Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early Walk

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Jack and I took a walk this morning. At 6:22am. He woke up very early and I gave him the option of staying in bed or coming out with me for a walk. I was about to go out for a run, but that will have to wait until tonight! Jack was very excited to be going out "soooo early that even Madison from school isn't up yet!".

We got dressed quickly and headed out. Just as we opened the door, Jack declared that he was hungry. I ran back in and grabbed a baggie of cereal and a cup of milk, which of course I had to carry the entire way and offer up to him any time he requested either. I was sort of a walking backpack.

I also mentioned to Jack that he might want a sweatshirt because it is very cold this early in the morning. "Nooooo I'm fiiiinnnneee" he says. Halfway down the driveway, he realizes that I am right and he is cold. At least I was smart enough to make HIM run back and get his sweatshirt. (Suddenly the early morning walk doesn't feel so...early anymore.)

We head down the driveway, which, if you've been to my house, is no small task. Now, I'm not sure if this is just in my town, or if this happens everywhere on nice cool days in April, but there were literally 4,000 earthworms in the middle of the road, as far as the eye can see. Knowing how I like to save creatures and bugs and crawly things, this posed a logistical nightmare. I couldn't possibly save them all. And Jack, who has luckily inherited my love for bugs, or love for helping them, also wanted to pick them all up. I saw our "walk" quickly turning into a "save the worms" telethon.

So, we decided that we would only save the "big ones that are really feisty" according to Jack. It was a good compromise. Though it was very hard to walk and take a step without mucking a worm on the bottom of your sneaker, we set off at a good pace. Me handing over the bag of cereal and then the milk cup in alternating motions, while two-stepping over the worms because you could simply not walk in a straight line for pete's sake! We must have been quite a sight to our neighbors. Me holding a cup and bag, plus a pine cone and a green plastic easter egg we found in the street.

Jack: I like walking with you mommy. Oh here's a feisty one. Save it!
me: (bending to save the worm) Thanks! You're a very good walker. Look out for that! (pointing to a worm)
Jack: That's because I'm wearing my champion sneakers. Here's another BIG feisty one. Save it!
me: (grabbing another worm) oh yeah I noticed that! Cool sneakers! Watch out for the worm! Step over here!
Jack: Here's another big big one! (he points to a little tiny wriggly thing)
me: Jack, I think we need to pick up the pace a little.
Jack: I don't think you can carry anything else mom.

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