Saturday, August 21, 2010

Funny Day

Jack has been saying some funny things recently...more so than usual I guess. He was playing a game with Dennis in the hallway the other night and kept saying "Ohhh, you are SO SLY!" I kept cracking up because I first thought he was about to say SO STUPID. Ha ha. And he used a sort of grown-up type accent. Too funny.

He has also been using a hoity-toity kind of British accent when he says "Yeeeessssss??" Sort of like a butler. And he puts on a long basset hound face to go with it. I mean really!

We were outside watching Dennis paint the house (well not the whole thing, just the parts that recently got replaced with fresh not-rotted-out-by-carpenter-ants-and-rain wood.) and we decided to pull up weeds in the walkway.

Jack: You do that part and I'll do this part. This is fun!
me: Pulling weeds is fun?
Jack: Yeah, it makes my hands as soft as a poem.
me: It... What?! A poem?
Jack: Yeah, a poem.
me: Why did you say that?
Jack: I don't know. I just wanted to.
me: Hm...

We came in to have a snack before bed. We each had a cookie and milk. I turned around to put the milk away and when I turned back, this is what I found on my plate. Things that make you go "Hmmm"... again!

I wonder who could have taken that bite out of my cookie??

After our snack, Jack wanted to listen to his iPod. My old shuffle, that is. He was excited that it was still set to Bohemian Rhapsody. Watching him walk around the kitchen singing was just classic.

Jack: (singing) Momma, didn't mean to make you cry, (doesn't know the rest of the words) if I'm not bed today then time tomorrow... (huh?)
me: (stifling a laugh) Jack? Do you know the words?
Jack: (speaking louder than necessary because of the headphones) Oh Yeah! I know all the words!

He mumbles a few more incoherent sentences and then tries to find Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror", which he loves. Here's a glimpse of the end of our day:

Jack: Mom, stop running the water, I CAN'T HEAR MY IPOD!
me: Sigh. I guess I forgot to tell him about the volume control??

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