Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-day weekend!

Off to Florida tomorrow! In case I don't post for 4 days, I figured I'd do a send off. Pretty uneventful day. Came home from school/work and played outside with Jack until dinner time. Dinner consisted of mainly whatever was left in the fridge that had to be eaten. We ended up with grilled cheeses and steamed brocolli. Actually Jack's favorite! While I cooked, Jack stayed out in the driveway a little longer to ride his bike. What follows is another pretty accurate "format" of interaction with Jack when he's at the end of a long day.

me: (holding open the kitchen door and yelling into the driveway) Jack! 5 more minutes until dinner is ready! You have to come in soon!
Jack: (singing at the top of his lungs while he rides figure 8's in the driveway on his bike, sans training wheels!) Gotta go! Gotta go, Gotta GOOOOO! (it's a new "potty" song that the boys in his class sing. I'm not sure if he even heard me.)
Jack: (a few minutes later at the top of the garage stairs) Mommm! I want to ride my scooter!
me: Don't start that now please. You'll have to get your knee and elbow pads on and dinner is just about ready.
Jack: Pleeeaaaaaasssseee? I'll be quick!
me: Sigh...okay but just for one minute! (Jack goes into the garage to find the scooter and pads)
Jack: Mooommmmmm! Where's my scooter?
me: It's right where we parked it yesterday? (point point?) (I shut the door and go back to the stove)
Jack: Mooommmmmmyyyyy! I can't find it, it's not where you said it was and (I come to the door again)...Ohhh HERE it is....
me: sigh (shut the door again and go flip the scorched grilled cheese)
Jack: Mooommmmm! (I come over to the door again)
me: Jack, really, dinner is done, come on in please. Forget the scooter for right now.
Jack: But you said I could have one minute! I'll be really quick!
me: And yet you are being anything but quick. Hold on I gotta go check the stove.  (I run back in)
me: (oh man, back to the door) They're in the back of my truck. Just climb in and get them please (back to stove)
Jack: (muffled crying from back of truck) I can't find them and oh great, now I can't get them on because there are too many things back here...wahhhh!
me: Come out of the truck! Why are you putting them on in there? Okay that's it, just come in now please. You will ride the scooter later! (end of discussion finally)
Jack: (stomps up the stairs, a little red faced and teary eyed, comes in from the garage and trips on my sneakers). You know, you always make me put my shoes on the shelf, but YOURS are always right in MY way.
me: Sorry.
Jack: Sorry doesn't always help you know.

(Jack cheers up when he gets the last word in, and when he knows he's right. Wonder where he gets THAT from?)

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