Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Guys

Jack: Mom I don't want to watch that Looney Tunes about Rabbit hunting. I really don't think I should see all those guns.
me: (?)

I recently let Jack watch a few episodes of Looney Tunes cartoons from a DVD that we have. I had forgotten how scary and violent (and racist??) most of them were. Ahh the good old days of eating yourself dizzy on sugared cereal and going bleary-eyed in front of the TV for 6 hours on Saturday mornings. What did we learn? How bad was it really? I don't go around blasting a shotgun all day, I'm not racist, nor do I have a love of the word "varmint". So is there harm in watching it at age 5? Uh, hell yeah I say! I did let Jack watch a few of the harmless Sylvester and Tweetys, the ones that don't involve knives and such. He cracked up so much I thought he was gonna bust a rib. Now he's begging for it every day. Then I let him watch one that involved Elmer Fudd, a giant shotgun and a very daffy duck, all conspiring to get the waskally wabbit. That's the one that Jack is now afraid of.

Jack: Why is he trying to hunt the rabbit? That's not nice! I don't want to see that anymore.
me: He's sort of the bad guy in that cartoon.
Jack: I hate bad guys.
me: Yeah? What do you hate about them?
Jack: They ruin everything for us. I wish they were all gone.
me: What do you think life be like without bad guys?
Jack: Well, we wouldn't need police. And we wouldn't need an alarm.
me: Good points.
Jack: They're really awful and I'm glad they aren't around here.
me: There are bad guys everywhere Jack. Even near our house.
Jack: Are they the ones that stole our mailbox??
me: Exactly.
Jack: (Sigh) I hope the police get all of them. Can we watch more Looney Tunes when we get home??? Pleeeaassssseeee??

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