Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Man

I watched Jack at his first real Tae Kwon Do class this afternoon and it's amazing how much he's grown in confidence (and size) from last fall. We signed up for a free week of lessons in October I think, and after 2 classes, Jack was done. He couldn't concentrate or stay still or stop chasing the fly that was plaguing him. It was funny to watch him back then because the other kids in class had been going for about 8 months and were hard core serious. Jack played with his feet. Enough said.

So I was therefore surprised when he asked me to take TKD lessons again. I thought he might ask for trombone or violin lessons first. Really!

me: Hey Jack, guess what? Your swimming lessons don't start up for another 3 weeks. Is there something you want to try in the meantime?
Jack: OOh OOh can I do Tae Kwon Do again??
me: Really? I thought you were bored with it and said it was too hard.
Jack: That was when I was little.
me: Oh yeah, how could I forget.
Jack: I didn't forget. I can't wait to get a belt and a real Gi!
me: So why do you think you'll like taking the lessons this year?
Jack: Because this year I want to fight.
me: (uh oh)

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