Sunday, October 10, 2010

The real reason Columbus came to America

Interesting history lesson today. I was putting Jack to bed, and totally forgot that he doesn't have school tomorrow. I'm on auto pilot. Can you blame me? Have you read any of these posts? It's madness I tell you.

me: (tucking Jack in) Jack, I put your pants and shirt right here for tomorrow. (I point to the chair in his room.) You can get dressed when you wake up, you know, before you come downstairs.

Jack: (blank stare)

me: It will save us a trip back up here if you get dressed first... (why is he looking at me like that?)

Jack: I'm not getting dressed tomorrow. (he smiles)

me: What are you talking about? Anyway, at least bring the clothes downstairs if you don't put them on...

Jack: I don't have to get dressed because there's NO SCHOOL tomorrow! Remember? It's Columbus Day!

me: Ohhh geez, I totally forgot! You're right. You don't have to get dressed in school clothes. But, you can sleep late and relax if you want. We don't have to rush around tomorrow. (hopefully he'll take the hint and stay in bed??)

Jack: You  know why Columbus came to America right?

me: Whyyyy...??

Jack: To look for pizza of course!

me: What!? Who told you that?

Jack: Daddy! (He cracks himself up. I turn off his light and go downstairs)

Later in our bedroom:
me: Really? Columbus was looking for pizza?

Dennis: (cracks up laughing) Oh, Jack told you that? He knows I was joking, but he loves saying that.

me: Yeah I can tell. He didn't tell me he was joking.

Dennis: Oh, I didn't mean it to be rude or anything.

me: mhmmm.

I wonder what other history lessons Dennis has been giving our boy! I hope he doesn't say that in school on Tuesday...Yikes.

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