Friday, April 30, 2010


Jack and I were on the way out the door this morning. I, as usual, was holding on to two lunch bags, Jack's homework folder, my purse and water bottle and Stripey. Then I had a wardrobe malfunction and had to adjust some things. Ahem.

Jack: Why is it every time we leave the house you have to be undisarraying your undies?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

While I'm waiting

This is Jack's tagline. "While I'm waiting". If I'm cooking dinner, he needs a snack while he's waiting. If I'm putting dinner ON the table, he needs something while he's waiting. I mean really.

Jack: When is dinner ready?
me: In two minutes. I'm just...
Jack: (interrupting) But I'm hungry now! Can I have a snack while I'm waiting?
me: Really, it will be only one minute now. Just hold on...
Jack: I'll just get something out real quick. (He opens the cabinet and starts rooting around)
me: Jack, I'm putting the food on your plate right now.
Jack: (a little whiny) But I'm still hungry and waiting.
me: Then come sit down and eat your dinner please. It's all ready.
Jack: (mouthful of crackers) Buhmphf I'm ohhkay nowfff. munch munch.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

Jack: What's for dinner?
me: Chicken pot pie. Want to help me cook?
Jack: I'm not eating thaaaaatttttt!
me: (since this is the one meal that Jack really doesn't like, I planned ahead) Would you like yellowtail sushi instead?
Jack: Yayyyyy! Put ginger on it please!

Yellowtail, plus a miso soup and a raw carrot, made Jack very happy.

Really, this IS a 5-year old I'm talking about.


Jack: Mom, I love you
me: Oh, that's sweet! I love you too
Jack: Can I give you a kiss (big smile on his face)
me: Of course! Come here!
Jack: (kisses me on the lips)
me: Ummm, what is that SMELL!??
Jack: I farted. hahahahahaha
me: Really gross Jack!
Jack: (heading downstairs) aahhhahahahaha!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Jack: I want to buy a motorcycle
me: You have to be 16
Jack: I saw one in my toy catalog and there was a little boy riding it
me: Well, it's probably very expensive
Jack: Then I'll just buy one online
me: You don't have any money
Jack: But YOU dooooo
me: Not for a motorcycle
Jack: Then I'll just have to drive one out of the store
me: That's stealing and you'll go to jail
Jack: They don't put kids in jail until they're 16

(now how exactly does he know this??)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another sick day

We all know that Jack is king of the fevers. Well, this week we got a double whammy. He had to come home from school on Monday because of a fever, stayed home Tuesday...then got relatively better...and then WHAM, he got hit with a 104 temp on Thursday night! Home again on Friday. That's why we call Jack our little hot potato. He still runs around like a lunatic when the Motrin kicks in. I really think he doesn't know that feeling crappy means to slow down. He ignores it with all his might.

(waking up after an hour of sleep at 9pm Thursday night)
Jack:  Maaaaaaaaa...!
me: (quick jog up the stairs) Are you ok?
Jack: I feel cold!
me: (feeling around for blankets) Let me get you covered up. (I accidentally rub against his leg and almost burn myself.) Jack! You're burning up!
Jack: Yeahhhhh, I actually feel pretty hot at the same time. (starts to cry)
me: Let me give you Motrin and get you nice and comfy.
Jack: Yeah, Motrin makes me comfy.

(4am Friday morning)
Jack: (singing, delirious and shaking with the 104-degree fever) Lalalala, going to gooooo, lala.
me: Are you even awake Jack?
Jack: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

...okay as I was typing this, I was interrupted by the Jack call. Have been up in his room for about an hour trying to cool him off. About a 103-degree temp, but he ripped the thermometer out from under his arm before I could get the full reading. It was still climbing higher. :(

Sooo, enough said about the fever. Just as I was leaving his room now, Jack said: But can I still go to Gavin's party tomorrow? Really what am I going to say. "We'll see how you feel in the morning." No way is he going to any party tomorrow. Poor kid. His weekend just got a bit suckier.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

School day

We entered Jack's K class this morning and said hi to all of his friends while we put his lunch bag into his cubby. (that just sounds funny, anyway...) Jack turned to me and motioned for me to come closer.

