one day! I know I'm exaggerating, but I'm exhausted, Jack's asleep already and Dennis looks beat too.

After work, we took Jack to his Taekwondo class, and then told him we'd take him wherever he wanted to go for dinner. It's his last night before school starts and we wanted to make is special. He thought about it for about a second and said "Ichiro"! Sushi is king. So we drove across town to eat. Jack was already tired from class, and from swimming earlier in the day, and he just about made it through dinner (yellowtail, salmon and avocado rolls, PLUS noodles and rice and brocolli) before he crashed in the backseat on the drive home. His eyes were all glazed over.

me: Jack, what was your favorite part about class today?
Jack: (without even pausing) When it was over.
me: Oh. How come?
Jack: Cuz all we did was kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and then kick kick...
me: I get the point.
Jack: You know what would be great? If they had an EATING class. Where if you did one thing right they would say "Jack gets a piece of sushi now!"

I guess he was starving AND tired. Wait til he starts school. That's a whole new level of exhaustion. Sweet dreams Jack, and welcome to the big time!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

This and That

Okay fiiiinnnne, I’ll recreate the damn post I just lost. Sheesh. What a pest.

I basically said that I didn’t have much to say today. Detritus from my head, no real plot, general ramblings. Jack started Taekwondo last week and he’s very excited about it. I have a cute pic of him on his first day. See? I didn't lie.

His behavior today has been up and down and I think he’s punishing me because Dennis and I went to a concert on Friday, and left Jack with a sitter. Then on Saturday I went to help my brother move into his new house. Sooo, little boys can punish their moms by either being aloof or being very bratty. Jack chose bratty today. Either way we lose. But, I have the great memories from the concert. Muaaahahahahahahah! (Evil Mommy)

This morning, Jack and I were playing in the hallway. Jack had created a machine that would incinerate all of his mismatched toy parts. It’s not that bad, if you’ve ever seen Robots? Anyway, we put all of the Mr. Potato Head parts, some old cars and legos, and a few planes into a box. Then that box had to get pushed up a slide (a plastic one from when Jack was 18 mos. old that he will NOT let me get rid of). Then the box fell down into the incinerator. Jack had to instruct me on how to operate the machine.

Jack: Mom, first you fill the box with toys, then it goes up this conveyor belt, then …
Dennis: (interrupts from the kitchen) Hey, are you making coffee?
me: Yeah, I can do it.
Jack: Heyyy, pay attention over here! So, you push it along but you need to use a pole because it’s VERY hot (he pulls a mop head off of his old maid cart toy, and instant pole!) and then do this (pushes it off the slide)… MOMMM, don’t worry about the coffee maker okayyy???? (he caught me looking into the kitchen)
me: Okay, so here let me try… (I grab the box, but didn’t hear the part about the pole. Apparently I burned the skin right off my arm.)
Jack: ARRRRGGHHHH you just caught on fire! FOCUS PLEASE! Geezzzzzz.
me: Oh, sorry… Uh…
Jack: You almost ruined the whole operation over here. (shaking his head in disgust)

Once again, schooled by a 5 year old.

And I know I typed more than this before Flogger Bucked up, but what can I say. I’m HUNGRY and need lunch. Where are they??? (Dennis and Jack left 2 hours ago for the library…sigh…)

Blogger: F U Really hard

I just typed a really fun post, complete with pics and then got a "failure" red message. WTF? It signed itself out, then nothing appeared in my drafts. WTF! I'm not recreating that genius post. Not gonna happen.

Let's just say some SH*T just happened and I'm not very happy now. :(

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2 Days Before School Starts

Jack: Oh, I am SO tired! I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow.
me: You think you can do that?
Jack: Yes I can. I'm not ever getting out of bed.
me: Ok. You have 2 more days to sleep late and then you have to get up early for school.
Jack: Let's read stories already. I'm tired.
me: Pick out a short one and then we can get in bed. Do you want to skip the story tonight?
Jack: Noooo. Yawwwwnnn.
me: (we read a story about minerals and mining) All done!
Jack: Whew, glad that's over.
me: Why did you want a story if you're so tired?
Jack: I know that you like to read them. That's why.
me: Aww that's sweet.
Jack: Yeah yeah, goodnight.

Ah, that's my sweet sarcastic little boy, 2 days before 1st grade.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow up to Daddy Post

This morning at 6:45, Jack ate a bowl of cereal. Regular adult-sized bowl. Then at 7:30 he had a bag of pretzel goldfish mixed with dried strawberries and bananas. A large cup of milk to go with it. At 7:45 (yes 15 minutes later!) he had one fried egg with cheese, and a large piece of wheat toast. More milk. Really? Where is he putting it?

Jack: Oops! Gotta go!
me: (chewing) Where?
Jack: To poop of course.
me: Of course.

He's a very efficient machine.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daddy Guest Post!

Because Mommy is so so tired. And I have to get up at 5:20 a.m. Need I say more?

(Daddy's words now follow)

When I used to take Jack to get bagels on Saturday Morning I would order one bagel for Jack and one for me. The problem with Jack is he likes to eat. Bagels especially. So he would ask for a piece of my bagel after he quickly wolverined his. So here I was being out eaten by a five year old. I couldn't say no... *he will soon be bigger than me after all*. So I switched to ordering two bagels for me and one for jack which really turned into 1.5 for me and 1.5 for jack, but you could see he was really itching to get the extra half of bagel into him. He gets this distended third world belly look to him but seems completely happy with it. Sometimes I would try to slow him down by giving him a bowl of cereal before he left the house, but that didn't work and he would seemingly be just as hungry.

About halfway through his first bagel he would start eyeballing my bagel. He usually had wheat and I had an everything bagel. Before he would say anything I would say "don't be eyeballing my bagel, boy". He would shoot back "Awww come on dad, I'm hungry". But you ate cereal, juice and part of mom's breakfast before we left the house. I'm picturing fighting him for food when I'm 60 and I'm not going to win that one. He eyes the menu, bored, calculatingly, then he begins with the pitch..."those egg sandwiches look really good. Look, breakfast all day!" I'm like yeah, breakfast all day. That's what you need.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Man

I watched Jack at his first real Tae Kwon Do class this afternoon and it's amazing how much he's grown in confidence (and size) from last fall. We signed up for a free week of lessons in October I think, and after 2 classes, Jack was done. He couldn't concentrate or stay still or stop chasing the fly that was plaguing him. It was funny to watch him back then because the other kids in class had been going for about 8 months and were hard core serious. Jack played with his feet. Enough said.

