Wednesday, April 28, 2010

While I'm waiting

This is Jack's tagline. "While I'm waiting". If I'm cooking dinner, he needs a snack while he's waiting. If I'm putting dinner ON the table, he needs something while he's waiting. I mean really.

Jack: When is dinner ready?
me: In two minutes. I'm just...
Jack: (interrupting) But I'm hungry now! Can I have a snack while I'm waiting?
me: Really, it will be only one minute now. Just hold on...
Jack: I'll just get something out real quick. (He opens the cabinet and starts rooting around)
me: Jack, I'm putting the food on your plate right now.
Jack: (a little whiny) But I'm still hungry and waiting.
me: Then come sit down and eat your dinner please. It's all ready.
Jack: (mouthful of crackers) Buhmphf I'm ohhkay nowfff. munch munch.

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