Jack: (hoarse whisper a millimeter from my ear that gave me goosebumps) Mom, I'm going to get a good report today and not use my hands on anyone!
me: I make Daddy promise that too. hahaha
Jack: (whispers) Whaaattt?
me: Eh, nothing. So you're going to have a good day? That's great!
Jack: Yes, if no one makes me have to get mad.

Really. What do you say to that. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


me: Jack, are you hungry?
Jack: Yessssss!
me: Good. We're having chicken tacos!
Jack: Ewwww. (then he silently mouths something at me)
me: Please do NOT say Ew to dinner. That's what we're having. Sorry
Jack: (mouths something at me)
me: What are you trying to say? (I watch him move his lips again) Are you saying "I don't eat anymore??"
Jack: Nooooo. Watch. (lips moving silently)
me: Ummm, You don't eat any mulch?? What?
Jack: No Mom! Read my lips!
me: Can't you just tell me? Dinner is almost ready.
Jack: Well I'm not eating dinner because (lips move again)
me: Sigh. Because? You don't what? Just say it out loud please.
Jack: I'm not eating dinner because "I don't eat ANIMALS"
me: Well you're going to be very hungry because that's what we're having. (I hand him a tortilla and he starts picking out the chicken)
Jack: No, I won't be hungry, I'll just have dessert please.
me: HA!

(He never did eat the chicken, or the steak the next day. Though he did inhale the Sushi Philly roll I brought home tonight. Pescatarian maybe?)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Vook and Mo

Those are the names of Jack's former "imaginary friends" from about a year and a half ago. I pretty much thought they had disappeared. But, while watching an episode of "Charile and Lola" this afternoon (the cutest cartoon out there in my opinion) we were reminded of imaginary friends when Lola started speaking to her friend "Soren Lorensen".

me: Jack, how are Vook and Mo doing? (I wondered if he would even still care?)
Jack: Fine (eyes not moving off the TV screen)
me: But can you still talk to them? Or do you?
Jack: Yes.
me: How do you get them to come out and talk to you again? (I just want to see him do it)
Jack: (still only looking at the TV, he claps his hands once and then holds them out for me to inspect) They're right there.
me: Oh, and so they are.
Jack: Can I put them back please, I'm trying to watch this. (point point)

Photographic Memory

And we're back from a nice long weekend in Florida! Jack and I went together. Daddy was on another trip to San Francisco and couldn't come with us. :(  The last time Jack and I went to visit my sister was last May, so it's been almost a year. But, according to Jack's memory, it may very well have been last week.

me: (driving very slowly with Jack in the back...and reading all the street signs) I think we turn in Boca Winds and then turn into... um...
Jack: Waterways.
me: Huh? You remember? Wasn't Waterways when we went in the other way? (trying to remember the development names in some areas of Florida could be a bit confusing!)
Jack: (pulling his thumb out of his mouth again) It's the 2nd Waterways entrance. On the left. (thumb goes back in)
me: Ohhhh yeah, there it is! How did you remember that??
Jack: Mom, we always take Palmetto to the Boca Winds sign and then to the 2ND Waterways sign, not the first.
me: (turning down the street) Wow, I'm impressed.
Jack: (looking down at his book now) Don't forget to turn at the gray house. It's on the right.

That's my boy, always looking out for his Mom! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-day weekend!

Off to Florida tomorrow! In case I don't post for 4 days, I figured I'd do a send off. Pretty uneventful day. Came home from school/work and played outside with Jack until dinner time. Dinner consisted of mainly whatever was left in the fridge that had to be eaten. We ended up with grilled cheeses and steamed brocolli. Actually Jack's favorite! While I cooked, Jack stayed out in the driveway a little longer to ride his bike. What follows is another pretty accurate "format" of interaction with Jack when he's at the end of a long day.