So I was therefore surprised when he asked me to take TKD lessons again. I thought he might ask for trombone or violin lessons first. Really!

me: Hey Jack, guess what? Your swimming lessons don't start up for another 3 weeks. Is there something you want to try in the meantime?
Jack: OOh OOh can I do Tae Kwon Do again??
me: Really? I thought you were bored with it and said it was too hard.
Jack: That was when I was little.
me: Oh yeah, how could I forget.
Jack: I didn't forget. I can't wait to get a belt and a real Gi!
me: So why do you think you'll like taking the lessons this year?
Jack: Because this year I want to fight.
me: (uh oh)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New love interest

This all came to my attention yesterday. Apparently an older girl has joined Jack's camp class and will be there for a week or so. I guess Jack was instantly smitten. He got in the car after school and could only talk about one subject: A.J.

Jack: Mom, A.J. is so cool. We played a make believe game and it was so much fun!
me: Who's A.J.?
Jack: She's a new girl in class. She's eleven. (dreamy look)
me: Oh, I thought it was a boy's name. Sorry.
Jack: How could SHE ever be a boy. Heh Heh.
me: Dunno, anyway what else did you do?
Jack: Well, A.J. said she really thought I was nice. (big smile, thumb goes in)
me: Anything else?
Jack: (grunts)

I thought that was it until later that night. We put Jack to bed, grabbed the monitor and sat down to watch a movie. Really funny actually, "Outsourced". After a little while I heard Jack moving around.

Jack: (mumbling) Whazzat A.J.? Whadjasay? HeHeh.
Dennis: What the heck is he saying?
me: I think he's talking about a girl in his class.
Dennis: Oh geez.

We laughed it off and then Jack was quiet for the rest of the night. Except for the brief but exciting wake up call he gave me at 4:30 a.m. when he had a nightmare about our cats. Anyway... So today I went to pick Jack up at camp. I checked the first classroom that he might be in, because they've been moving kids around this last week or so. The teacher popped her head up and motioned for me to come in the room.

T: Jack's not in here but let me tell you this. He followed Lauren around today like a lovesick little puppy.
me: Who's Lauren now? Jack's been talking in his sleep about A.J. who's eleven. Is this who you're talking about?
T: I think so, but her names not A.J. Weird. She just left, so you just missed her.
me: Well that's what Jack calls her for some reason. I can't believe he's acting like this. It's so funny.
T: Yeah, he told her that he loved her and she was like "We can be friends, but I don't like you like THAT!"
me: Haha! Too funny! Poor kid's got a crush pretty bad. Better keep an eye on him.

I walked down to the other class and got Jack. We then had to walk by the first classroom to get out of the building. 

Jack: Mommmmmm! (starts pulling on my arm)
me: What! Ow!
Jack: (whispers) I want to say bye to A.J.
me: She left already.
Jack: (eyes well up with tears) But, but...
me: It's okay, you'll see her tomorrow
Jack: (trying to be brave) Ohhhkayyyy...
me: You know her name's Lauren, right? Why do you keep calling her A.J.?
Jack: Because. She's A.J., I'm M.J. and Olivia's T.J.
me: Hm. What for?
Jack: Just because. Do NOT tell Daddy about this. Okay?
me: Um, why not.
Jack: (hits my arm) Just because.
me: Okay. Ow!

And that's why I blog. Perhaps Dennis will read this tonight and get all the info. Meanwhile I have kept my promise to Jack! I gotta check this eleven-year-old out tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate my name

I mean really...Debbie? Come on...how many of us were there in one classroom? I counted 4 in my 4th grade through 8th grade classes. We all advanced together. I changed the spelling to Debi...wow, that helped. I thought I was the only one that wanted to change my name. Guess again.

Jack and I had just pulled into the garage today after school. I shut the car off and for some reason I didn't hop immediately out of the car. Good thing.

Jack: Sigh. (he unbuckled his seat belt, and crawled between the front seats and actually gave me a kiss.)
me: What's up Jack?
Jack: I hate my name. And...I hate the way I look.
me: Huh??? What do you mean?
Jack: My name is booooorrrrring and I want to look like Cameren. He has brown skin. Mine is all white.
me: (whoa) You have a very special name because it's the one that Mommy and Daddy picked out for you. Listen to this...Jack Lewis Prizefighter! Jack Lewis Private Investigator! Who's the guy working on this patient? Dr. Jack Lewis! See? It sounds very important.

Jack: (small smile) I guess, but I don't know. I wish it was something better like...Veronica.
me: (um...?) Okayyy? Who is Veronica (besides being my grandmother's name and my cousins)
Jack: It's Rodney's friend's name in "Robots".
me: Oh yeah. But it's a girls name you know.
Jack: Oh. Okay.
me: And why is your skin color not great? You have skin from me and Daddy.
Jack: Ewww. Because ... like just because your mom has white skin, doesn't mean you can't have brown skin. (He's referring to a friend of his with a white mom and black dad. His friend is a nice medium brown shade. Is this jealousy?)

me: Sorry, but you can't change your skin color. I hope you know how special your name is and how special you look to us.
Jack: Really?
me: Pinky swear.
Jack: Okay that's better. (He gets out of the car and we head into the house.)

Jack: So, now that we figured that out, do you want to help me practice karate?
me: Okay, sure!
Jack: Wait, have you ever taken karate before?
me: No.
Jack: Great, then I have lots of moves to show you. Let's go practice our blocks.
me: Cool. (we head into the hallway and I assume what I think is an appropriate blocking "stance")
Jack: (sitting down) No Mom, I meant these blocks. (and no lie, he pulls out his wooden blocks and starts to build.)
me: Are you messing with me?
Jack: Yep.
me: Wow, that's pretty good. I thought you meant karate blocks.
Jack: Yeah I know. Let's build a target. (he means a target to shoot at with his dart thingy, but I decide to mess with him)
me: Oh, we don't have enough blocks to build a Target (store), so...
Jack: NO, not A TARGET, a target. A little one.
me: Okay, where should we put the front door? (I start moving blocks into place)
Jack: NOOOOOO, it's a target to shoot at Mom!
me: We shouldn't shoot at Target, they'll call the cops.
Jack: Are you teasing me?
me: Yep.
Jack: Well, stoppit.

