Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're all tired today

It's been the first rainy day that I can remember. This summer has been pretty...well, HOT, and sunny of course. Or HOT and cloudy, but not accompanied by much rain. Last night it started in the wee hours, and continued all day. It hammered down for awhile and knocked Jack's little sunflower plant right over on the deck. I'm sure the deck garden will be swimming by tomorrow.

Needless to say, we all behaved just as you would expect on this rainy day, except we didn't sleep late. For the first time in a long while, Jack woke up at 6:30. Okay, 6:27. Sigh. He's been sleeping way past 7am and it's been great, but not today. (Yawn!) I got out of bed without a fight because Jack had already gotten up, dressed himself and came down to our room. This is an entirely new adventure for the boy who has NEVER left his bed on his own in the morning for 5 and a half years, except for maybe two or 3 times. Very rare occasions. I had hoped I was dreaming when I heard the mild racket on the monitor. But I knew. HE was awake.

We stayed in our pajamas for most of the day until I got the energy enough to suggest a trip out to go school shopping and grocery shopping. Jack actually wanted to go with me! Let me tell you, we are dangerous when we shop together. :) We started at Old Navy and then hit the Nine West Outlet store. Then on to Trader Joe's.

Jack: Mom, I think you NEED these shoes! (he holds up a pair of orange patent leather sandals)
me: (recoiling slightly) Oh, wow, those are ... great! If I ever need shiny orange sandals, you're the guy to pick em out.
Jack: (all proud) Really?
me: Oh of course! Now, just hold on because I'm gonna need a few more minutes. (clearance rack + B1G1 half off, uh yeah do the math)
Jack: How are you gonna carry... what is that... SIX shoe boxes?
me: You're gonna help, that's how.
Jack: But I'm sooooo tired!
me: Grab my purse at least. You can drag it to the register.
Jack: Cool! (he suddenly found some energy and dragged my purse to the front of the store)
me: Thanks! I just have to pay and we're off to Trader Joe's.
Jack: We did great shopping, right Mommy? Did I get six pairs of shoes too?
me: No, you got the army water bottle, some shirts and pants and that funny toy you're holding, so that's enough.
Jack: It's never enough.

A boy after my own shopping heart!

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  1. 6 pair of shoes! Wow I only got 2 pair of shoes on Saturday! Good to start training Jack how to shop. Never mind school. That is a real life lesson.