Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OMG I really said that??

We were driving to Jack's tae kwon do lesson. We were talking about general school stuff and we got on the topic of his school bus.

me: Jack, so who did you sleep with on the bus today?

Jack: Whaatttt???

me: OMG (much lol-ing) I can't believe I said that...I mean, who did you SIT with on the bus today.

Jack: Hahahhahahaaaa, Mommy I don't sleep with anyone on the bus. We don't sleep at all!

Dennis: I guess we know what Mommy's thinking about.

me: Anywaaayyyy, who did you sit with? (this wasn't going to die down quickly enough for my taste)

Jack: Mommy said "who did you sleep with" bahahahahaaaa, that's so funny. I'm going to tell Lia that.

me: No you're not... Den stop laughing, just let it go...

I don't want this repeated in first grade for God's sake!