Shut down again by the more mature person in the room.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're all tired today

It's been the first rainy day that I can remember. This summer has been pretty...well, HOT, and sunny of course. Or HOT and cloudy, but not accompanied by much rain. Last night it started in the wee hours, and continued all day. It hammered down for awhile and knocked Jack's little sunflower plant right over on the deck. I'm sure the deck garden will be swimming by tomorrow.

Needless to say, we all behaved just as you would expect on this rainy day, except we didn't sleep late. For the first time in a long while, Jack woke up at 6:30. Okay, 6:27. Sigh. He's been sleeping way past 7am and it's been great, but not today. (Yawn!) I got out of bed without a fight because Jack had already gotten up, dressed himself and came down to our room. This is an entirely new adventure for the boy who has NEVER left his bed on his own in the morning for 5 and a half years, except for maybe two or 3 times. Very rare occasions. I had hoped I was dreaming when I heard the mild racket on the monitor. But I knew. HE was awake.

We stayed in our pajamas for most of the day until I got the energy enough to suggest a trip out to go school shopping and grocery shopping. Jack actually wanted to go with me! Let me tell you, we are dangerous when we shop together. :) We started at Old Navy and then hit the Nine West Outlet store. Then on to Trader Joe's.

Jack: Mom, I think you NEED these shoes! (he holds up a pair of orange patent leather sandals)
me: (recoiling slightly) Oh, wow, those are ... great! If I ever need shiny orange sandals, you're the guy to pick em out.
Jack: (all proud) Really?
me: Oh of course! Now, just hold on because I'm gonna need a few more minutes. (clearance rack + B1G1 half off, uh yeah do the math)
Jack: How are you gonna carry... what is that... SIX shoe boxes?
me: You're gonna help, that's how.
Jack: But I'm sooooo tired!
me: Grab my purse at least. You can drag it to the register.
Jack: Cool! (he suddenly found some energy and dragged my purse to the front of the store)
me: Thanks! I just have to pay and we're off to Trader Joe's.
Jack: We did great shopping, right Mommy? Did I get six pairs of shoes too?
me: No, you got the army water bottle, some shirts and pants and that funny toy you're holding, so that's enough.
Jack: It's never enough.

A boy after my own shopping heart!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Funny Day

Jack has been saying some funny things recently...more so than usual I guess. He was playing a game with Dennis in the hallway the other night and kept saying "Ohhh, you are SO SLY!" I kept cracking up because I first thought he was about to say SO STUPID. Ha ha. And he used a sort of grown-up type accent. Too funny.

He has also been using a hoity-toity kind of British accent when he says "Yeeeessssss??" Sort of like a butler. And he puts on a long basset hound face to go with it. I mean really!

We were outside watching Dennis paint the house (well not the whole thing, just the parts that recently got replaced with fresh not-rotted-out-by-carpenter-ants-and-rain wood.) and we decided to pull up weeds in the walkway.

Jack: You do that part and I'll do this part. This is fun!
me: Pulling weeds is fun?
Jack: Yeah, it makes my hands as soft as a poem.
me: It... What?! A poem?
Jack: Yeah, a poem.
me: Why did you say that?
Jack: I don't know. I just wanted to.
me: Hm...

We came in to have a snack before bed. We each had a cookie and milk. I turned around to put the milk away and when I turned back, this is what I found on my plate. Things that make you go "Hmmm"... again!

I wonder who could have taken that bite out of my cookie??

After our snack, Jack wanted to listen to his iPod. My old shuffle, that is. He was excited that it was still set to Bohemian Rhapsody. Watching him walk around the kitchen singing was just classic.

Jack: (singing) Momma, didn't mean to make you cry, (doesn't know the rest of the words) if I'm not bed today then time tomorrow... (huh?)
me: (stifling a laugh) Jack? Do you know the words?
Jack: (speaking louder than necessary because of the headphones) Oh Yeah! I know all the words!

He mumbles a few more incoherent sentences and then tries to find Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror", which he loves. Here's a glimpse of the end of our day:

Jack: Mom, stop running the water, I CAN'T HEAR MY IPOD!
me: Sigh. I guess I forgot to tell him about the volume control??

Friday, August 20, 2010

Independence grows

Jack jumped down from the table tonight, right in the middle of having his snack before bed. Where could he be going? Oh, just to the bathroom. I saw that his shorts were halfway down before he turned the corner. He doesn't ask for help anymore, or even tell me he's leaving the room.

Sometimes after school Jack will just run upstairs and shut his door. When I head up to check on him, I find elaborate "inventions" constructed out of various objects... such as a chair, phone cord, a plastic slinky, magnets and a giant blow up hammer. 

Other times Jack will just head out onto the deck and I'll find him playing with whatever toy happens to be out there. He's perfectly happy and content and not worried that I'm in the house and might not even realize that he's out there!

me: Where ya going Jack?
Jack: Aahhh I'll be right back. (he heads outside)
me: Jack? (I follow just to see what he's doing)
Jack: (singing to himself he heads into the garage and starts pulling items out into the driveway)
me: Whatcha got there?
Jack: You can go back in the house if you want. I'm just building a car wash.
me: Okay. But stay where I can see you.

I watch him play by himself until he sees our neighbor and his friend Dina come out into her yard. He walks over to the fence and they have an elaborate conversation for about 10 minutes. I wonder what they're talking about.

Jack: Mom! Dina said I can come over and go swimming! (he heads in to get his bathing suit)
me: Whoa! Not so fast. It's almost bedtime. No swimming tonight. Sorry.
Jack: But I already told her I would be over.
me: You didn't ask me first. Go tell her you'll have to swim another time.
Jack: (stops and thinks about it) Sigh. Can you do it for me?

Funny how the independence runs out when there's "work" involved.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Many Moods of Jack - Volume 3

Yes he is still moody. Glad you asked. We have more up days then down, so it's all good. The mood swings definitely come in cycles, a few weeks on, a few weeks off. You can always count on one thing...change! That's why I don't get too worried when Jack seems like he's never in a good mood. It will change. As long as the really, really bad tantrums are few and far between, I'm happy! Such is life with a five year old, I mean excuse me, a 5 and a HALF year old. :)

(7am. Happy)
Jack: Mommmmmm!
me: Good morning!
Jack: Was this your bootcamp day?
me: Nope.
Jack: Good, then you're not all sweaty and disgusting.

