Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jury Duty

me: Jack, Daddy is going to take you to the bus tomorrow because I have jury duty.

Jack: What's a jury? (brief pause) Why does it doodie?


me: There's no doodie-ing... A jury is a group of people that get picked to decide if a bad guy goes to jail or not. (oh what the hell would you say?)

Jack: Do you get to see the bad guy?

me: Yeah, if you're on the jury.

Jack: How can you be on it if it's people? Is it a stage?

me: No it's people. It's a group so you're "on" the group. Like you're "on" the baseball or whatever?

Jack: Oh. Does the bad guy try to get you?

me: Nah, they have police officers and stuff to protect us.

Jack: (pondering) But what if the bad guy has super powers?

I'll leave this up to Dad the Lawyer. Please explain to your son in 50 words or less. Have fun!

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