Saturday, August 14, 2010


Jack is playing a game on Nick I decided to type what he was saying.

Jack: Look Mom, they have the conveyor belts!
me: What's going on?
Jack: It went this way then that way then this way!
me: What's that score in the corner?
Jack: Um, I have 136, um, well I hear that fan far away
me: Focus. What is the score for? What are they called?
Jack: They're called hinges, or screws. The chickbots, you have to kill em. End! I finished the 2nd level. Score 129! yayyy. Ummm this one is really cool cuz it has dinosaurs in it. I'll call you when I get to the dinosaurs. Hey look. Old-fashioned people! Oh I'm so mad.
me: More chickbots?
Jack: (absently) yeah chickbots. the egg makes you turn into flashing like a ghost then it doesn't take any of your points it just goes right through you (he jumped down from the chair to demonstrate this with a dance). Look! the eggs come out of her mouth and the chickens come out of her tummy. Destroy the chicken!!!! Wooohhooooo!!! Mom Come Look!
me: Okay let me finish typing.
Jack: What are you typing?
me: What you're saying.
Jack: Hey what are you, (comes over and peeks at my screen) who you selling that to?
me: It's a blog
Jack: To who?
me: To whoever wants to read it.
Jack: (smacks my leg) Gotta go. (goes back to his game) Can you come here and help me get in the chicken's head?? Sigh...

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