Saturday, August 7, 2010


Jack: (stepping out of the bathtub) Mom, I need an iPod.
me: Need?
Jack: Yeah, because so-and-so (my words not his) has one and she's not even as old as me.
me: Welllll...
Jack: Are you thinking about it?
me: I do have an old iPod Shuffle that I don't use. Maybe I could put some of your songs on that and you could use it? I'll talk to Daddy...
Jack: Like a REAL iPod??!!
me: Yeah it's real, but it's not the big kind with the screen on it.
Jack: Oh, well I want the one with the screen on it. The big one.
me: You can get what you get and don't get upset, or you can have nothing.
Jack: (he thinks about that for a second) Yeah, you're probably right. Heh heh.
me: I can put Billy Joel on there and Queen and Boston...
Jack: I hate Boston. Because that's where the Red Sox are from.
me: (I can see that Dennis' work is done here) I thought you liked Boston, the songs that is?
Jack: Maybe... Oh wait! (he grabs my arm mafia style) There's ONE thing.
me: What?? Ow!
Jack: You have to teach me how to use it. For real.
me: It's 3 buttons Jack, I think you can handle it.
Jack: (let's go of my arm) Okay, now we need to talk about headphones...
me: Oy. (I leave the room)

He's subtle, eh?

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