Monday, April 12, 2010

Out to dinner

I picked Jack up from school today, and we came home and (you guessed it) did a little more raking. I swear I'm like 80% done. Anyway, we both agreed that we really needed to eat out tonight. 5 Guys was a little too far to travel tonight, so we opted for Bill's, the local burger drive-in place. So what does Jack order? Egg and cheese sandwich.

me: (walking up to the register to order) I think I'm getting a chicken sandwich, what are you having?
Jack: egg and cheese on wheat toast please. (as if I'm the waitress perhaps?)
me: Jack, if you're ordering, you have to talk to that guy (point point)
Jack: (turns to the 16-year old with the bad teenage mustache running the register) Egg and cheese on wheat toast please because your sign out front says "Breakfast served all day" that's how I knew it was okay to still order breakfast even though it's dinner time and---
Kid at Register: (cutting him off) Okay, anything else?
Jack: (a bit sullen now) milk. please.

Way to shut down a 5-year old in mid rant.

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