me: (holding open the kitchen door and yelling into the driveway) Jack! 5 more minutes until dinner is ready! You have to come in soon!
Jack: (singing at the top of his lungs while he rides figure 8's in the driveway on his bike, sans training wheels!) Gotta go! Gotta go, Gotta GOOOOO! (it's a new "potty" song that the boys in his class sing. I'm not sure if he even heard me.)
Jack: (a few minutes later at the top of the garage stairs) Mommm! I want to ride my scooter!
me: Don't start that now please. You'll have to get your knee and elbow pads on and dinner is just about ready.
Jack: Pleeeaaaaaasssseee? I'll be quick!
me: Sigh...okay but just for one minute! (Jack goes into the garage to find the scooter and pads)
Jack: Mooommmmmm! Where's my scooter?
me: It's right where we parked it yesterday? (point point?) (I shut the door and go back to the stove)
Jack: Mooommmmmmyyyyy! I can't find it, it's not where you said it was and (I come to the door again)...Ohhh HERE it is....
me: sigh (shut the door again and go flip the scorched grilled cheese)
Jack: Mooommmmm! (I come over to the door again)
me: Jack, really, dinner is done, come on in please. Forget the scooter for right now.
Jack: But you said I could have one minute! I'll be really quick!
me: And yet you are being anything but quick. Hold on I gotta go check the stove.  (I run back in)
me: (oh man, back to the door) They're in the back of my truck. Just climb in and get them please (back to stove)
Jack: (muffled crying from back of truck) I can't find them and oh great, now I can't get them on because there are too many things back here...wahhhh!
me: Come out of the truck! Why are you putting them on in there? Okay that's it, just come in now please. You will ride the scooter later! (end of discussion finally)
Jack: (stomps up the stairs, a little red faced and teary eyed, comes in from the garage and trips on my sneakers). You know, you always make me put my shoes on the shelf, but YOURS are always right in MY way.
me: Sorry.
Jack: Sorry doesn't always help you know.

(Jack cheers up when he gets the last word in, and when he knows he's right. Wonder where he gets THAT from?)

I Dream of Guitars

Jack woke up around 4am this morning and called out to me. I went upstairs assuming he would need to use the bathroom, but he wanted to tell me about a dream he just had. It took me a few minutes to realize that he was still partially asleep!

Jack: Can you make the music stop? It's hurting my back. It's playing from my pillow where you recorded my message.
me: (?) Was this a bad dream that you had?
Jack: My back hurts from the music.
me: (rooting around his bed in the dark looking for his musical bear) I don't see anything that would hurt your back.
Jack: I think it's over now. (he lays back down, I cover him up and go back to bed)

Next morning on the car ride to Tutor Time:

me: Hey Jack? Do you remember when I came into your room last night? Do you remember a dream about a music box?
Jack: Oh yes, of course! It was this dream I had about when you recorded a message into my pillow.
me: Oh really? What did I say?
Jack: You recorded "I love you" and said it would play back anytime I wanted. (how clever of me!)
me: Ohhhh (not really remembering anything of the sort) so what was the dream then?
Jack: Well this scary music kept playing out of my pillow and I saw a hotel in Florida. It was really dark out and this man was hitting another man with a guitar right on his back! Every time he hit the man, my back would hurt. And it would make guitar music.
me: What else happened? Were they older men?
Jack: It was an old man who snuck into this hotel room and the young man, like as young as Uncle John, but didn't look like him too much, was sleeping and the old man grabbed his guitar and started hitting him in the back. It was really dark and then this scary music was playing like from the TV in the hotel and then I didn't want to watch anymore so I woke up. But if I wanted I could have stayed and watched longer, but I didn't want to because it was scary.
me: Are you okay now?
Jack: Yeah, it's okay. I think he deserved it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Debater

There has almost never, and I mean never, been a time in Jack's short life that he's either agreed with me wholeheartedly or done exactly as I've asked without question, or even for that matter simply listened to me speak without adding in his two cents...mostly focusing on where I've goofed or explaining how he feels that what I've said is NOT exactly correct in his mind. It can be tiring to have to debate every single thing with a person so young, but I've discovered...this is my life. I accept it. I wouldn't have it any other way, in fact.

