Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time well spent

Sunset near the library

Could we possibly cram more into an afternoon. It seems like I'm always saying that, but it's so true! Does anyone else have a day that is completely planned out from morning to night, with the inclusion even of blog time! This my friend is scheduled time you're lookin at right here. I have approximately 10 more minutes until we actually ... get to watch a movie! When normally we would either catch up on bills, make lunches, finish laundry, empty the trash and get clothes ready for tomorrow. Now, we still have to DO all that. But AFTER the movie. Boy am I not getting a lot of sleep tonight.

Today, in a nutshell.

Wake up
Jack: Mom I'm all dressed! (wearing a wrinkled, too small, Alcatraz t-shirt. sigh.)

Breakfast and ready for school stuff
Jack: I want a special breakfast! Like homemade waffles (uh, no? how about frozen?)

Go to bus stop
Jack: Now when I get off the bus, have a prize waiting for me if I have a good day. And not M&M's because that's what you always get me. How about a toy of some kind? (uh, no again? sheesh)

Mom and Dad leave for work

Mom comes home and meets the bus
Jack: I had to move my clip down to "think about it"...do I still get a prize?
me: There was no prize. And if there were a prize it would be for excellent behavior. (cue the crying and antics all up the driveway.)

Jack has snack and does homework
Jack: Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (he loves doing math)

Drive to pickup farm box
Jack: I hate getting that old farm box! Grrrrr!

Go to library and get some books for Jack
Jack: Can I play on the computer?
me: No, we're just getting books
Jack: How about now? Can I go on the computer?
me: (give him a look)
Jack: OH alright, I'll just read. SIGH!

Head home
Jack: Can I have a snack?
me: We're eating dinner in about 20 minutes, so no.
Jack: SIGH!

Grill dinner while Jack works on his fall art drawings
Jack: I LOVE art.
me: You used to hate coloring.
Jack: That's when I was little.

Feed cats
Jack: How about you start a NEW reward system. That involves tickets. If you catch me doing something good, like feeding the cats (he gestures wildly as he puts the cat bowls down), or cleaning something up before you even ask, then I get a ticket.
me: Then what?
Jack: Then at the end of the week you have a drawing for a prize!
me: Your name would be the only one in the drawing, so I'm guessing you'd win?
Jack: Yeah, that's the point! Ha ha!
me: It's not a circus.
Jack: SIGH!
me: I'll think about it. :)

Pick up moldy ears of corn on the deck. Don't ask.

Eat dinner
(cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries tonight! plus fresh corn from the farm. yum.) 

Jack: Mom there's too much meat on this burger.
me: ?
Jack: Can you cut some off? ( I hack away half of the burger and cut my finger in the process)
me: How's that?
Jack: Actually, I'm full now.
me: Sigh.

Clean up dinner and put Daddy's plate away

Draw and color with Jack until Dad comes home
Jack: Let's create an entire fall scene! You do all the drawings and I'll make the sun.
me: Deal. (we color happily for about 20 minutes)

Daddy eats dinner as I finish cleaning up and start to get Jack ready for bed

Get Jack's teeth brushed, face washed, etc

Read stories
Jack: Read the Olivia book. It looks scary! 

Bed for Jack
Jack: Who should I be?
me: Chewbacca?
Jack: No, I need to be a meat eater.
me: A dinosaur?
Jack: A FURRY meat eater.
me: Sigh, a bison?
Jack: They eat grass.
me: Minotaur?
Jack: I know, I'll be Sully from Monsters, Inc.
me: He eats meat?
Jack: Probably.

Blog for Mom
me: Yawn!!

Computer catch up for Dad

Michael Douglas' Solitary Man. Any good? 

And then all that other stuff I mentioned above.
me: Yawnnnnn!

Wow that's a lot. Tomorrow 5:30 wake up for boot camp. Really? I signed up and paid for this shit?

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