Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Debater

There has almost never, and I mean never, been a time in Jack's short life that he's either agreed with me wholeheartedly or done exactly as I've asked without question, or even for that matter simply listened to me speak without adding in his two cents...mostly focusing on where I've goofed or explaining how he feels that what I've said is NOT exactly correct in his mind. It can be tiring to have to debate every single thing with a person so young, but I've discovered...this is my life. I accept it. I wouldn't have it any other way, in fact.

me: (upon arriving home after picking Jack up from school) Okay, let's go in for a minute so I can change clothes and we can come back out and play?
Jack: I'll just wait outside for you while you change.
me: No, you will come in with me and wait for me to change. I don't want you outside alone.
Jack: How about I just wait on the deck?
me: Jack, just come in for a second so we can put our things down and feed the cats.
Jack: Oh, Oh! you didn't say anything about feeding the cats, you said you were going to change. Now it will take 600 minutes to get back outside!
me: The longer we stand here arguing, the longer it will take for you to get outside and play.
Jack: You're the one that's arguing. Not me.
me: If you talk back to me, we will NOT be going outside. Consider that your warning.
Jack: But if I'm already OUTside waiting for you then I wouldn't---
me: IN! Now! You can keep your shoes on and just wait for me for a second please.
Jack: Eh, I think I'll change too.
me: I don't want you to put on clean clothes just to go back outside and play. Keep your dirty clothes on.
Jack: But you're changing!
me: (sigh, he's got me there) But I'm wearing uncomfortable work clothes.(really do I have to explain all this? ...yes...)
Jack: Well, mine are uncomfortable too. I'll just change.
me: Oy.

So we go outside for a bit and play until it's time to make dinner.

Jack: Can I sleep in these clothes?
me: No, you wore them outside and now they're dirty.
Jack: But I wore these to bed last night.
me: They were clean last night.
Jack: I wasn't outside very long and I only fell in the dirt once!
me: No.
Jack: Whyyyyyy?
me: Because I said so.
Jack: Really? Is that the best you can do?

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