(7:10. Polite)
Jack: Can I watch a video before breakfast?
me: Well, since you woke up very nicely and asked very nicely, you can watch for a few minutes while I get ready. Then we'll eat.
Jack: Thank you Mommy!

(7:25. Bossy)
me: Okay, time to turn off the video Jack.
Jack: Can I have one more minute?
me: Just one. (I feed the cats and come back) All set, now let's hit pause.
Jack: NOOOOOO, I want ONE MORE MINUTE! Leave. It. ON!
me: (I just look at him, and he lowers his head because he just KNOWS)
Jack: OH alright!
me: Wow, you were THIS close. Good job holding it together.
Jack: Yeah yeah, what are we eating?

(7:45. Bratty)
me: Now let's get our teeth brushed and then you can play for a few more minutes while I get dressed.
Jack: Can you play with me?
me: Okay, for a minute or two. (we set up a marble obstacle course made out of blocks, then roll our marbles through it)
Jack: This is fun!
me: Yes it is. Now I have to get dressed, okay? And you have to brush your teeth.
Jack: (walks by me and smacks my arm...hard!) Nope!
me: And, now we're going to the bottom step. That earned you a time out.
Jack: Sigh.

(7:50. Sweet)
me: Want to try this again? You can come out of your time out, but you have to brush your teeth.
Jack: (all smiles now) Okay!

(8:10. Stalling) I'm dressed, Jack is dressed, we're moving towards the door.
Jack: Ohhh, I have to go to the bathroom.
me: Okay, hurry up so we can get going.
Jack: No. I have to go poo-poo.
me: Sigh.

(8:25. Fresh)
me: Almost done? Let's go!
Jack: Not done yet.
me: Grrrr. (pacing) Jack we were actually going to be on time, maybe even early.
Jack: I'm always on time. You're the one that's late.
me: Ha. That's a good one.
Jack: Okay I'm done. But I'm NOT carrying anything.
me: Yes you are.
Jack: No I am not. You're carrying it all.
me: Then we're leaving your stuff home
Jack: (panics) Nooo, I'll carry it!

(8:30. Back to sweet)
Jack: Look, I got in and buckled my seat belt all by myself. And, I carried all my stuff!
me: What a good boy!

He holds onto Stripey and his thumb goes in. Wait til I tell him that Stripey won't be going on the school bus with him!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Jack likes to eat

I've posted about various things that Jack likes and doesn't like, but I thought it was time for a recap, because he really has a "unique" palate for a 5-year-old. Tonight I made a sausage dish, which I found on the yummy "sowhatareyoumakingfordinner" blog that I follow. DE-lish.

Jack: What's for dinner?
me: Sausages.
Jack: Yu-uh-ummmm!
me: I almost forgot you really like sausages.
Jack: You never make them anymore. It's always farm box!
me: (ha ha) I'll try to remember some other things that you like.
Jack: It's always chicken, chicken, chicken.
me: Sorry. (I guess he has been keeping track)

Jack's Favorites (he will eat these any time they're served):
Mac and cheese
Sushi (almost any kind)
Veggies and Dip
Thanksgiving sandwiches (turkey, stuffing, cranberry)
Grilled Cheese
Bagel lox and cream cheese (notice a cheese theme here?)
Any kind of fruit
Butternut squash
Tofu (sauteed or baked. I have to do this more often!)
Bread of any kind
Chicken drumsticks
Cherry Tomatoes
Carrots (done any way, cooked or raw)
Eggs (any kind, especially egg salad)
Meatballs, especially on a roll
Cereal (any kind)
Orange Juice

And of course I need to counter that with things he won't touch, or is very iffy about.

Jack's Least Favorites:
Mashed potatoes (will not ever eat these)
Chicken pot pie (nope, won't touch)
Chili (will try but says it's too spicy, even if it isn't)
Peas (These were his favorite when he was around 2 or 3. Now, won't touch em.)
Zucchini (He also used to LOVE this.)
Corn on the cob (All of a sudden, but I think this is because his bottom two teeth are getting loose! More on this later.)
Roasted Veggies (will pick out the carrots and eat those)
Generally any meat (he's been very picky lately about eating meat and will eat the veggies first)

Jack: Mom, I don't really think we should eat chicken because it's alive and then we kill it.
me: Well WE don't kill it, but I know what you mean
Jack: (poking at a piece of chicken on his plate) Yeahhhh, I don't know about THAT.
me: It's okay, don't eat it.
Jack: But it's still already dead.
me: (he's learning!) Yeah it is.
Jack: I'm not going to kill more chickens. (pushes it over to the side)
me: (now how does he get that at a young age?) Some people don't ever eat meat.
Jack: Not ever?
me: Nope. They just eat other types of protein to build their muscles.
Jack: (missing the point) Lucky I have big muscles and don't have to worry about that.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Turning 100

Jack: Mom, how many years til I turn 100?
me: 95
Jack: That’s a long time. How many days til I turn 100?
me:  Well, that would be 365 days times 95…
Jack: (interrupting) Nooo, not times anything, just how many days??
me: You have to do the math first. It’s 365 days in one year, then you times it by the number of years, which is 95.
Jack: (silence)
me: ?
Jack: Well?
me: Um, I’m not that good at math sweetie, so we’ll need a calculator.
Jack: Then how many months til I’m 100?
me: More math. 12 months a year times 95 years. So that’s 95 times 10 which is 950 then you have 95 times 2 which is 190. Then you add 190 and 950 and you get…
Jack: (interrupting) What do you get!??
me: I need to figure it out first before I can tell you, don’t I?
Jack: I guess…
me: So that’s 1,050 plus 90 so that’s 1,140. Ow. 
Jack: Can we have a big party when I’m 100? 
me: Of course! Am I invited to the party? (Yeesh, I’ll be 136? Quite a sight.)
Jack: If you want to you can come.
me: I guess that would be one big cake!
Jack: Maybe I should start baking it now, or in like a couple years? Then we would be all set.
me: What do you mean?
Jack: I can bake the cake now, and then we’ll be ready for the party.
me: You can’t keep a cake for 95 years. It would be rotten by then. Even if you froze it, it would not be good.
Jack: (mild panic) Then what should we dooooo?
me: Um, you don’t even know how to bake a cake, so why don’t we start there. You can help me make a banana cake. I’ll let you do all the steps until you are really good at it.
Jack: I can do everything, even the mixer?
me: Yes. But I’m going to watch you.
Jack: Then I want to make a carrot cake instead.
me: But that’s a bit harder, so why don’t we start easy.
Jack: What’s so hard? You put carrots instead of bananas.
me: (laughing) The recipe has a lot more steps and ingredients.
Jack: Wellll, I don’t know….
me: Let’s try and see, okay?
Jack: Okay, but maybe not tonight. I’m tired.
me: If you're tired now, how do you think you’ll feel when you’re 100?
Jack: Rested.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Not me...him! Jack that is. I made cheeseburgers for dinner. And a salad with lots of stuff in it like grapes, cheese, red peppers, cherry tomatoes. We also had some fresh peaches on the side. Jack took one look at all the food, pushed the burger aside and dug into the salad. Like really, with gusto!

