Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Many Moods of Jack - Volume 3

Yes he is still moody. Glad you asked. We have more up days then down, so it's all good. The mood swings definitely come in cycles, a few weeks on, a few weeks off. You can always count on one thing...change! That's why I don't get too worried when Jack seems like he's never in a good mood. It will change. As long as the really, really bad tantrums are few and far between, I'm happy! Such is life with a five year old, I mean excuse me, a 5 and a HALF year old. :)

(7am. Happy)
Jack: Mommmmmm!
me: Good morning!
Jack: Was this your bootcamp day?
me: Nope.
Jack: Good, then you're not all sweaty and disgusting.

(7:10. Polite)
Jack: Can I watch a video before breakfast?
me: Well, since you woke up very nicely and asked very nicely, you can watch for a few minutes while I get ready. Then we'll eat.
Jack: Thank you Mommy!

(7:25. Bossy)
me: Okay, time to turn off the video Jack.
Jack: Can I have one more minute?
me: Just one. (I feed the cats and come back) All set, now let's hit pause.
Jack: NOOOOOO, I want ONE MORE MINUTE! Leave. It. ON!
me: (I just look at him, and he lowers his head because he just KNOWS)
Jack: OH alright!
me: Wow, you were THIS close. Good job holding it together.
Jack: Yeah yeah, what are we eating?

(7:45. Bratty)
me: Now let's get our teeth brushed and then you can play for a few more minutes while I get dressed.
Jack: Can you play with me?
me: Okay, for a minute or two. (we set up a marble obstacle course made out of blocks, then roll our marbles through it)
Jack: This is fun!
me: Yes it is. Now I have to get dressed, okay? And you have to brush your teeth.
Jack: (walks by me and smacks my arm...hard!) Nope!
me: And, now we're going to the bottom step. That earned you a time out.
Jack: Sigh.

(7:50. Sweet)
me: Want to try this again? You can come out of your time out, but you have to brush your teeth.
Jack: (all smiles now) Okay!

(8:10. Stalling) I'm dressed, Jack is dressed, we're moving towards the door.
Jack: Ohhh, I have to go to the bathroom.
me: Okay, hurry up so we can get going.
Jack: No. I have to go poo-poo.
me: Sigh.

(8:25. Fresh)
me: Almost done? Let's go!
Jack: Not done yet.
me: Grrrr. (pacing) Jack we were actually going to be on time, maybe even early.
Jack: I'm always on time. You're the one that's late.
me: Ha. That's a good one.
Jack: Okay I'm done. But I'm NOT carrying anything.
me: Yes you are.
Jack: No I am not. You're carrying it all.
me: Then we're leaving your stuff home
Jack: (panics) Nooo, I'll carry it!

(8:30. Back to sweet)
Jack: Look, I got in and buckled my seat belt all by myself. And, I carried all my stuff!
me: What a good boy!

He holds onto Stripey and his thumb goes in. Wait til I tell him that Stripey won't be going on the school bus with him!

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