me: (upon arriving home after picking Jack up from school) Okay, let's go in for a minute so I can change clothes and we can come back out and play?
Jack: I'll just wait outside for you while you change.
me: No, you will come in with me and wait for me to change. I don't want you outside alone.
Jack: How about I just wait on the deck?
me: Jack, just come in for a second so we can put our things down and feed the cats.
Jack: Oh, Oh! you didn't say anything about feeding the cats, you said you were going to change. Now it will take 600 minutes to get back outside!
me: The longer we stand here arguing, the longer it will take for you to get outside and play.
Jack: You're the one that's arguing. Not me.
me: If you talk back to me, we will NOT be going outside. Consider that your warning.
Jack: But if I'm already OUTside waiting for you then I wouldn't---
me: IN! Now! You can keep your shoes on and just wait for me for a second please.
Jack: Eh, I think I'll change too.
me: I don't want you to put on clean clothes just to go back outside and play. Keep your dirty clothes on.
Jack: But you're changing!
me: (sigh, he's got me there) But I'm wearing uncomfortable work clothes.(really do I have to explain all this? ...yes...)
Jack: Well, mine are uncomfortable too. I'll just change.
me: Oy.

So we go outside for a bit and play until it's time to make dinner.

Jack: Can I sleep in these clothes?
me: No, you wore them outside and now they're dirty.
Jack: But I wore these to bed last night.
me: They were clean last night.
Jack: I wasn't outside very long and I only fell in the dirt once!
me: No.
Jack: Whyyyyyy?
me: Because I said so.
Jack: Really? Is that the best you can do?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Out to dinner

I picked Jack up from school today, and we came home and (you guessed it) did a little more raking. I swear I'm like 80% done. Anyway, we both agreed that we really needed to eat out tonight. 5 Guys was a little too far to travel tonight, so we opted for Bill's, the local burger drive-in place. So what does Jack order? Egg and cheese sandwich.

me: (walking up to the register to order) I think I'm getting a chicken sandwich, what are you having?
Jack: egg and cheese on wheat toast please. (as if I'm the waitress perhaps?)
me: Jack, if you're ordering, you have to talk to that guy (point point)
Jack: (turns to the 16-year old with the bad teenage mustache running the register) Egg and cheese on wheat toast please because your sign out front says "Breakfast served all day" that's how I knew it was okay to still order breakfast even though it's dinner time and---
Kid at Register: (cutting him off) Okay, anything else?
Jack: (a bit sullen now) milk. please.

Way to shut down a 5-year old in mid rant.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A day made for naps!

But not if you're 5 years old apparently. Jack stopped napping about 2 weeks after starting Kindergarten. He would have happily napped for 2 hours or more each day, if everyone else did. But 1/2 of the class napped, the other did not. Jack clearly saw what he was missing. (2 whole hours of play time with less competition for the lego station? Hell yeah!) He became a naptime trouble maker. Tickler of feet, weird noises, a million bathroom breaks. Until the teacher kindly asked me if she could put Jack's name on the "other" list, the one for the non-nappers. More for her sanity I'm sure. But I knew Jack was just about ready to drop his nap anyway. (We did tell him that we would absolutely not go to Disney until he stopped napping, which was pretty dumb of us, now that I think about it.) So, a few bleary-eyed weeks later...Jack pretty much got the hang of it. Only on the rarest of rare days can I cajole him into taking a nap, which I promptly join.

Today, we tackled more yard work and rode bikes, kicked the soccer ball and then hit the baseball for awhile. I was so sure it would be a nap day. I really really wanted it to be a nap day.

me: Hey Jack? Are you tired at all sweetie? (subtle eh?)
Jack: nahhhh, I'm ready to play.
me: Well how about we have a nice snack and then take a little rest to get ready for more playing.
Jack: I'm not taking a naaaapppp todaaaayyyyyy. (in his singsong sarcastic voice that he could have only gotten from me.
me: (under my breath) Dammit.
Jack: I heard that. You just said "nap". And I already said NO. How about a video instead? (subtle also)
me: Sigh, yeah, let's go see what we can watch. (No point in arguing. At least I can doze during the 62nd showing of Ratatouille!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make room for pizza!

Today was the day of yard work. Well, every day has that moniker but today we really went at it. I even bought a "jack-sized" cart that could easily be wheeled by a 5-year old just in case he might want to help cart stuff. Luckily he did! We cleared out old mulch and leaves in prep for the new (gasp) truckloads that will arrive in a few weeks. I also may be nursing the beginning stages of poison ivy, but more on that later!