me: Jack, aren't you going to eat any of that burger? Take a few bites at least.
Jack: (said through giant mouthful of lettuce) How am I supposed to look at a cheeseburger when I'm concentrating on this salad!
me: Hm. Dunno.
Jack: I'm not gonna eat that. I don't like how burgers and meat taste sometimes.
me: No problem.
Jack: Can I have more New York extra sharp cheddar cheese? (he really asks for it by it's full name)
me: (laughing) Yeah, you can finish it off.
Jack: You know, if you chew it long enough, you get cheese juice!
me: Oh no (gag) stop!
Jack: What? That's how you have to chew it Mom. You don't want me to choke. (Turns on innocent angel face)

I didn't eat any of the burgers either. Just wasn't in the mood. A big salad was all I needed, so I guess Jack and I had that in common. Couldn't possibly be because I ate about a pound of pasta for lunch, now could it?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This post in photos

I just took another funny photo of Jack sleeping. I thought I would post some pics from the past that show his unique snoozing ability. No matter where he is.

Jack: (tonight from bed) Mooommmmmm!
me: What?
Jack: I'm having trouble falling asleep.
me: Probably because you fell asleep in the car on the way home from the cookout.
Jack: I didn't sleep in the car!
me: Yes you did, about 45 minutes or an hour?
Jack: Uh, Noooooo, I was awake the whole time.
me: Then who was snoring in my back seat?
Jack: Stripey?

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Jack is playing a game on Nick Jr.com. I decided to type what he was saying.

Jack: Look Mom, they have the conveyor belts!
me: What's going on?
Jack: It went this way then that way then this way!
me: What's that score in the corner?
Jack: Um, I have 136, um, well I hear that fan far away
me: Focus. What is the score for? What are they called?
Jack: They're called hinges, or screws. The chickbots, you have to kill em. End! I finished the 2nd level. Score 129! yayyy. Ummm this one is really cool cuz it has dinosaurs in it. I'll call you when I get to the dinosaurs. Hey look. Old-fashioned people! Oh I'm so mad.
me: More chickbots?
Jack: (absently) yeah chickbots. the egg makes you turn into flashing like a ghost then it doesn't take any of your points it just goes right through you (he jumped down from the chair to demonstrate this with a dance). Look! the eggs come out of her mouth and the chickens come out of her tummy. Destroy the chicken!!!! Wooohhooooo!!! Mom Come Look!
me: Okay let me finish typing.
Jack: What are you typing?
me: What you're saying.
Jack: Hey what are you, (comes over and peeks at my screen) who you selling that to?
me: It's a blog
Jack: To who?
me: To whoever wants to read it.
Jack: (smacks my leg) Gotta go. (goes back to his game) Can you come here and help me get in the chicken's head?? Sigh...

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Jack and I sat watching Cloudy with a chance of meatballs...Again... and the Mom says to Flint "Flint, the world needs your originality" and then she dies or something.

Jack: Mom, I can't wait for the day when you can say that to me. (he looks so serious)
me: Ohhhh, well the world really does need...
Jack: NOOOO NOT NOWWWW! I meant later!
me: sheesh.

Jack: Look at this thing I made! (pringles can attached to an old phone cord, draped over his table with a Zurg figure holding the can up,)
me: Wow, that looks... original...
Jack: Yeah it is! It's an original invention.
me: Well you know, the world needs your originality.
Jack: Mom, I meant for you to say it not on the same day that I told you to say it, but later when it actually is real. Sigh...

Mom gets shut down... Again...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playground talk

Oh the things you hear kids talking about when you leave them alone to play and then sort of eavesdrop. I brought Jack and his friend Gavin out to a nearby playground for some fun. We wanted to go apple picking (Fall is my favorite season and I cannot wait for Summer to be over), but they had closed at 4:30. WTF. We are all not stay-at-home moms you know!

Jack: There she goes, there she goes, that way!
Gavin: She sees us...AAAahhhhhhhh!
Girl: (approximately 8 years old) Please leave us alone, we are TRYing to play. Sighhhhh.
Jack: Get her!
me: Jack, if she wants to be left alone, just leave her alone please.
Girl: You heard what your Mom said!
Jack: Okay Gavin, let's go over here and spy on someone
Gavin: Yeah, we're the greatest spies ever! (as he shrieks that at the top of his lungs)

Gavin runs off and somehow Jack is left behind with the 8-year-old. He literally starts mackin on her!

Jack: Why don't you want to play with us?
Girl: Because you're doing boy things
Jack: What's that you're holding?
Girl: A DS
Jack: Cool! My Mom is gonna get me one when I turn 6
Girl: (small gasp) You're only 5???
Jack: 5 and a HALF! (he's just about as tall as the girl) What's your name.
Girl: Abby
Jack: Mine's Jack. Wanna play spy with us?
Abby: You're playing spy too? We were playing spy. So you were spies spying on other spies and we were spies spying on spies too!
Jack: Hahahahahaa! You're funny!
Gavin: Jaaaaaccckkkk?
Jack: (ignores him) So, let's go spy!
Abby: You're friend is calling you though. What's his name?
Jack: Oh that's just Gavin. He'll play spy with us too. Wanna hear somethin? My Mom like totally had to take my name off my backpack because she wrote it right on the back and my teacher told her "that is not a very good idea" so my Mom tried to bleach it off so that no bad guys read my name and try to shoot my guts out!
me: (wtf?)
Abby: Oh that is sooo cool! (they run off together)

I sat lounging on the way-too-tall-for-comfort wooden bench while my legs actually dangled 4 inches off the ground. I mean really. Is Hagrid a regular at this park? Jack and Abby hit it off really well. Gavin wasn't really aware that his status had shifted momentarily and everyone had a good time getting all sweaty and rashy. I really hated to give them their 5-minute warning to go home.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twitter? Here I come?

