Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Dream of Guitars

Jack woke up around 4am this morning and called out to me. I went upstairs assuming he would need to use the bathroom, but he wanted to tell me about a dream he just had. It took me a few minutes to realize that he was still partially asleep!

Jack: Can you make the music stop? It's hurting my back. It's playing from my pillow where you recorded my message.
me: (?) Was this a bad dream that you had?
Jack: My back hurts from the music.
me: (rooting around his bed in the dark looking for his musical bear) I don't see anything that would hurt your back.
Jack: I think it's over now. (he lays back down, I cover him up and go back to bed)

Next morning on the car ride to Tutor Time:

me: Hey Jack? Do you remember when I came into your room last night? Do you remember a dream about a music box?
Jack: Oh yes, of course! It was this dream I had about when you recorded a message into my pillow.
me: Oh really? What did I say?
Jack: You recorded "I love you" and said it would play back anytime I wanted. (how clever of me!)
me: Ohhhh (not really remembering anything of the sort) so what was the dream then?
Jack: Well this scary music kept playing out of my pillow and I saw a hotel in Florida. It was really dark out and this man was hitting another man with a guitar right on his back! Every time he hit the man, my back would hurt. And it would make guitar music.
me: What else happened? Were they older men?
Jack: It was an old man who snuck into this hotel room and the young man, like as young as Uncle John, but didn't look like him too much, was sleeping and the old man grabbed his guitar and started hitting him in the back. It was really dark and then this scary music was playing like from the TV in the hotel and then I didn't want to watch anymore so I woke up. But if I wanted I could have stayed and watched longer, but I didn't want to because it was scary.
me: Are you okay now?
Jack: Yeah, it's okay. I think he deserved it.

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