Pizza was the dinner of choice. I mean, who wants to cook after spending roughly 8 hours outside picking up moldy leaf piles? Not I. We ordered one large pizza, assuming that we would have leftovers. Dennis and I cruised through two slices each, and then we noticed Jack was pretty much keeping up with us. There was not a lot of talking going on.

me: Jack, seriously you should stop after two pieces, because you might get a tummy ache.
Jack: (chomping huge mouthfuls) No I really really can eat another piece! I'll make room!
me: How? Because you can have a snack later if you------
Jack: BUUURRRRRRP! hahahahahahah ... scuse me... ahahahahahaha!
me: (laughing) What the...?
Jack: See, I told you. Now there's room for that piece (point point).

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nature's Bathroom

We were outside playing in the driveway tonight...well Jack was playing and I was raking...(it will really never end until summer)! Just as we were about to go inside, we had this conversation.

me: Time to go in!
Jack: Wait, I have to go to the bathroom.
me: Outside? (not like he's never done this before, but it was cold and had started to rain)
Jack: Wellll, can I pee right here? (points at the flower beds right next to the driveway)
me: Uh Noooo! Come on in.
Jack: How about in the garage? (literally he starts walking in there)
me: Jack are you kidding. No you cannot pee in the garage! What are you thinking.
Jack: Then how about on those? (points to the big leaf bags that I've been filling up)
me: Really, this is not funny. Let's GO!
Jack: Fiiinnnne then I'll just go to the front yard. (I'm assuming he means to his official bathroom bush. This poor bush has taken a lot of ... pee ... over the years and has never complained even once.)
me: Look around at all these houses. There are no leaves on the trees. See those windows? Every one of them could have a face that's looking out and will see your little tootie as you go to the bathroom.
Jack: Mom, it's a very tiny tootie. I doubt they'll see anything.

Peg Leg

Jack decided to play dress-up this morning and put on one of my high-heeled boots.

Jack: Mom, help me zip this up! This is weird! (clomps around the room on one tall leg) I feel like I have a peg leg! (clomps around some more) Now I feel like a girl! (uh-oh) Now I feel like---(he trips and falls into the wall) Now I feel hurt.

me: (remembering the time he clomped around in my sneakers and fell, putting his bottom teeth clear through his bottom lip!) Can I have my boot now please before really you hurt yourself!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Jack has always, always loved to wear a big furry blanket and pretend that he is something furry, dirty, covered in bugs, and generally disgusting. He had been in love with Chewbacca since he was 2 years old at least! It's been awhile since we've seen Jack take on this "larger than life" character, but last night, after I tucked him into bed, I noticed a very strange expression on his face.

me: Who are you now?
Jack: guess.
me: Pepito?
Jack: no
me: A yak?
Jack: nope
me: A dirty filthy bison?
Jack: no
me: buffalo? zebra? moose? minotaur?
Jack: Its the best of all mom. (he sort of growls and looks at me with his "tough guy" face) I'm Chewbacca!

Then he writhes around in his bed thinking that he must look exactly like Chewbacca. Though the furry blue Wall-E blanket he's under doesn't quite complete that picture. :)

Jack: Make sure you tell Daddy that I'm Chewbacca. I don't want to scare him.
me: ok, I will definitely tell him. Goodnight! (I shut his door)
Jack: (I can hear him grunting and writhing some more)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early Walk

(I'm loving this email blog upload ability!)

Jack and I took a walk this morning. At 6:22am. He woke up very early and I gave him the option of staying in bed or coming out with me for a walk. I was about to go out for a run, but that will have to wait until tonight! Jack was very excited to be going out "soooo early that even Madison from school isn't up yet!".

We got dressed quickly and headed out. Just as we opened the door, Jack declared that he was hungry. I ran back in and grabbed a baggie of cereal and a cup of milk, which of course I had to carry the entire way and offer up to him any time he requested either. I was sort of a walking backpack.

I also mentioned to Jack that he might want a sweatshirt because it is very cold this early in the morning. "Nooooo I'm fiiiinnnneee" he says. Halfway down the driveway, he realizes that I am right and he is cold. At least I was smart enough to make HIM run back and get his sweatshirt. (Suddenly the early morning walk doesn't feel so...early anymore.)