Oh, now let's just see if this works. :) May need a little help tomorrow.

Aannnndddd, we're good! Now all of the twits at twitterland can read about the antics of my day.


Mystery solved...guilt removed!

Okay, finally! I have a few minutes to myself. Jack is asleep, the cats are not pestering me for dinner, the washing machine is humming and I have a 100-calorie pack of chips ahoy! No HFC! Yay! Today, as always, Jack was talking on the way to school. It started out in the usual way, and then ended up solving a 3-year old mystery! Gotta love that boy's memory.

Jack: I can't wait to be 7!
me: What about 6?
Jack: Noooo, I'm gonna skip 6.
me: Why is that?
Jack: Because you get shots at the doctor's when you're 6.
me: We don't know that for sure. What if you skip 6 and go right to 7 and then get shots when you're 7? Have you thought about that?
Jack: (starts to whine) But I don't want to get shots! Can't I just tell them no thank you?
me: Doesn't really work that way. You get them when you need them and as you get older you get less shots.
Jack: When I turn 6 do I have to go to the doctor's?
me: Yeah, you have to do a checkup every year.
Jack: Do I have to go in the sick room?
me: That's only when you're sick, so you don't spread your germs.
Jack: How does the doctor know which waiting room you have to go in?
me: When you call to make the appointment you either say "Jack needs his 6-year-old checkup" or "Jack's really sick and needs to come in right away". Then you go into the correct waiting room.
Jack: OOoohhhhh, I never KNEW that.
me: That's why I'm in charge, ha.
Jack: Do you still get shots?
me: No, not really anymore.
Jack: So someday I'll be ALL done with shots?
me: Someday...
Jack: Okay, so the next time I go to the doctor's, I hope the shot feels EXACTLY like the time they stuck the needle in my head. That would be great!
me: (sharp intake of breath) What do you mean?? When you had your stitches??
Jack: Yeah, JUST like that.

Okay, before I go on and answer back to him, let me explain. When Jack was about 2 and a half he fell headfirst onto a wooden jungle gym. Split the top of his forehead wide open. Right at the hairline. I was the one who had to take the call from daycare and then drive him to the hospital. He needed 10 stitches altogether. On a TWO-AND-A-HALF-YEAR-OLDs head! OMG.

Anyway, they had to numb the wound before they could begin stitching him up. So they swabbed the area with a numbing solution and it immediately felt better to Jack. Then we had to wait around for a very long time for the plastic surgeon to arrive. (Dr. Anya Kishinevsky, who was amazing btw.) When she finally arrived, she had 4 of us adults hold Jack down (think Exorcist meets Tazmanian Devil and you'll be halfway there) while she administered a HUGE needle of anesthetic right into the wound. Jack's face literally turned inside out with what I perceived to be the most horrific bout of fear ever imagined. And then I had the worst thought. Ever.

And to this day, I really believed that this had happened. We had waited SO long for the plastic surgeon, that the first swab of anesthetic had worn off. In our crazed state, we forgot to point this out to the doctor before she stuck that huge needle into my little boy's head, nearly rendering him unconscious from the pain. What we thought was fear, I absolutely believed was pain beyond anything a 2-year-old should ever feel. It has made me physically ill every time I think of it. For the past 3 years.

me: What are you saying Jack? Do you remember the needle that the plastic surgeon used on your head?
Jack: Oh yeah, it was HUGE! I thought it was gonna hurt and I screamed a lot and then it didn't hurt but I couldn't stop screaming.
me: (floored by this realization) So you're saying that NOTHING hurt you when the plastic surgeon started your stitches!!???
Jack: Nope. Nothing. That's why I hope ALL of my shots feel just like that one. That would be the best checkup ever.
me: (feeling my insides start to turn to mush) Oh wow... All this time I thought you were in so much pain and I thought I could have stopped it if I had only remembered to say something. Thanks Jack.
Jack: For what?
me: Taking away a 3-year-old pile of guilt from your mom. Now there's a big hole. Whew.
Jack: Okay, we can fill it with something else now! Heh Heh!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Guys

Jack: Mom I don't want to watch that Looney Tunes about Rabbit hunting. I really don't think I should see all those guns.
me: (?)

I recently let Jack watch a few episodes of Looney Tunes cartoons from a DVD that we have. I had forgotten how scary and violent (and racist??) most of them were. Ahh the good old days of eating yourself dizzy on sugared cereal and going bleary-eyed in front of the TV for 6 hours on Saturday mornings. What did we learn? How bad was it really? I don't go around blasting a shotgun all day, I'm not racist, nor do I have a love of the word "varmint". So is there harm in watching it at age 5? Uh, hell yeah I say! I did let Jack watch a few of the harmless Sylvester and Tweetys, the ones that don't involve knives and such. He cracked up so much I thought he was gonna bust a rib. Now he's begging for it every day. Then I let him watch one that involved Elmer Fudd, a giant shotgun and a very daffy duck, all conspiring to get the waskally wabbit. That's the one that Jack is now afraid of.

Jack: Why is he trying to hunt the rabbit? That's not nice! I don't want to see that anymore.
me: He's sort of the bad guy in that cartoon.
Jack: I hate bad guys.
me: Yeah? What do you hate about them?
Jack: They ruin everything for us. I wish they were all gone.
me: What do you think life be like without bad guys?
Jack: Well, we wouldn't need police. And we wouldn't need an alarm.
me: Good points.
Jack: They're really awful and I'm glad they aren't around here.
me: There are bad guys everywhere Jack. Even near our house.
Jack: Are they the ones that stole our mailbox??
me: Exactly.
Jack: (Sigh) I hope the police get all of them. Can we watch more Looney Tunes when we get home??? Pleeeaassssseeee??

Things are just...easier now

Compared to a few years ago, of course. (I started this post last night and then promptly fell asleep. I love the email/post option!) Do you ever notice when a chore just...magically goes away as your child gets older? I mean, first we got rid of the bottles, then the diapers, then the sippy cups. Then we stopped having to dress Jack, we don't have to entertain him constantly, we can leave him in the bathtub for a minute while we run to the other room to grab something, we can let him get his own cereal in the morning. He can turn the DVD player on and off, find his websites when he has computer time, and now he just wants "alone time" to play up in his room. I mean, I actually pulled out a book and READ for a few minutes because I didn't want to waste those precious 5 minutes by unloading the dishwasher.

