Friday, April 23, 2010

Another sick day

We all know that Jack is king of the fevers. Well, this week we got a double whammy. He had to come home from school on Monday because of a fever, stayed home Tuesday...then got relatively better...and then WHAM, he got hit with a 104 temp on Thursday night! Home again on Friday. That's why we call Jack our little hot potato. He still runs around like a lunatic when the Motrin kicks in. I really think he doesn't know that feeling crappy means to slow down. He ignores it with all his might.

(waking up after an hour of sleep at 9pm Thursday night)
Jack:  Maaaaaaaaa...!
me: (quick jog up the stairs) Are you ok?
Jack: I feel cold!
me: (feeling around for blankets) Let me get you covered up. (I accidentally rub against his leg and almost burn myself.) Jack! You're burning up!
Jack: Yeahhhhh, I actually feel pretty hot at the same time. (starts to cry)
me: Let me give you Motrin and get you nice and comfy.
Jack: Yeah, Motrin makes me comfy.

(4am Friday morning)
Jack: (singing, delirious and shaking with the 104-degree fever) Lalalala, going to gooooo, lala.
me: Are you even awake Jack?
Jack: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

...okay as I was typing this, I was interrupted by the Jack call. Have been up in his room for about an hour trying to cool him off. About a 103-degree temp, but he ripped the thermometer out from under his arm before I could get the full reading. It was still climbing higher. :(

Sooo, enough said about the fever. Just as I was leaving his room now, Jack said: But can I still go to Gavin's party tomorrow? Really what am I going to say. "We'll see how you feel in the morning." No way is he going to any party tomorrow. Poor kid. His weekend just got a bit suckier.


  1. Thanks. He's on the mend. Missed a birthday party today though, so he's very bummed. And, right on cue, I hear him coughing. (sigh)