Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playground talk

Oh the things you hear kids talking about when you leave them alone to play and then sort of eavesdrop. I brought Jack and his friend Gavin out to a nearby playground for some fun. We wanted to go apple picking (Fall is my favorite season and I cannot wait for Summer to be over), but they had closed at 4:30. WTF. We are all not stay-at-home moms you know!

Jack: There she goes, there she goes, that way!
Gavin: She sees us...AAAahhhhhhhh!
Girl: (approximately 8 years old) Please leave us alone, we are TRYing to play. Sighhhhh.
Jack: Get her!
me: Jack, if she wants to be left alone, just leave her alone please.
Girl: You heard what your Mom said!
Jack: Okay Gavin, let's go over here and spy on someone
Gavin: Yeah, we're the greatest spies ever! (as he shrieks that at the top of his lungs)

Gavin runs off and somehow Jack is left behind with the 8-year-old. He literally starts mackin on her!

Jack: Why don't you want to play with us?
Girl: Because you're doing boy things
Jack: What's that you're holding?
Girl: A DS
Jack: Cool! My Mom is gonna get me one when I turn 6
Girl: (small gasp) You're only 5???
Jack: 5 and a HALF! (he's just about as tall as the girl) What's your name.
Girl: Abby
Jack: Mine's Jack. Wanna play spy with us?
Abby: You're playing spy too? We were playing spy. So you were spies spying on other spies and we were spies spying on spies too!
Jack: Hahahahahaa! You're funny!
Gavin: Jaaaaaccckkkk?
Jack: (ignores him) So, let's go spy!
Abby: You're friend is calling you though. What's his name?
Jack: Oh that's just Gavin. He'll play spy with us too. Wanna hear somethin? My Mom like totally had to take my name off my backpack because she wrote it right on the back and my teacher told her "that is not a very good idea" so my Mom tried to bleach it off so that no bad guys read my name and try to shoot my guts out!
me: (wtf?)
Abby: Oh that is sooo cool! (they run off together)

I sat lounging on the way-too-tall-for-comfort wooden bench while my legs actually dangled 4 inches off the ground. I mean really. Is Hagrid a regular at this park? Jack and Abby hit it off really well. Gavin wasn't really aware that his status had shifted momentarily and everyone had a good time getting all sweaty and rashy. I really hated to give them their 5-minute warning to go home.

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