Saturday, August 7, 2010

Carnival night

Last night Jack and I went to a carnival with some friends. We got back VERY late. Hence the no-show on my blog. Jack has been soooo excited to go ever since I mentioned it last week. We had missed so many local carnivals this year for so many various reasons, I thought something was conspiring against us. Luckily we finally made it to one!

This particular carnival was complete with the long-haired, cowboy-boot-wearin, Sweet Home Alabama playin, band. They weren't too bad.

Jack: Ooh Ohhh! I'm going to go on every single ride all night long! (hopping up and down)
his friend (my friend's daughter): Well, last night I went on this ride that goes forward then spins THEN goes backward!
Jack: (stops jumping) Uh, I'm not going on thhaaaaaaatttt! Mom do I have to go on THAT???
me: Sigh, Jack you don't have to go on anything you don't want to go on. You can just go on the "chug-a-bug" ride. (I smile because it's an inside joke from one of his Charlie and Lola books. Luckily Jack gets the joke.)
Jack: Mooommmmmm, I'm not a baby hahahaha. Chug a bugs. That's just crazy. Let's go on the rollercoaster!
me: (seeing the line wrap around the entire carnival) Maybe we should try something else.
Jack: Oh, I see the ferris wheel. THAT's what I want! (so we head over)
me: (another long line, I'm seeing the trend) Welllll, same problem. Let's go on the dizzy dinosaur ride.
Jack and friend: Yaaayyyyyy!

They proceed to spin themselves crazy until they can hardly walk when the ride ends. My stomach feels ill, but they're rearin' for more. They ended up going on one of the walk-through Pirate ship things that rocks back and forth, and then the swings, and a couple other things. Finally they got to the rollercoaster because the line had died down. They loved it.

I overheard Jack and his friend babbling to each other:
friend: You're way more funner than I thought you were going to be!
Jack: Yeah you too! (he holds her hand and they keep walking. She's 7. She pats him on the head)
friend: I like you!
Jack: I like you too!
friend: I'm naming my bear "Jack" (she won a little bear at the fishing game)
Jack: (who won a parrot) I'm naming my bird "Pecker". Want to hold it? (oh dear god)

I later told my friend "If he asks her to kiss "Pecker" I'm outta here! We both cracked up.

Jack: This is the most fun carnival night ever, isn't it! (he's skipping along after me as we try to find a bathroom)
me: I'm so glad you're having fun.
Jack: We're gonna stay here ALL night, aren't we Mommy!
me: Aren't you tired? It's a few hours past your bedtime already.
Jack: Noooooo (he stifles a yawn)

These are the nights that little boys remember forever. Good friends, not-so-good-for-you carnival food, crazy rides and a late night out. We left a few minutes later and Jack crashed immediately in the backseat without a complaint. Oh, one complaint that I didn't have something soft for him to lay his bed. ha ha. He somehow literally sprawled across both seats while still attached to his seat belt. And, luckily for me and Dennis...he's still asleep right now! :)

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