Saturday, August 28, 2010

2 Days Before School Starts

Jack: Oh, I am SO tired! I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow.
me: You think you can do that?
Jack: Yes I can. I'm not ever getting out of bed.
me: Ok. You have 2 more days to sleep late and then you have to get up early for school.
Jack: Let's read stories already. I'm tired.
me: Pick out a short one and then we can get in bed. Do you want to skip the story tonight?
Jack: Noooo. Yawwwwnnn.
me: (we read a story about minerals and mining) All done!
Jack: Whew, glad that's over.
me: Why did you want a story if you're so tired?
Jack: I know that you like to read them. That's why.
me: Aww that's sweet.
Jack: Yeah yeah, goodnight.

Ah, that's my sweet sarcastic little boy, 2 days before 1st grade.

1 comment:

  1. OMG I can not believe he is starting first grade... it seems to be going by so fast.
    I just saw on Facebook that one of Chris's nieces just got her license. Amazing.
    Good luck with the first day send off.