Friday, April 9, 2010

Nature's Bathroom

We were outside playing in the driveway tonight...well Jack was playing and I was raking...(it will really never end until summer)! Just as we were about to go inside, we had this conversation.

me: Time to go in!
Jack: Wait, I have to go to the bathroom.
me: Outside? (not like he's never done this before, but it was cold and had started to rain)
Jack: Wellll, can I pee right here? (points at the flower beds right next to the driveway)
me: Uh Noooo! Come on in.
Jack: How about in the garage? (literally he starts walking in there)
me: Jack are you kidding. No you cannot pee in the garage! What are you thinking.
Jack: Then how about on those? (points to the big leaf bags that I've been filling up)
me: Really, this is not funny. Let's GO!
Jack: Fiiinnnne then I'll just go to the front yard. (I'm assuming he means to his official bathroom bush. This poor bush has taken a lot of ... pee ... over the years and has never complained even once.)
me: Look around at all these houses. There are no leaves on the trees. See those windows? Every one of them could have a face that's looking out and will see your little tootie as you go to the bathroom.
Jack: Mom, it's a very tiny tootie. I doubt they'll see anything.

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