Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Turning 100

Jack: Mom, how many years til I turn 100?
me: 95
Jack: That’s a long time. How many days til I turn 100?
me:  Well, that would be 365 days times 95…
Jack: (interrupting) Nooo, not times anything, just how many days??
me: You have to do the math first. It’s 365 days in one year, then you times it by the number of years, which is 95.
Jack: (silence)
me: ?
Jack: Well?
me: Um, I’m not that good at math sweetie, so we’ll need a calculator.
Jack: Then how many months til I’m 100?
me: More math. 12 months a year times 95 years. So that’s 95 times 10 which is 950 then you have 95 times 2 which is 190. Then you add 190 and 950 and you get…
Jack: (interrupting) What do you get!??
me: I need to figure it out first before I can tell you, don’t I?
Jack: I guess…
me: So that’s 1,050 plus 90 so that’s 1,140. Ow. 
Jack: Can we have a big party when I’m 100? 
me: Of course! Am I invited to the party? (Yeesh, I’ll be 136? Quite a sight.)
Jack: If you want to you can come.
me: I guess that would be one big cake!
Jack: Maybe I should start baking it now, or in like a couple years? Then we would be all set.
me: What do you mean?
Jack: I can bake the cake now, and then we’ll be ready for the party.
me: You can’t keep a cake for 95 years. It would be rotten by then. Even if you froze it, it would not be good.
Jack: (mild panic) Then what should we dooooo?
me: Um, you don’t even know how to bake a cake, so why don’t we start there. You can help me make a banana cake. I’ll let you do all the steps until you are really good at it.
Jack: I can do everything, even the mixer?
me: Yes. But I’m going to watch you.
Jack: Then I want to make a carrot cake instead.
me: But that’s a bit harder, so why don’t we start easy.
Jack: What’s so hard? You put carrots instead of bananas.
me: (laughing) The recipe has a lot more steps and ingredients.
Jack: Wellll, I don’t know….
me: Let’s try and see, okay?
Jack: Okay, but maybe not tonight. I’m tired.
me: If you're tired now, how do you think you’ll feel when you’re 100?
Jack: Rested.

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