Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How sweet!

Yes, I'm talking about Jack. He took his sweet pills this week. Or so it appears to me. Those of you that spend extended time with him during camp hours may have a different opinion. Ha. Anyway, he's been super good and helpful at home. He's been eating and sleeping very well, which may have helped his general good mood. I'm hoping this phase isn't just a phase. I can wish right!

(day before yesterday)
Jack: Look! I made you a picture! (holds up his drawing toy that we keep in the car)
me: Wow, that's very nice of you Jack!

Jack: Daddy did you see the note I left you?
Dennis: Yeah I did see it. I was really surprised, thank you! It was really sweet of you to wish me a good day like that.

(today after school)
Jack: Mom! Did you get the letter I wrote to you? It was in my cubby!
me: Oh, I uh... (fumble around on the counter looking for the folded up paper that I thought was just a doodle) Here it is!
Jack: Open it up!
me: "Dear Mom, I hope you had a good day today, Love Jack"
Jack: Isn't it good!?
me: Oh it's the best ever! (big hugs) Who told you to do that?
Jack: I thought of it all by myself. I wanted you to have a good day. You always write notes for my lunch bag so I wanted to write you a note.
me: Awwww!

(today at dinner)
Jack: Thanks for making a delicious dinner for me!
me and Dennis: --- (huh?)
Jack: (beaming over at us) MMMMmmm....!
me: Wow, that was very sweet of you Jack. I really like that. Thanks.

Now I'm wondering if I can bottle and sell this stuff. I tell you, I could make millions!

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