Sunday, August 29, 2010

This and That

Okay fiiiinnnne, I’ll recreate the damn post I just lost. Sheesh. What a pest.

I basically said that I didn’t have much to say today. Detritus from my head, no real plot, general ramblings. Jack started Taekwondo last week and he’s very excited about it. I have a cute pic of him on his first day. See? I didn't lie.

His behavior today has been up and down and I think he’s punishing me because Dennis and I went to a concert on Friday, and left Jack with a sitter. Then on Saturday I went to help my brother move into his new house. Sooo, little boys can punish their moms by either being aloof or being very bratty. Jack chose bratty today. Either way we lose. But, I have the great memories from the concert. Muaaahahahahahahah! (Evil Mommy)

This morning, Jack and I were playing in the hallway. Jack had created a machine that would incinerate all of his mismatched toy parts. It’s not that bad, if you’ve ever seen Robots? Anyway, we put all of the Mr. Potato Head parts, some old cars and legos, and a few planes into a box. Then that box had to get pushed up a slide (a plastic one from when Jack was 18 mos. old that he will NOT let me get rid of). Then the box fell down into the incinerator. Jack had to instruct me on how to operate the machine.

Jack: Mom, first you fill the box with toys, then it goes up this conveyor belt, then …
Dennis: (interrupts from the kitchen) Hey, are you making coffee?
me: Yeah, I can do it.
Jack: Heyyy, pay attention over here! So, you push it along but you need to use a pole because it’s VERY hot (he pulls a mop head off of his old maid cart toy, and instant pole!) and then do this (pushes it off the slide)… MOMMM, don’t worry about the coffee maker okayyy???? (he caught me looking into the kitchen)
me: Okay, so here let me try… (I grab the box, but didn’t hear the part about the pole. Apparently I burned the skin right off my arm.)
Jack: ARRRRGGHHHH you just caught on fire! FOCUS PLEASE! Geezzzzzz.
me: Oh, sorry… Uh…
Jack: You almost ruined the whole operation over here. (shaking his head in disgust)

Once again, schooled by a 5 year old.

And I know I typed more than this before Flogger Bucked up, but what can I say. I’m HUNGRY and need lunch. Where are they??? (Dennis and Jack left 2 hours ago for the library…sigh…)

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