Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make room for pizza!

Today was the day of yard work. Well, every day has that moniker but today we really went at it. I even bought a "jack-sized" cart that could easily be wheeled by a 5-year old just in case he might want to help cart stuff. Luckily he did! We cleared out old mulch and leaves in prep for the new (gasp) truckloads that will arrive in a few weeks. I also may be nursing the beginning stages of poison ivy, but more on that later!

Pizza was the dinner of choice. I mean, who wants to cook after spending roughly 8 hours outside picking up moldy leaf piles? Not I. We ordered one large pizza, assuming that we would have leftovers. Dennis and I cruised through two slices each, and then we noticed Jack was pretty much keeping up with us. There was not a lot of talking going on.

me: Jack, seriously you should stop after two pieces, because you might get a tummy ache.
Jack: (chomping huge mouthfuls) No I really really can eat another piece! I'll make room!
me: How? Because you can have a snack later if you------
Jack: BUUURRRRRRP! hahahahahahah ... scuse me... ahahahahahaha!
me: (laughing) What the...?
Jack: See, I told you. Now there's room for that piece (point point).

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