Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning!!

(8pm last night)
Jack: Mom I'm SO excited for the Easter Bunny!
me: Okay, but you have to be asleep for him to fill your basket
Jack: I'm going to sleep right NOW! (feigns sleeping)
me: (sneaks out of the room and grabs his empty basket so I don't have to sneak it out later)
(2 minutes later) Jack: MOMMMMMMM!
(Dennis runs into his room)
me: What happened?
Dennis: He wanted to know why his Easter Basket disappeared. Way to go.

Jack: Mommmm!
me: (lurching upstairs) humphf?
Jack: (loud whisper) The Easter Bunny came already! I peeked!
me: Do you have to go to the bathroom or not (yawn)
Jack: Yeah. Can I open it?
me: No, now go back to bed

Jack: Mommmmm!
(I tell Dennis it's his turn)
Dennis: (lurching upstairs)
me: What did he want
Dennis: Just had to pee and went back to bed
me: whew (back to sleep)

Jack: Mommmmmmm! Mom! Mommm! Momomomomomaaaaaayyyyy!
Me: (sigh) Den, do you care if Jack opens his basket without you? I'm going up...
Dennis: Murph? no...
me: (stagger) (trip)
Jack: Mom, is it too early to get up and open my basket Noooooowwwwwwwww?
me: Go ahead. Happy Easter! :)

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