Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why is God so rude?

Have you met God? Who knows, maybe he is a tad rude. Jack was upset and he decided to let me know all about it.

Jack: Mom, why do I have to be allergic to tree nuts? Why can't someone else be allergic?
me: There are lots of kids that have the same allergy. You're not the only one.
Jack: But why am I like this?
me: I guess God made you that way and there's no real reason.
Jack: But why did he pick me?
me: Maybe because he knew that you would be smart enough to handle it and do the right thing. Like NOT putting food from other kids lunches in your mouth.

A subtle reminder about an earlier problem we had, where Jack was being offered food from some of his classmates, and without a second thought, he was popping it right into his mouth. I mean really. Has he not learned anything in the last 2 years since his hospital trip? I think 2 years without an incident is giving him a false sense of security. Which is why I'm doubly worried about his upcoming advancement to 1st grade. New school, new teachers, new friends. Sigh.

Jack: Well, if I didn't have allergies then I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I hate not being able to do that.
me: I'm afraid you're stuck with it and you have to pay attention to everything that you eat.
Jack: How did God know to make me allergic though?
me: I don't know the answer to that, but he made you the way you are and we can't change it.
Jack: (shaking his head) Why is God so rude??
me: (now what do you say to that?)

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