We head down the driveway, which, if you've been to my house, is no small task. Now, I'm not sure if this is just in my town, or if this happens everywhere on nice cool days in April, but there were literally 4,000 earthworms in the middle of the road, as far as the eye can see. Knowing how I like to save creatures and bugs and crawly things, this posed a logistical nightmare. I couldn't possibly save them all. And Jack, who has luckily inherited my love for bugs, or love for helping them, also wanted to pick them all up. I saw our "walk" quickly turning into a "save the worms" telethon.

So, we decided that we would only save the "big ones that are really feisty" according to Jack. It was a good compromise. Though it was very hard to walk and take a step without mucking a worm on the bottom of your sneaker, we set off at a good pace. Me handing over the bag of cereal and then the milk cup in alternating motions, while two-stepping over the worms because you could simply not walk in a straight line for pete's sake! We must have been quite a sight to our neighbors. Me holding a cup and bag, plus a pine cone and a green plastic easter egg we found in the street.

Jack: I like walking with you mommy. Oh here's a feisty one. Save it!
me: (bending to save the worm) Thanks! You're a very good walker. Look out for that! (pointing to a worm)
Jack: That's because I'm wearing my champion sneakers. Here's another BIG feisty one. Save it!
me: (grabbing another worm) oh yeah I noticed that! Cool sneakers! Watch out for the worm! Step over here!
Jack: Here's another big big one! (he points to a little tiny wriggly thing)
me: Jack, I think we need to pick up the pace a little.
Jack: I don't think you can carry anything else mom.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's Pretend!

Jack: (in one breath) Mom, you pretend that I'm a superstar bike racer and you're just a little kid that wants to be a racer like me, but then you ask your mom if you can ride a bike like me and then she has to say that you're too young, so then ask me how old I am and then I'll tell you I'm 10 and then you have to be like 4 or something and your mom doesn't think you're old enough to be a superstar like me...pant pant...and then you get sad and say please and you really want to be a superstar, but then I say no, so you say okay you'll just watch me because I'm a champion. Okay?

me: What??   (sometimes you just have to mess with them)

A typical question

Jack: Mom, um, okay on the way home today you know, um, when we go the Daniels Farm way, um and it goes over the bridge to the parkway, I was thinking (heh heh) that um, well when we're going that way home, we should actually pretend that you're the race car from Disney, remember the red one that went backwards, and then if we look down EXACTLY as we're going over the bridge, ummm, and if we see ANOTHER car that's going under at that VERY time, we can pretend that he's chasing us and that you're the red car and we'll have to speed up, like really speed up to get away from him before he sees us going over the bridge that he's going UNDER (wild hand gestures) and then we can be the champion race car?

Me: I'm not speeding.
Jack: (Sighs) Can we go to the park after school?

Monday, April 5, 2010

I should be in commercials!

At dinner tonight, Dennis was amazed at Jack's inherent "cuteness". It was in rare form. Jack had good manners, he complimented me on my dinner (while said husband made comments such as: "Where did this sauce come from?" and "No, I'm good with just the small bowl."), he asked for a second helping, ate his veggies, and then told some great stories about Tutor Time, with all the hand gestures and eye rolls that go with it.

Dennis: We're gonna put you in commercials, so you can make us some money.
Jack: Yeah, I'll eat pasta on TV if you want me to.
(then thinks about it for a minute)
Jack: How do you actually get ON TV??

I don't think I hung around to hear Dennis' explanation.

Pepito is back!

We haven’t seen Pepito in awhile, but after Jack watched his Madeline movie again this weekend, Pepito is coming back with a vengeance! Jack won’t even suck his thumb while in Pepito “character”. This could work to my advantage. Hmmm.

Needless to say, Jack’s use of Spanish has stepped up a notch! Most of our separations (like school drop-off) are punctuated with the harshly whispered “Hasta Luego”, which includes the appropriate snarling lip curl from Jack.

Dios Mio!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Very Long Weekend

A house full of guests, tons of food, beautiful weather...all pulled together to make us one tired family! Jack crashed at 7:30pm, for so many reasons! Like 2 very long walks, a few hours of bike/scooter riding, a very big Easter dinner, lots of sugar, a hike in the woods, and of course opening all of the presents! He was in heaven, and now he's hopefully having heavenly dreams.

One surprise visitor was Dennis' grandfather, Adam. He's 94 years old, still a pisser, and he's totally crazy about Jack. He likes to revisit his war stories and we like to listen to them. :)

After eveyone left, I asked Jack what he liked best about the day, and he said "all of it!" The day was SO long, that Jack actually thought he got his Easter basket yesterday. How funny!

