Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little mixed up?

Jack has been a clear and concise talker since he was about 2-ish. Words come naturally to him, and he even corrects us if we use the wrong word or phrase! How funny to hear a 3-year-old say "No Mommy, you went to the MALL, not to the STORE." But sometimes, even Mr. Talkative gets tongue tied. Here are some of the funny mixed up things he has said. At least the few I can remember. And these are all from the last month or two!

(After Daddy brought home a giant-sized box of Multi-Grain Cheerios from Costco)
"Whoahhh, look at the big box of Multi-Cultural Cheerios!"

(Asking me to put on my Queen CD, specifically Bohemian Rhapsody)
"Mom, can you put on Mohegan Rhapsody?"

(When referring to his class trip to Duckpin Bowling)
"And then, at Dunkin Bowling, the big arm came down and took all my pins at ONCE!"

(This one is from today. They visited a lake that had a snack bar.)
"Oh, the bathroom was right next to the ... (he pauses) Correction Stand...(frowns and makes an exasperated noise)...Arg, NO I mean the Concession Stand." (big smile because he got it right)

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