Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A typical question

Jack: Mom, um, okay on the way home today you know, um, when we go the Daniels Farm way, um and it goes over the bridge to the parkway, I was thinking (heh heh) that um, well when we're going that way home, we should actually pretend that you're the race car from Disney, remember the red one that went backwards, and then if we look down EXACTLY as we're going over the bridge, ummm, and if we see ANOTHER car that's going under at that VERY time, we can pretend that he's chasing us and that you're the red car and we'll have to speed up, like really speed up to get away from him before he sees us going over the bridge that he's going UNDER (wild hand gestures) and then we can be the champion race car?

Me: I'm not speeding.
Jack: (Sighs) Can we go to the park after school?

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