Thursday, October 21, 2010

The zero-th time

Follow up to last night's post. Jack actually followed through! I wasn't sure if he'd even remember his new idea from last night, of doing things before I even asked, the "zero-th" time instead of the first time I ask. Here's how it went this morning.

me: Jack, time to get up.

Jack: I'm a gorilla today. (much chest pounding)

me: Okay, let's go gorilla.

Jack: (gets up and grabs his clothes from the floor) Don't forget these. I have to get dressed first.

me: (Hmm...) If you want you can get dressed after you eat, how's that?

Jack: Okay, thanks Mom. (he eats and then gets right down and runs into the other room)

me: What are you doing?

Jack: (hollering from down the hall) I'm getting dressed! (then he runs back into the kitchen) Mom, is it okay if I brush my teeth at the same time??

me: Uh, yeahhh? That would be great!

Jack: I hope I don't have to wait for you. You're still all a mess and not dressed. (he runs back to the bathroom)

Okay, so it's a contest he's looking for. :) It's day 1. We'll see how long the zero-th time works. I did like how our morning went though!

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