Monday, August 9, 2010

Things are just...easier now

Compared to a few years ago, of course. (I started this post last night and then promptly fell asleep. I love the email/post option!) Do you ever notice when a chore just...magically goes away as your child gets older? I mean, first we got rid of the bottles, then the diapers, then the sippy cups. Then we stopped having to dress Jack, we don't have to entertain him constantly, we can leave him in the bathtub for a minute while we run to the other room to grab something, we can let him get his own cereal in the morning. He can turn the DVD player on and off, find his websites when he has computer time, and now he just wants "alone time" to play up in his room. I mean, I actually pulled out a book and READ for a few minutes because I didn't want to waste those precious 5 minutes by unloading the dishwasher.

And soon the playdate drop-offs will start, the sleepovers, etc. We'll start to find ourselves having a few hours of down time at a clip! Gasp! This is why most people have their second child of course. They miss having someone to baby and take care of. However, due to my advanced high-speed cruise toward being completely geriatric, I think Jack is going to stay an only child. Perhaps a puppy will fill the void.

Jack: Mom, I just want to go upstairs and play for awhile.
me: Okay, I'll be right up!
Jack: Uhhh, you don't have to come up, I want to be alone.
me: Huh?
Jack: I'll let you know when I'm done.
me: Hmmm, then what should I do?
Jack: You can do the dishes? (what a guy)
me: Uh, Noooo, I think I'll read.
Jack: Good idea, you need to practice your reading anyways Mommy. (a critic now?)

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