Sunday, April 11, 2010

A day made for naps!

But not if you're 5 years old apparently. Jack stopped napping about 2 weeks after starting Kindergarten. He would have happily napped for 2 hours or more each day, if everyone else did. But 1/2 of the class napped, the other did not. Jack clearly saw what he was missing. (2 whole hours of play time with less competition for the lego station? Hell yeah!) He became a naptime trouble maker. Tickler of feet, weird noises, a million bathroom breaks. Until the teacher kindly asked me if she could put Jack's name on the "other" list, the one for the non-nappers. More for her sanity I'm sure. But I knew Jack was just about ready to drop his nap anyway. (We did tell him that we would absolutely not go to Disney until he stopped napping, which was pretty dumb of us, now that I think about it.) So, a few bleary-eyed weeks later...Jack pretty much got the hang of it. Only on the rarest of rare days can I cajole him into taking a nap, which I promptly join.

Today, we tackled more yard work and rode bikes, kicked the soccer ball and then hit the baseball for awhile. I was so sure it would be a nap day. I really really wanted it to be a nap day.

me: Hey Jack? Are you tired at all sweetie? (subtle eh?)
Jack: nahhhh, I'm ready to play.
me: Well how about we have a nice snack and then take a little rest to get ready for more playing.
Jack: I'm not taking a naaaapppp todaaaayyyyyy. (in his singsong sarcastic voice that he could have only gotten from me.
me: (under my breath) Dammit.
Jack: I heard that. You just said "nap". And I already said NO. How about a video instead? (subtle also)
me: Sigh, yeah, let's go see what we can watch. (No point in arguing. At least I can doze during the 62nd showing of Ratatouille!)

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