And soon the playdate drop-offs will start, the sleepovers, etc. We'll start to find ourselves having a few hours of down time at a clip! Gasp! This is why most people have their second child of course. They miss having someone to baby and take care of. However, due to my advanced high-speed cruise toward being completely geriatric, I think Jack is going to stay an only child. Perhaps a puppy will fill the void.

Jack: Mom, I just want to go upstairs and play for awhile.
me: Okay, I'll be right up!
Jack: Uhhh, you don't have to come up, I want to be alone.
me: Huh?
Jack: I'll let you know when I'm done.
me: Hmmm, then what should I do?
Jack: You can do the dishes? (what a guy)
me: Uh, Noooo, I think I'll read.
Jack: Good idea, you need to practice your reading anyways Mommy. (a critic now?)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Jack: (stepping out of the bathtub) Mom, I need an iPod.
me: Need?
Jack: Yeah, because so-and-so (my words not his) has one and she's not even as old as me.
me: Welllll...
Jack: Are you thinking about it?
me: I do have an old iPod Shuffle that I don't use. Maybe I could put some of your songs on that and you could use it? I'll talk to Daddy...
Jack: Like a REAL iPod??!!
me: Yeah it's real, but it's not the big kind with the screen on it.
Jack: Oh, well I want the one with the screen on it. The big one.
me: You can get what you get and don't get upset, or you can have nothing.
Jack: (he thinks about that for a second) Yeah, you're probably right. Heh heh.
me: I can put Billy Joel on there and Queen and Boston...
Jack: I hate Boston. Because that's where the Red Sox are from.
me: (I can see that Dennis' work is done here) I thought you liked Boston, the songs that is?
Jack: Maybe... Oh wait! (he grabs my arm mafia style) There's ONE thing.
me: What?? Ow!
Jack: You have to teach me how to use it. For real.
me: It's 3 buttons Jack, I think you can handle it.
Jack: (let's go of my arm) Okay, now we need to talk about headphones...
me: Oy. (I leave the room)

He's subtle, eh?

Carnival night

Last night Jack and I went to a carnival with some friends. We got back VERY late. Hence the no-show on my blog. Jack has been soooo excited to go ever since I mentioned it last week. We had missed so many local carnivals this year for so many various reasons, I thought something was conspiring against us. Luckily we finally made it to one!

This particular carnival was complete with the long-haired, cowboy-boot-wearin, Sweet Home Alabama playin, band. They weren't too bad.

Jack: Ooh Ohhh! I'm going to go on every single ride all night long! (hopping up and down)
his friend (my friend's daughter): Well, last night I went on this ride that goes forward then spins THEN goes backward!
Jack: (stops jumping) Uh, I'm not going on thhaaaaaaatttt! Mom do I have to go on THAT???
me: Sigh, Jack you don't have to go on anything you don't want to go on. You can just go on the "chug-a-bug" ride. (I smile because it's an inside joke from one of his Charlie and Lola books. Luckily Jack gets the joke.)
Jack: Mooommmmmm, I'm not a baby hahahaha. Chug a bugs. That's just crazy. Let's go on the rollercoaster!
me: (seeing the line wrap around the entire carnival) Maybe we should try something else.
Jack: Oh, I see the ferris wheel. THAT's what I want! (so we head over)
me: (another long line, I'm seeing the trend) Welllll, same problem. Let's go on the dizzy dinosaur ride.
Jack and friend: Yaaayyyyyy!

They proceed to spin themselves crazy until they can hardly walk when the ride ends. My stomach feels ill, but they're rearin' for more. They ended up going on one of the walk-through Pirate ship things that rocks back and forth, and then the swings, and a couple other things. Finally they got to the rollercoaster because the line had died down. They loved it.

I overheard Jack and his friend babbling to each other:
friend: You're way more funner than I thought you were going to be!
Jack: Yeah you too! (he holds her hand and they keep walking. She's 7. She pats him on the head)
friend: I like you!
Jack: I like you too!
friend: I'm naming my bear "Jack" (she won a little bear at the fishing game)
Jack: (who won a parrot) I'm naming my bird "Pecker". Want to hold it? (oh dear god)

I later told my friend "If he asks her to kiss "Pecker" I'm outta here! We both cracked up.

Jack: This is the most fun carnival night ever, isn't it! (he's skipping along after me as we try to find a bathroom)
me: I'm so glad you're having fun.
Jack: We're gonna stay here ALL night, aren't we Mommy!
me: Aren't you tired? It's a few hours past your bedtime already.
Jack: Noooooo (he stifles a yawn)

These are the nights that little boys remember forever. Good friends, not-so-good-for-you carnival food, crazy rides and a late night out. We left a few minutes later and Jack crashed immediately in the backseat without a complaint. Oh, one complaint that I didn't have something soft for him to lay on...like his bed. ha ha. He somehow literally sprawled across both seats while still attached to his seat belt. And, luckily for me and Dennis...he's still asleep right now! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why is God so rude?

Have you met God? Who knows, maybe he is a tad rude. Jack was upset and he decided to let me know all about it.

Jack: Mom, why do I have to be allergic to tree nuts? Why can't someone else be allergic?
me: There are lots of kids that have the same allergy. You're not the only one.
Jack: But why am I like this?
me: I guess God made you that way and there's no real reason.
Jack: But why did he pick me?
me: Maybe because he knew that you would be smart enough to handle it and do the right thing. Like NOT putting food from other kids lunches in your mouth.

A subtle reminder about an earlier problem we had, where Jack was being offered food from some of his classmates, and without a second thought, he was popping it right into his mouth. I mean really. Has he not learned anything in the last 2 years since his hospital trip? I think 2 years without an incident is giving him a false sense of security. Which is why I'm doubly worried about his upcoming advancement to 1st grade. New school, new teachers, new friends. Sigh.

Jack: Well, if I didn't have allergies then I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I hate not being able to do that.
me: I'm afraid you're stuck with it and you have to pay attention to everything that you eat.
Jack: How did God know to make me allergic though?
me: I don't know the answer to that, but he made you the way you are and we can't change it.
Jack: (shaking his head) Why is God so rude??
me: (now what do you say to that?)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How sweet!

