Monday, April 19, 2010

Photographic Memory

And we're back from a nice long weekend in Florida! Jack and I went together. Daddy was on another trip to San Francisco and couldn't come with us. :(  The last time Jack and I went to visit my sister was last May, so it's been almost a year. But, according to Jack's memory, it may very well have been last week.

me: (driving very slowly with Jack in the back...and reading all the street signs) I think we turn in Boca Winds and then turn into... um...
Jack: Waterways.
me: Huh? You remember? Wasn't Waterways when we went in the other way? (trying to remember the development names in some areas of Florida could be a bit confusing!)
Jack: (pulling his thumb out of his mouth again) It's the 2nd Waterways entrance. On the left. (thumb goes back in)
me: Ohhhh yeah, there it is! How did you remember that??
Jack: Mom, we always take Palmetto to the Boca Winds sign and then to the 2ND Waterways sign, not the first.
me: (turning down the street) Wow, I'm impressed.
Jack: (looking down at his book now) Don't forget to turn at the gray house. It's on the right.

That's my boy, always looking out for his Mom! :)