At one point I asked Dennis "What do you think it FEELS like to be 94?" Jack chimed in "Oh, it feels pretty much the same as you feel right now, except for your hair's shorter and has more gray. Dad's hair is already turning gray you know."

I guess Dennis is on the fast track to being 94 in Jack's eyes?

Easter Morning!!

(8pm last night)
Jack: Mom I'm SO excited for the Easter Bunny!
me: Okay, but you have to be asleep for him to fill your basket
Jack: I'm going to sleep right NOW! (feigns sleeping)
me: (sneaks out of the room and grabs his empty basket so I don't have to sneak it out later)
(2 minutes later) Jack: MOMMMMMMM!
(Dennis runs into his room)
me: What happened?
Dennis: He wanted to know why his Easter Basket disappeared. Way to go.

Jack: Mommmm!
me: (lurching upstairs) humphf?
Jack: (loud whisper) The Easter Bunny came already! I peeked!
me: Do you have to go to the bathroom or not (yawn)
Jack: Yeah. Can I open it?
me: No, now go back to bed

Jack: Mommmmm!
(I tell Dennis it's his turn)
Dennis: (lurching upstairs)
me: What did he want
Dennis: Just had to pee and went back to bed
me: whew (back to sleep)

Jack: Mommmmmmm! Mom! Mommm! Momomomomomaaaaaayyyyy!
Me: (sigh) Den, do you care if Jack opens his basket without you? I'm going up...
Dennis: Murph? no...
me: (stagger) (trip)
Jack: Mom, is it too early to get up and open my basket Noooooowwwwwwwww?
me: Go ahead. Happy Easter! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Egg Hunt

Today we had an Easter Egg hunt in our yard, and invited a bunch of friends and their kids. It was an amazing day, warm and sunny, and everyone had a lot of fun. We found eggs, ate pizza and candy and blew lots of bubbles. Here are some highlights of the day!

Jack: Mom, I sat in the mud
me: I told you the ground was all wet. Open your eggs at the picnic table
Jack: (sitting at the picnic table) Mom, I'm covered in spider webs now
me: Oh, I guess we never checked underneath for spiders. Here come sit on the steps.
Jack: (slips in the driveway on spilled bubble liquid) Ahhh! My knee is cut!
me: (sigh) Here let me see
Jack: No, it's fine! (wipes cut with dirty hand covered in chocolate, mud and bubble liquid)
me: I have to put a band-aid on it soon or else it'll get infected you know.
Jack: Who cares. Why am I gross all the time? Will infected hurt?
me: (sigh)

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool - That's Me

Jack: (tucked into bed) Mommmmm, don't forget to put out my Easter Basket tonight!
me: Oh yeah, I almost forgot! (I turn and run downstairs, grab the basket and run back upstairs). Where should we leave it?
Jack: Wherever you left it last year. You know the Easter Bunny doesn't come tonight, right?
me: (?) wha..? Oh, yeah, heh heh, it's tomorrow night. I'm just...getting it ready.
Jack: April Fools! (he's still doing this a day later)
me: sigh
Dennis: I was wondering what the heck you guys were talking about in there. You were really confused.
me: sigh

All About Easter

So, the first-ever post started like this.

Jack: Why are we taking the parkway?
me: Because it's Good Friday and there is hardly any traffic.
Jack: What's Good Friday?
me: It's a religious holiday that falls on the Friday before Easter.
Jack: They're telling a lie because tomorrow is NOT Easter.
me: Well, Sunday is Easter, and tomorrow night is actually when the Easter Bunny comes to our house! (trying to change the topic...!)
Jack: The Easter Bunny comes tomorrow night? Yayyy! (pauses with frown). Wait, is Sunday the day that Grandpa Louie comes over to eat?
me: Yes, he comes over on Easter to eat dinner with us and Uncle John and ---
Jack: (interrupting me) But do I get my Easter Basket BEFORE Grandpa comes over?
me: Yep. You'll have the basket in the morning, before anyone comes over.
Jack: (Sticks his thumb back in his mouth and grunts his approval. Conversation is over.)