Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Jack likes to eat

I've posted about various things that Jack likes and doesn't like, but I thought it was time for a recap, because he really has a "unique" palate for a 5-year-old. Tonight I made a sausage dish, which I found on the yummy "sowhatareyoumakingfordinner" blog that I follow. DE-lish.

Jack: What's for dinner?
me: Sausages.
Jack: Yu-uh-ummmm!
me: I almost forgot you really like sausages.
Jack: You never make them anymore. It's always farm box!
me: (ha ha) I'll try to remember some other things that you like.
Jack: It's always chicken, chicken, chicken.
me: Sorry. (I guess he has been keeping track)

Jack's Favorites (he will eat these any time they're served):
Mac and cheese
Sushi (almost any kind)
Veggies and Dip
Thanksgiving sandwiches (turkey, stuffing, cranberry)
Grilled Cheese
Bagel lox and cream cheese (notice a cheese theme here?)
Any kind of fruit
Butternut squash
Tofu (sauteed or baked. I have to do this more often!)
Bread of any kind
Chicken drumsticks
Cherry Tomatoes
Carrots (done any way, cooked or raw)
Eggs (any kind, especially egg salad)
Meatballs, especially on a roll
Cereal (any kind)
Orange Juice

And of course I need to counter that with things he won't touch, or is very iffy about.

Jack's Least Favorites:
Mashed potatoes (will not ever eat these)
Chicken pot pie (nope, won't touch)
Chili (will try but says it's too spicy, even if it isn't)
Peas (These were his favorite when he was around 2 or 3. Now, won't touch em.)
Zucchini (He also used to LOVE this.)
Corn on the cob (All of a sudden, but I think this is because his bottom two teeth are getting loose! More on this later.)
Roasted Veggies (will pick out the carrots and eat those)
Generally any meat (he's been very picky lately about eating meat and will eat the veggies first)

Jack: Mom, I don't really think we should eat chicken because it's alive and then we kill it.
me: Well WE don't kill it, but I know what you mean
Jack: (poking at a piece of chicken on his plate) Yeahhhh, I don't know about THAT.
me: It's okay, don't eat it.
Jack: But it's still already dead.
me: (he's learning!) Yeah it is.
Jack: I'm not going to kill more chickens. (pushes it over to the side)
me: (now how does he get that at a young age?) Some people don't ever eat meat.
Jack: Not ever?
me: Nope. They just eat other types of protein to build their muscles.
Jack: (missing the point) Lucky I have big muscles and don't have to worry about that.


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