Yes, I'm talking about Jack. He took his sweet pills this week. Or so it appears to me. Those of you that spend extended time with him during camp hours may have a different opinion. Ha. Anyway, he's been super good and helpful at home. He's been eating and sleeping very well, which may have helped his general good mood. I'm hoping this phase isn't just a phase. I can wish right!

(day before yesterday)
Jack: Look! I made you a picture! (holds up his drawing toy that we keep in the car)
me: Wow, that's very nice of you Jack!

Jack: Daddy did you see the note I left you?
Dennis: Yeah I did see it. I was really surprised, thank you! It was really sweet of you to wish me a good day like that.

(today after school)
Jack: Mom! Did you get the letter I wrote to you? It was in my cubby!
me: Oh, I uh... (fumble around on the counter looking for the folded up paper that I thought was just a doodle) Here it is!
Jack: Open it up!
me: "Dear Mom, I hope you had a good day today, Love Jack"
Jack: Isn't it good!?
me: Oh it's the best ever! (big hugs) Who told you to do that?
Jack: I thought of it all by myself. I wanted you to have a good day. You always write notes for my lunch bag so I wanted to write you a note.
me: Awwww!

(today at dinner)
Jack: Thanks for making a delicious dinner for me!
me and Dennis: --- (huh?)
Jack: (beaming over at us) MMMMmmm....!
me: Wow, that was very sweet of you Jack. I really like that. Thanks.

Now I'm wondering if I can bottle and sell this stuff. I tell you, I could make millions!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little mixed up?

Jack has been a clear and concise talker since he was about 2-ish. Words come naturally to him, and he even corrects us if we use the wrong word or phrase! How funny to hear a 3-year-old say "No Mommy, you went to the MALL, not to the STORE." But sometimes, even Mr. Talkative gets tongue tied. Here are some of the funny mixed up things he has said. At least the few I can remember. And these are all from the last month or two!

(After Daddy brought home a giant-sized box of Multi-Grain Cheerios from Costco)
"Whoahhh, look at the big box of Multi-Cultural Cheerios!"

(Asking me to put on my Queen CD, specifically Bohemian Rhapsody)
"Mom, can you put on Mohegan Rhapsody?"

(When referring to his class trip to Duckpin Bowling)
"And then, at Dunkin Bowling, the big arm came down and took all my pins at ONCE!"

(This one is from today. They visited a lake that had a snack bar.)
"Oh, the bathroom was right next to the ... (he pauses) Correction Stand...(frowns and makes an exasperated noise)...Arg, NO I mean the Concession Stand." (big smile because he got it right)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The third ingredient

Never ask a 5-year-old to tell you what is in his "secret recipe". Really? Have you learned nothing from me in the last 4 months??

Jack and I were sitting in the kitchen finishing up our ice cream. Jack's leftovers had turned to a swimmy, milky mess, consisting of melted ice cream and whipped cream. He was in heaven and was stirring it lovingly, as he created his masterpiece "Ice Cream Milk". Ew. Just the name is enough to get to me.

Jack: Oh it's almost ready! (stir-stir)
me: What are you doing over there?
Jack: Finishing my recipe! (he peers down for a close look and stirs some more)
me: How about you eat that or get a straw?

I cringe. I have a milk-phobia of sorts, which will not allow me to a) share a cup of milk with anyone, b) dunk cookies in milk and then (gag) drink the milk, c) finish the milk left over in my cereal bowl (GAG), or d) watch a 5-year-old stir his milky "Ice Cream Milk".

Jack: Noooo, I'm finishing up the recipe. (he leans way down to check out his work, and samples a small "sip". My gag reflex is set to "high")
me: Looks yummy. (said without even a glance in Jack's direction)
Jack: Do you want to know what my three ingredients are?
me: (??) What do you mean...three??
Jack: The first is ice cream.
me: Yeahhhhh?
Jack: The second is whipped cream.
me: Uh huh?
Jack: (said with a grin) The third is SPIT!!
me: OH NO Jack, NOOOoooo. (I lunge for his bowl and grab it, gagging)
Jack: Nooooo, it's almost perfect!!
me: (dash to the sink and rinse it all away) Sorry, but when one of your ingredients is "spit", then the whole thing is garbage. Not cool Jack.
Jack: Awwww, it had just gotten to the perfect liquid!
me: (dry heave)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Almost School Time

I know, it's like a month away, literally, to the day. August 31st will be Jack's official first day of first grade. But, I know how quickly it will be here. It will still be warm, of that I am sure, but there will be that "fall-ish" feeling in the air. Soon it will be apple-picking time, the Big E will be in town, I'll turn another year older, then Dennis will, and before you know it Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Okay let's not get too far ahead.

We have this sort of Advent calendar thing, but it's for counting down to school. 14 days before school starts, Jack can begin opening one little window per day. He has been waiting for this since May, when I first picked up the item from work. Remember those years of being crazily excited for school to begin? Remember the smell of the department stores, and the flurry of back-to-school clothes shopping, with your crazed Mom or Dad in tow? Our big store was Sears...and I still get nostalgic when I go in one and smell that ... smell! I'm right back to being 9 again and trying to pick out cool clothes with my totally un-cool Mom. Ahhhh.

As far as Jack's concerned, school will be just another place for him to see his friends and have some more play time. Learning is so fun at this age, because it's all new and fresh. Wait til high school...ugh. But for now, we'll enjoy his excitement. His independence. His sponge-like ability to pick up new information and store it perfectly away in his uncluttered brain.

Jack: There's my new school!! (as we drive by)
me: Are you excited?
Jack: Yessss! I think I want to walk to school.
me: It's about 2 miles away, so that's not really possible.
Jack: I think I can do it!
me: It's not an option. Don't you want to ride the bus?
Jack: (not listening to me) Orrrr, I can ride my bike. 2 miles is not far on a bike.
me: Maybe when you're older.
Jack: I AM older, I'm going into first grade!
me: Well, you're still not walking or riding a bike.
Jack: I guess I will just have to take the bus. (said like he's in charge)
me: Sounds good. Are you nervous?
Jack: You just get on and get off. It's fiiiine. Some kids cry on the bus but I''ll be ok.
me: I'm glad. You're going to be such a big boy!
Jack: It's only 31 days away. I'm not going to be much bigger by then Mom.

Never mind Jack being ready for school...I really hope that his new school is ready for him!  :)