Wednesday, April 21, 2010


me: Jack, are you hungry?
Jack: Yessssss!
me: Good. We're having chicken tacos!
Jack: Ewwww. (then he silently mouths something at me)
me: Please do NOT say Ew to dinner. That's what we're having. Sorry
Jack: (mouths something at me)
me: What are you trying to say? (I watch him move his lips again) Are you saying "I don't eat anymore??"
Jack: Nooooo. Watch. (lips moving silently)
me: Ummm, You don't eat any mulch?? What?
Jack: No Mom! Read my lips!
me: Can't you just tell me? Dinner is almost ready.
Jack: Well I'm not eating dinner because (lips move again)
me: Sigh. Because? You don't what? Just say it out loud please.
Jack: I'm not eating dinner because "I don't eat ANIMALS"
me: Well you're going to be very hungry because that's what we're having. (I hand him a tortilla and he starts picking out the chicken)
Jack: No, I won't be hungry, I'll just have dessert please.
me: HA!

(He never did eat the chicken, or the steak the next day. Though he did inhale the Sushi Philly roll I brought home tonight. Pescatarian maybe?)

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