Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Egg Hunt

Today we had an Easter Egg hunt in our yard, and invited a bunch of friends and their kids. It was an amazing day, warm and sunny, and everyone had a lot of fun. We found eggs, ate pizza and candy and blew lots of bubbles. Here are some highlights of the day!

Jack: Mom, I sat in the mud
me: I told you the ground was all wet. Open your eggs at the picnic table
Jack: (sitting at the picnic table) Mom, I'm covered in spider webs now
me: Oh, I guess we never checked underneath for spiders. Here come sit on the steps.
Jack: (slips in the driveway on spilled bubble liquid) Ahhh! My knee is cut!
me: (sigh) Here let me see
Jack: No, it's fine! (wipes cut with dirty hand covered in chocolate, mud and bubble liquid)
me: I have to put a band-aid on it soon or else it'll get infected you know.
Jack: Who cares. Why am I gross all the time? Will infected hurt?
me: (sigh)


  1. By the way, the times on these posts are waaaayyy off. It's about 8:45pm now and I notice the post says 5:35pm. ??

  2. There is a link for "post options" at the bottom of the page you type in your post. You can fix the time there.
    Jack is mini version of you!

  3. oh goodie! I'm so not used to this stuff. :) thanks! Happy Easter!